July 28, 2011

Joel Radio #66: Fishing With Jake

Joel Radio returns with power. Really. Power, meaning the utility company actually managed to keep the lights on long enough to finish the podcast. This follows a long, hot, sticky week in Detroit, where the power went out, a comedy show was ruined and the people were miserable - sounds like every week! Actually not, as Joel saw Paul McCartney perform live this week and gives a full, enthusiastic review. Corey, meanwhile, is stuck at home watching reality TV. Especially his favorite show, Storage Wars. But for God's sake, don't watch the sad, 2nd-tier knock-offs. Also, the guys join Google +, Jake Gyllenhaal goes to the wild, Hillbilly Handfishin', and Katy Perry's ass comes out for the Smurfs. Plus, Falling Skies soars, 30 Minutes or Less is the summer's best comedy, and new website is imminent.

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Joel's view of the Paul McCartney show at Comerica Park. It's OK to be jealous

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July 08, 2011

Joel Radio #65: Unskimmed

Joel and Corey are joined on this show by Eric Thomas, a comedian, radio talent and podcaster. Eric claims he can talk about anything - and he does! This is a really fun show. The guys memorialize the end Club Bart's Comedy Night and look forward to Joel's new show (info here!). There's also much irreverence about the Casey Anthony not guilty verdict, including Florida's future stripper prospects and Joel's explanation of why "reasonable doubt" isn't what people think it is. Also, the top movies of 2011 so far, Joel revamps the blog, Corey cries for old media, and Corey and Joel play old school hip-hop experts - about as well as you think they would.

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June 23, 2011

Joel Radio #64: Cars 2 Sucks

Cars sucked. The sequel Cars 2 comes out this week. It sucks too, according to Corey Hall. Joel hasn't seen Cars 2, but will go along will that sentiment anyway. Other things that suck this week: Club Bart closing, the first half of that ESPN book, Ryan Dunn's death, The Green Lantern, David Bowie's saxophone and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 at the drive-in. Things that don't suck this week: X-Men First Class at the drive-in, the second half of that ESPN book, jokes about Ryan Dunn's death, Paul McCartney live, Super 8, this show, and you.

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June 09, 2011

Joel Radio #63: Weiner U

It's the week of E3 - that's the big videogame convention - so nerds like Joel and Corey Hall are excited. Usually. This year's show was a bit duller than usual, although Nintendo announced it's new console, the Wii U. The guys talk about the innovative new controller, whether they'd actually buy it, and why the original Wii was a failure. Also, congressman Anthony Weiner put his junk on Twitter in one of the dumbest career-killing moves of all-time. But the guys are divided over the humor of the situation whether it's not something "every guy" would do. Plus, X-Men First Class gets reviewed, the guys split on Hangover 2, USA is better than Canada (in soccer!), and rumbling seats = fail.

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The congressman from New York is first in line for the Wii U

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May 26, 2011

Joel Radio #62: Too Long to Be Funny

The title is not indicative of the quality of this show! Oh no, that's a reference to the length of the recent comedy hit Bridesmaids, which at 126 minutes is way too long - funny or not (and it is!). This brings up the point of comedies being too long in general - thanks Mr. Apatow! Joined in this extended faux-radio show is frequent guest, John Tenney, of soon-to-be basic cable fame, and Corey Hall of, well, this show. Plus, The Macho Man is dead, but his insanity lives on, The Office is gone for the season and Corey is gone as a fan, and John lives a dream by working the comic book convention. Also, Corey sees The Hangover Part II. It sucks, apparently, but so does every comedy sequel - we think.

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May 05, 2011

Joel Radio #61: One Hit Wonder

It's party time! With Osama bin Laden dead, it's time for everyone to get along and love each other. Of course that won't happen and nor will Joel and Corey ever really agree on anything. While Joel thinks you can draw a straight line from waterboarding to the capture, Corey thinks the Bush-era policies are still outdated and give our current Prez all the credit. They both, however, want the "death photos" released, and gleefully look at the leaked pics of the dead Osama associates - drop the squirt gun! Also, Thor is alright, Joel's Oprah insider isn't all that, and gays and blacks have a long way to go. Plus, Joel's secret film nerd crushes revealed - Kubrick, Scorsese, Peckinpah and 80's pro-wrestling.

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April 26, 2011

Joel Radio #60: Steampunk Convention

It was recently Record Store Day. No, keep reading, I promise it won't be THAT boring. Anyway, Corey recently shopped one of the last remaining indie record shops in Detroit and came away both satisfied and sad about that industry's decline. That leads Joel to ponder the future of technology, get nostalgic about the beginnings of podcasting, and actually be optimistic about where everything is going. For example, Joel recently checked out online music service MOG, and found it, with a few reservations, to be compelling. Listen for a LIVE Android demo! Also, a big TV rundown with Joel taking in AMC's The Killing and HBO's Game of Thrones, while Corey revels his hopes and fears for the end of Steve Carrell's run on The Office. Plus, Corey gives the history of comic books, Joel takes a trip through Portal 2, and BioWare rules - Bethesda sucks.

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April 08, 2011

Joel Radio #59: Charlie & Arthur

More bombing in Detroit, and this time it's not from Joel or Corey, as Charlie Sheen decided to launch a US "comedy" tour and found the Motor City less than welcoming. Actually, it was so bad Charlie probably wished he was "The Situation" at the Trump Roast. This week, Joel & Corey break down how and why Charlie cooked up a mega-bomb, the lack of planning and preparation, and why the opening act comic is not to blame. Also, the guys break down the state of morning television, Corey defends The Celebrity Apprentice and Joel is thisclose to being in a major comedy film. Plus, A movie round-up as Joel likes Hanna and Source Code, Corey is freaked out by Your Highness, and all people, animals and most houseplants absolutely hate the new Arthur.

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March 21, 2011

Joel Radio #58: An Unfunny Situation

Comedy ain't easy. This show will be an example of that. That's not a reference to Joel, co-host Corey Hall or the quality of this week's show. Instead, it's a reference to Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino of MTV's Jersey Shore, who appeared at last week's Donald Trump Roast and laid a giant egg. You'll hear the clips, the guys' analysis, and decide for yourself if he's really the unfunny douche on display - or if it was just a joke played on him by the producers of the show. Joel thinks the other comics are complicit in his bombing, but YOU decide! Also, Joel's early favorites for Asshole of the Year 2011, the bully video that proves that white trash are even in Australia, a Celebrity Apprentice debate and more. Plus, it's movie madness as Corey reviews Paul and Limitless, and Joel loves Win Win and great batch of new films on DVD and Blu-ray.

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March 01, 2011

Joel Radio #57: Kirk Hit That

Eschewing the normal Oscar pre-show predictions, Joel Fragomeni and Corey Hall return with a post-Oscars wrap-up. It was largely a snoozer, with first-time hosts actors James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosting and demonstrating a lack of experience, and an inability to tell a joke - who knew!?! But the night was saved, in the comedic sense, by 94-year-old Kirk Douglas, who hogged the mike, mumbled incoherently, and generally acted like drunken old Grandpa giving a Christmas toast. A highlight of 2011 that won't soon be topped. Other low lights were Melissa Leo's acceptance speech, Jennifer Hudson speaking a foreign language (English!), and Florence badly needing her Machine. Also, Corey goes nuclear - hilariously melting down during a character actor quiz & the best news anyone's ever heard - unless you're Oprah.

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Joelradio's official proposal for the 2012 Oscar hosts. Make this happen!

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February 17, 2011

Joel Radio #56: Beware of the Green Tilt

It was only five shows ago that Joel and Corey Hall discussed friend John Tenney's new show, Paranormal State: The New Class. On this show, John returns to the studio, and the show barely gets discussed! In fact, there's more on John's mind, like Robocop getting a statue in Detroit, a computer competing on Jeopardy!, and how he was disappointed in a recent comedy show he attended. He also gets Corey and Joel to fight over integrity, open mike politics, and why Joel - not Corey - is the more qualified to host the show. This is endlessly entertaining to John, and it's all fueled by the guys' consumption of the evil beverage Sparks, and it's twice-as-powerful rival, Tilt, which is sampled in both the green and blue varieties. By the time the cans are tapped, John finally spills the details on the new shows plans, his new podcast, and the real truth behind his mysterious, ever-changing phone number.

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The now empty, heat-bringing, alcoholic beverages. Fuck that green one!

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January 27, 2011

Joel Radio #55: Hyper-Dimensional Mega Gay

Just a note, halfway through this week's show, Joel called it "the worst show ever". He doesn't feel that way now that it's over. Maybe it was because Corey was bringing politics into a non-political discussion about Keith Olbermann. Maybe it's because Joel's grumpy after his fabulous mid-winter vacation. Not even the television departures of Regis Philbin and Larry King helped out Joel's mood much. But, the mood was finally lightened by discussing the sanctimonious self-importance of the TV show Glee, including it's creator calling out one of Joel's favorite rock bands. Does Glee thinks it owns all popular music now? Is everything fodder for a gay, high-school glee club re-make? Joel thinks the show has become the Special Olympics, while Corey think it's just too damn gay! Worst show ever? Listen and decide!

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January 13, 2011

Joel Radio #54: America's Next Top Critics

If the guys hadn't given you enough lists with the last two shows, this week's show is dedicated to the best movies of 2010. Well, it's Joel and Corey's favorite movies of 2010, a detail that will be oft repeated throughout the show. Where Corey is largely in lock step with the critical mass, Joel's list is more unusual and documentary heavy - although one film is described as being "middlebrow" by Corey, starting a furious debate. Corey also picks a curious #2 selection, a film that Joel sees as Corey's ultimate fantasy life, and Corey agrees! Will your favorites make the list? Where can I see some of these obscure pics? How many films feature naked boobs? It's a spirited 2+ hours full of fun viewing suggestions that film geeks, and even non-film geeks will enjoy.

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December 31, 2010

Joel Radio #53: Assholes of the Year 2010

As the calendar changes to 2011, its a great time to look back on the the biggest, and most accomplished, villains, scumbags, celebutards, and douche bags of 2010. Joel is helped in this by Corey Hall, and between the two of them, they know assholes - sometimes intimately. They've got assholes on speed dial. Anyway, enjoy 2+ hours of ball-busting goodness as the guys the guys rip politicians, self-serving celebs, egotistical athletes and more (including a dead guy!). This is must-listen radio, and without question some of the funniest stuff that only two actual assholes could create.

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Believe it or not, some of these people are NOT the assholes of the year! But a lot of them are....

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December 17, 2010

Joel Radio #52: Marty and the Widgets

It's a big week for movie lists as Joel and movie critic Corey Hall give you their lists of "Movies That People Like, That Actually Suck". It's quite a couple of lists, too. Oscar winning Best Pictures, legendary directors, Pixar - no one's safe! It's a wild and controversial discussion, so thank God the guys have the legendary director "Marty Scorcese" to weigh in on lists, too! This "Marty" is hilarious! Also, the guys get iced out of a free football game, Corey won't watch The Walking Dead, iPads are are for assholes and one of Joel's most satisfying bits ever - removing an annoying "friend" from his Facebook profile. After too many status updates, someone has to go - find out if it's you!

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Former movie star Zach Braff. He made Garden State. Garden State sucked.

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December 02, 2010

Joel Radio #51: An Abberation

It finally happened, after years of one scheme after another, show friend John Tenney, finally cracked through to the mainstream on his own TV show. While Joel, and guest host Corey Hall, are happy for John, the actual show - as you'll hear in clips - leaves something to be desired. Hear clips of "actual" ghost hunting research, turgid voice overs and scared hillbillies. It's typical basic cable fare, and not extraordinary basic cable fare like Joel's favorite new show IRT: Deadliest Roads. That show reinforces a point that must be repeated here: White people - stay out of India! Plus, 127 Hours rocks, Leslie Nielsen croaks, and Corey vs. Joel in Buzz Quiz TV on PS3. It's the ultimate interactive trivia game show, can you guess who wins?

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John tries to keep a straight face on Paranormal State: The New Class

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November 11, 2010

Joel Radio #50: Goodbye Wacky Gene

Joel is back, as is Conan O'Brien. So is Corey Hall, for that matter, and the guys break down Conan's TBS debut, discuss the realities of basic cable TV, and why pretty much anybody is better than Jimmy Fallon. Joel gives his theory on the first show's unusual guest booking, and breaks down the show's boffo ratings - he beat Jay! Joel also reviews Bill Carter's new late night insider book, which he consumed in one weekend! Plus, The Talk is a lot like The View (they both suck!), Due Date is a bit stale, and Corey's "biggest story in TV" is hardly that.

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October 21, 2010

Joel Radio #49: The Cider Mill Is Ruined

This week's show is completely wacky. Guest Harry Artin Berberian returns, and he's got a brand-new rap/parody single called "Change That's Loose". It's a knock on Obama, which, nowadays, may help him get some play in the Midwest. What's Joel's verdict? Listen and find out! Also, Joel's quick TV debut on Detroit 1-8-7, Jackass 3D in all it's glory, and the cider mill has some strange new clientele. Plus, meet Randy, Harry's buddy, who's a descendant of Daniel Boone, and looking for love on the internet in 2010. He's also Harry's personal trainer, which is about as fun as it sounds! A weird, wild, and hilarious good time!

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Yes, that's Joel on network TV! From Episode 4 of Detroit 1-8-7. This was NOT shot at the cider mill...

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October 07, 2010

Joel Radio #48: The Housewives of Comedy

The full rundown of this week's show will be posted later! It's two hours - another dead comic, Corey Hall sits in and no housewives!!

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September 23, 2010

Joel Radio #47: Dancing With Caskets

The Fall TV season kicks off and Joel has his thoughts and predictions on the new, and returning crop of shows. In the reality world, Survivor adds a new wrinkle, Dancing With the Stars has some pretty dim "stars", and Amazing Race is already amazing YouTube viewers. Joel also has news on Detroit 187, promising a blurry and extremely short appearance by himself! Also, Corey calls in with a review of Running Wilde, which is Dharma and Greg for hipsters. Plus, Boardwalk Empire works, Corey is shocked by celebrity nudity, and the creators on Outsourced should be sent to India.

Right click here to download - 58 minutes, 27 megs

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Now for that Amazing Race clip!!!

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September 09, 2010

Joel Radio #46: Just Add Ron Jeremy

Yeah, it's been a month, but so much has happened you're being treated to a super-long, jam packed show! Since he last joined you, Joel performed at the annual Gathering of the Juggalos. With this year's edition being one of the wildest, and most controversial events ever. From Tila Tequila's stoning, to Gallager's wackiness, to Tom Green's appearance and tons of media hanging around, this is one of the year's most talked about events. Hear Joel's 1st person behind-the-scenes recap, a must-listen on this week's Joel Radio. There's sad news, too, as Joel's hero and inspiration, comedian Robert Schimmel, dies a ridiculously ironic death. Hear Joel, and guest Corey Hall, recap their memories of Robert and listen to some of his greatest bits. Also, Corey returns from a European vacation with wacky snacks in hand, Piranha 3 doesn't bite, Scott Pilgrim almost defeats the World, good Fantasy Football names, and Joauqin Phoenix fools no one with his crappy movie. Plus, believe it or not, porn legend Ron Jeremy actually takes the guys' call, answering a burning question only a sick bastard like Corey could come up with.

Right click here to download - 141 minutes, 65 megs

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This pic visualizes only a tiny bit of what's on this week's show

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August 05, 2010

Joel Radio #45: The Dixieland Jazz Band

It's the last Joel Radio for a couple of weeks, but it's a doozy as Corey returns for nearly two jam-packed hours of fun. The big news is a full review of Carrot Top's recent Detroit-area show. Hey, I know you're thinking Joel didn't like the show, but the truth is, he really didn't like it, and not for the reasons you might think. But the bad comedy doesn't stop there, as TLC's the "Little Couple" had the little husband try his tiny hand at stand-up. Hear the whole thing with jaded Corey and Joel commentary, and the guys riff on basic cable reality shows, trying to figure out exactly which channels have the baking show, the midget show, and the midget baking show - they're all different channels! Also, tons of summer movie reviews including Corey's take on The Other Guys, while Joel reviews Micmacs and thinks the Kids are All Right, but not Oscar-worthy. Plus, what happened to Clive Owen, Corey hates Big Brother, and Jackie Gleason parties like a rock (jazz) star.

Right click here to download - 112 minutes, 54 megs

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Watch this clip around the 2:00 mark - that's the funnest train ever!

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July 29, 2010

Joel Radio #44: Free the Hostages

Joel Radio welcomes back one-time sports reporter Chill. Turns out Chillian Thomas (his real name!) has a new project, a comedy show called Comedy Held Hostage. Chill and his partners, Susan and Jared, discuss the origins of the show, plug their upcoming dates and tell the audience how to avoid getting hit by chairs. They also discuss the success (or failure) of Obama's administration, what really goes on at black barbershops and who does and doesn't tip. Plus, sex with celebrities, the pros and cons of Club Bart, and Joel recaps Juggalo Gathering memories - including the most outrageous moment of all time.

Right click here to download - 95 minutes, 44 megs

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Susan, Jared and Chill pose in their team uniforms. Susan's face doesn't always look like that

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July 15, 2010

Joel Radio #43: Farewell to the King

Corey Hall returns and Joel is back from vacation - it's show time! This week, the guys discuss Mel Gibson's meltdown, Larry King's retirement, and the summer reality returns of Last Comic Standing and Big Brother. Also, hear the details on Joel's vacation north of the border, including a trip to the wax museum and wild excursion into Lake Ontario. Plus, Detroit's got an underage stripper, Craig Kilborn returns (an no one cares), and Corey reviews Inception - it's good!

Right click here to download - 95 minutes, 44 megs

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My vacation highlight - giving the finger to a wax Fred Trava- erm, I mean Leno.

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June 24, 2010

Joel Radio #42: Blowing the Vuvuzela

Joel Radio has World Cup fever. OK - now it passed. Actually, the USA Soccer win to claim the group title was really exciting and former associate Corey Hall was there to watch it unfold. The guys give a full post-game recap, including the revelation that Corey wanted to turn the game off in the final minutes! Then there are the more obvious things, like Algeria's faux-hawked homo players, the weirdness of the North Korean team, and the fact that most Americans still hate soccer. Also, the guys have a full rundown of last week's E3 video game conference, including thoughts on Microsoft & Sony's new motion controllers, the "new" XBox 360 and the complete awfulness that was the new Zelda. Plus, the summer movie season still sucks - even with Toy Story 3, Last Comic Standing returns, and what the world was waiting for - pretzel M&Ms.

Right click here to download - 107 minutes, 49 megs

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June 03, 2010

Joel Radio #41: You Porky Pig

Though he's late to the party, Joel finally dives in to the wild, wacky pool that is Chat Roulette. While expecting to find weirdos pleasing themselves, and he did, Joel actually met giggly girls from foreign countries, a shirtless gay man who made a pass at him, and one guy who found everything Joel said hilarious (we're not sure if he spoke English or not). But best of all was a 14-year-old brat from England who rattles a string of insults about Joel's weight and appearance that's nothing short of heart warming. Who says there's no love in the world - a world where a teenager can call a complete stranger a "fat shit" dozens and dozens of times all while knowingly being recorded for radio. It's a hilarious exchange, one of the funniest in show history, so put the headphones on if you're listening at work and enjoy! Also, the summer box office tanks, ModNation Racers gets reviewed, and Harry Artin calls in with a plug for what may be a very weird show, and guess what - Joel's on the bill.

Right click here to download - 57 minutes, 28 megs

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Clockwise from top left: The German frauleins, Mr. Laughing guy, the giggly Brazilians and Joel's buff, shirtless, smoking suitor.

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May 20, 2010

Joel Radio #40: Lawnmower Girl

Movie critic Corey Hall returns for a summer movie preview, as this is a really good summer for movies if you're a female or eight-years-old (or both). The guys discuss the box office future of The A-Team, if Scott Pilgrim can save the world, and how Inception might be the only intelligent, adult movie of the summer. They also wonder if the Sex and the City girls are older than the Golden Girls, why all assassins are hot chicks, and when P Diddy became our nation's greatest comedic actor. Plus, Law and Order is for scared dummies, the current whereabouts of Gene Shalit, and if anyone will ever get their fill of Kevin James getting hit in the nuts. Plus, Joel can't go to Hawaii, skipping Star Wars for thew Appalachian Trail, and, she's no Chloe - but Joel's neighbor is an upgrade.

Right click here to download - 101 minutes, 46 megs

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May 06, 2010

Joel Radio #39: The No-Dough Show

This is a "No-Dough" show in that it's free! Just like all the other shows on this site! What a deal! Show #39 features the return of Harry Artin, who's busy invading Sign of the Beefcarver, making rap songs, and tying in to the fame of Freddy Krueger. Harry gives his opinion on gas prices, the Gulf oil spill, and attempted NYC terrorism. He's also mentoring the incredible Doughmaster, a 40-something cab driver who, as you'll hear, has some of the most offensive, funniest, raps - ever. Also, Club Bart soldiers on as Joel finds himself a subject in some of the worst-looking YouTube videos ever.

Right click here to download - 64 minutes, 31 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

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April 22, 2010

Joel Radio #38: I Love Dickipedia

This week, Joel weighs in on the Kick Ass movie controversy. Is it too violent to be starring an 11-year-old girl? Was Roger Ebert right, or is the new big fat film critic, Harry Knowles, correct in his assertion that gun play and children go hand-in-hand? Plus, Joel's favorite story of 2010 so far, the impeding Larry King divorce. Seems Larry was banging the sister-in-law while the wife was fielding pop-ups with the Little League coach, all adding to one scandalous, amazing, and hilarious story. Also, Larry's criminal and marraige history explained - this guy's a piece of work! Listen for all the juicy details. Plus, the NFL draft is upon us which means Mel Kiper Jr. gets to be wrong some more! Hear a re-cap of his biggest f-ups ever on this show.

Right click here to download - 34 minutes, 16 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

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April 08, 2010

Joel Radio #37: Touch Here

Corey Hall's retirement tour continues and the guys get together the ol' Corey and Joel magic for show #37. We're not talking Vegas-style magic, more like Cub Scout talent show level magic with a shitty rope trick, the linking rings and gimmicked deck of cards, but hey - it's free! The guys ramble about the price of oil, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, bare breasts in public, Ellen's bizarre wardrobe, XBOX 360 DLC, underpaid comedians and so much more. Plus, Joel fondles the iPad, yet doesn't fall in love with it - kinda like his dates! Actually, the iPad was more responsive than most of Joel's dates (present GF not included).

Right click here to download - 103 minutes, 47 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

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April 01, 2010

Joel Radio #36: No Cheesesteaks

Joel is back from Philadelphia, and despite performing at a sold out show for 1700 people, the number one question he's asked is "did you have a cheese steak?". The answer is "NO" and Joel's reasoning for that are on the show, plus hear about Joel's Philly hotel room disaster, finally meeting Jimmy Walker, and how Philly is different from New York. Also, there's drama on Dancing With the Stars, but since it involves "top asshole" Kate Gosselin, Joel doesn't really care. Plus, eating crow over Alice in Wonderland, Ricky Gervais fails, 3-D can't save Clash of the Titans, and (a little) more on this show.

Right click here to download - 32 minutes, 15 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

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March 18, 2010

Joel Radio #35: Vanilla Gorilla

After last week's doom and gloom, it's back to fun time on Joel Radio! What could be more fun than Tiger Woods' dirty text messages? His porn star ex-lover posted a bunch of them on the web, and Joel has the full list and analysis. Find out how long Tiger's "sessions" last, and what he really likes in bed. Bring a friend to listen, Tiger would! And Jesse James cheats on Sandra Bullock, which proves that a body full of shitty tattoos is better than an Oscar. Also, Joel's (actually Upchuck's) interview with hilarious web video artiste extraordinaire, Scott Gairdner. Scott's not a Juggalo, but might be now. Plus, Joel's brush with "tween" TV fame - look out Zack and Cody!

Right click here to download - 62 minutes, 29 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

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March 11, 2010

Joel Radio #34: Drugs, Alcohol, Death, Kitties

To the surprise of almost no one, another child star is dead at a young age. This time it's Corey Haim, who was one of 103 child stars named Corey in the 1980s. Joel examines the phenomenon of why child stars go bad, and how drug-related deaths of celebrities are treated by the media. Follow the long history of excuses and cover-ups to discover the only few "true" drug ODs in history. Its actually sad to hear the same excuses over and over, and not understand why these deaths are actually happening. Later, Joel reviews the 2009 Oscar ceremony. It was boring and, in hindsight, predictable. Joel thinks The Hurt Locker is overrated, and he's got his stats to prove it! Find out the history of War movies at the Oscars, and hear why the "Hurt Locker Ass Kiss Spectacular" will likely go down as a black mark in showbiz history. Plus, the Oscar prognosticators' results are in, and can Joel's cat sleep through an entire show?

Right click here to download - 53 minutes, 24 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

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March 04, 2010

Joel Radio #33: Jaw Dropping

It's a huge week at JoelRadio, so let's bring back a (ahem) huge guest in Corey Hall. There's so much to talk about as the Winter Olympics wrap-up, Alice in Wonderland debuts, Jay Leno returns to late-night, and the Oscar race concludes. But the biggest news of the week was the appearance of legendary movie critic Roger Ebert on the Oprah Winfrey show this week. Surviving cancer has left Roger unable to eat, drink or speak, with no lower jaw, lower mouth or tongue. It's a sight more graphic than anything in The Crazies (reviewed this week!), yet sad and inspirational at the same time. In fact, some brainiacs figured out they build Roger a "voice" from his previous DVD commentaries and TV appearances. Thankfully, Corey and Joel's years of podcasting should have them covered in such a tragic event, so whatever genius listening to this (Nils!), get working on it! Also, The Marriage Ref debuts, does Seinfeld strike out? Plus, Shutter Island sucks, the history of Mountain Dew, and the funniest thing ever - the secret life of gay Siskel and Ebert (not true, but really funny).

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Ebert as he appeared on Oprah - some things you can't un-see...

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February 18, 2010

Joel Radio #32: Right On Her Ass

It's Olympic Season again, you got the fever yet? Yeah, well go get that looked at - it won't clear up on its own. Seriously though, Joel has watched some of the coverage, and found nothing more entertaining than this. Except this - a ski run so completely inept, that Joel is moved enough to fly to Vancouver just to show a trained Olympian how to stay upright for more than six seconds. It's really incredibly sad, yet entertaining, to see such an epic failure on such a big stage. Thank you Marion Rolland, thank you France. Thank you, thank you. Also, Kevin Smith is too fat to fly, but not honest enough tell you the whole story - thankfully Joel is here for that. Plus, Amazing Race and Survivor return, and Steve Sabo picks UFC 110, and there's some tough fights to call. One fight will decide the overall lead!

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February 04, 2010

Joel Radio #31: The Guest From Hell

Secretly, Joel recently became a reluctant rap music producer, taking a shot at recording MC Sampler's new single, "Change That's Loose". Of course, MC Sampler (aka Harry) has since moved on from his services as producer, but you can hear the results of the collaboration on this show. Turns out Joel was no Disco D, but is the end result a hit or a miss on the comedy/rap chart? Listen and decide. Also, more great YouTube stuff, like The Shming, 60s cartoon themes and the "S From Hell"! Plus, MyDeathSpace, Oscar and UFC predictions and much more.

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This cover should make the single fly off the (virtual) shelves

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January 28, 2010

Joel Radio #30: The Corey and Jay Radio Show

Jay Leno finally decided to do his first "sit down" interview about the late night debacle. And even though Oprah Winfrey was chosen as the host for said interview, Corey Hall found the event worthy enough to sit in on the playback. Listen as Jay weasels his way around various question concerning Conan's ratings, Jimmy Kimmel's insults, and how he loves the make-up guys. If you thought Jay was a douche before, just listen to this! Also, Joel and Corey have the full re-cap of Conan's last week, and why Jay's show may never be the same. Plus, Joel's memories of attending Conan's show, The iPad debuts to a collective shrug, and the biggest bombs in TV history dissected. It's a fun, fast, 90-minute must-listen show. Enjoy!

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Corey pays his tribute to the genius of Jay Leno

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January 22, 2010

Joel Radio #29: Purple and Gold

A day late, but remember it's free! Joel previews the NFL Championship games and listens to the Prince-penned, Vikings "fight" song, Purple and Gold. Just when you though it impossible to make a crappier song, Joel improvs his own lyrics, making an an atrocity into a full-blown Haiti-esque disaster. Listen at your own peril! Plus, the latest with Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno, Jerry Mathers looks weird, Golden Globes thoughts, and the wildest movie screenings of all time - coming to a theater near you.

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January 14, 2010

Joel Radio #28: Don't Lick The Beaters

On this show, Joel welcomes in 2010 by telling you all about his recent illness, the embarrassing way in which he got it, and how you can avoid it. The upside of extreme weight loss was no match for the feverish shaking, frequent trips to the bathroom and disgusting remedies that the recovery called for. It's a cautionary tale of a fat man's indulgences that nearly killed him, and was one of the worst 10-day periods in Joel's life. But it still might be better than how NBC has treated Conan O'Brien of late. Seems Coco is getting the shaft by NBC, and despite his visual support of the funnyman, Joel believes NBC might be doing the right thing by re-hiring Jay Leno for 11:30. The full breakdown, including why David Letterman's penis might be to blame for Conan's sacking! Really! You must listen! Plus, Simon Cowell leaves American Idol, and the press misses the huge potential ramification for crappy music everywhere.

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The best advice you'll get all day. Trust me.

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December 31, 2009

Joel Radio #27: Making His List

In the spirit of the season, Joel Radio proudly welcomes back it's resident Grinch in the form of movie critic and comedian Corey Hall. Corey was inspired by Joel's list of "Biggest Assholes of 2009" from a few weeks back, and has come to announce his own list. It's quite a list, too, as Corey's got plenty of venom for crooked politicians, sleazy bankers, and humorless comics. And Corey's GF can be happy, as there's more than one philanderer on the list - family values are alive in 2009! Also, Joel and Corey's list of best and worst films of 2009, including discussions of Avatar, Up In The Air, the glut of animated fare, and much more. Plus, find out why Joel's list of a-holes almost got amended to include last year's YouTube phenomenon, and it's not Susan Boyle (or her mustache).

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December 17, 2009

Joel Radio #26: Jugglers Suck

In advance of Laugh-A-Palooza at the Palace this weekend, Joel welcomes comedian Ben Konstantin to the show. With 10+ years in the comedy biz, Ben brings a wealth of funny stories from the road. Whether appearing at an all-teen comedy show in L.A., or opening for the Pink Floyd Laser Lightshow, Ben's always funny - whether the audience gets it or not. The guys discuss their hopes and fears about the big show, their unlikely comedy influences, and tell you what NOT to do as a comedian. There's tales of arrogant headliners, insecure club owners and horrible intros. Plus, Joel's comedy rocks Amish country, Kimbo Slice's beard sets a fashion trend, and Lewis Black is a genius. It's 77 minutes of inside comedy fun. Listen and enjoy.

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December 10, 2009

Joel Radio #25: The Year's Biggest

It's always fun to hear peoples' end of the year lists. So, not unlike Barbara Walters' "Most Fascinating People", JoelRadio.net proudly presents 2009's "Biggest Assholes of the Year". It's not an easy decision, considering the amount of assholery that's happened this year, but Joel picks out the best of the liars, fakes, wannabes, and pretentious jerks to compile a truly epic list. From sports stars to scientists and everybody in-between, Joel takes on all comers. Disagree? Then make your own list and let the debate begin! Plus, Jersey Shore's "guidos" upset Italian-Americans, UFC 107 broken down, and another push for Laugh-A-Palooza at the Palace.

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December 03, 2009

Joel Radio #24: Calling The K-Dog

Tiger Woods should have listened to this show. If he did, he might not have been caught with the various bimbos who have found their way to the press. He also might not have crashed his car into three different things, or end up paying his wife millions of dollars in a divorce. In this week's guide to cheating successfully, Joel is aided by comedian Harry Artin, whose current break-up involves Facebook pages, cell phone aliases, and the mysterious K-Dog. Hear Tiger's desperate voice mail for his booty call, and find out Joel's fool-proof plan of how not to get caught (not that he'd ever do such a thing). Also, White House gate-crashers make Joel sick, Harry meets Ron Jeremy but brings a puppet, and all the details on Joel's big comedy show. Plus, it's YouTube-mania with a flu-shot victim, a horrible air guitarist, a snake eating a chick, and Tha Jacker!

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November 26, 2009

Joel Radio #23: No Thanks

This week, Joel gives thanks for the big announcement that Oprah Winfrey is ending her talk show in 2011. While the popular spin is that she's making the move to cable, Joel believes there's more to the story than the "Queen of Daytime" is letting on. Go inside the numbers to uncover huge ratings drops, outrageous syndication fees and a backfiring political agenda - are any of these the real reason she's leaving? Either way, she still weighs more than Joel! Also, the V remake is really good, the best sitcom on TV, and Black Friday is finally explained. Plus, the guys' UFC picks undergo statistical analysis. Who's the genius now?

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November 19, 2009

Joel Radio #22: Now That's Quality

In a Joel Radio first, the show goes on the road to Northern Michigan. That's Gaylord, Michigan, to be more precise, and the Quality Inn to be even more exact. Joel and Steve Sabo are in Gaylord for a comedy show, so the guys took some time to discuss that night's show and a bunch of other fun stuff. The guys discuss the odd characters at the comedy show, Sabo grades Joel's performance (it's low!), and Sabo admits to his checkered past - as an impressionist. Plus, a rundown of UFC 105 and a preview of UFC 106, looking for porn in a hotel room, and Jay Leno meets Christian Slater and you are there. If you ever wondered what comics do on the road after a show, wonder no more.

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Quaility Inn Sign.jpg
Not the actual Quality Inn in Gaylord, this one is much nicer, it has a Denny's

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November 12, 2009

Joel Radio #21: The Freaks Come Out

There's a lot of weird stuff in the news lately. From Chaz Bono becoming a man, to Sammy Sosa becoming a white man, there's just a lot of weird stuff going on. And who better to discuss it, than the weirdest guy of all, Harry Artin. Harry loved Michael Jackson's movie, hates Carrie Prejan, and loves both a cleansing fast diet and eating multiple burgers in one night. Both Joel and Harry are repulsed by the chimp attack victim's new face, and how a guy died after filming Wipeout. Also, Harry goes to Hallowicked, his obnoxious celebrity encounter that took place there and why Upchuck needed security. Plus, Joel goes north for work, Harry's YouTube is funny, and Bratz Dolls vs Taylor Swift - who's hotter?

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Harry at Hallowicked, right before he banged Desiree (in his dreams!)

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October 29, 2009

Joel Radio #20: That Was It

Not to miss out on a pop culture moment, Joel made a special trip to check out one of the first screenings of Michael Jackson's new movie This Is It. Judging from Joel's past coverage of Michael's death and often ridiculous memorial service, you might think Joel went to goof on it - and you'd be right. Unfortunately, Joel's master plan was sabotaged by one thing - the movie is actually really good. And it might even make you cry. Listen as Joel explains why the movie worked, the technical challenges of a film like this, and how the press really got it wrong about Michael's condition. Want to hear Joel eat crow? This is the show for you. Plus, wherever the Wild Thigs are Joel doesn't want to be there, a death pool favorite finally dies, and UFC picks are impressive - with a catch.

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October 22, 2009

Joel Radio #19: Free Beer!

Don't say listening to this show never gets you anything, because this week you'll learn how to get free drinks at the bar! This is courtesy of longtime show friend Bill Hildebrandt, who teaches Joel a sure-fire challenge that will stump any bartender or barfly who's sure to take a bet. Bill's also here to discuss his latest adventures on the high seas, why he hates the comedy business, why he hates Facebook, and why he hates Corey Hall (it's not why you think). Plus, a Geechy Guy update, Steve Sabo and Joel pick UFC 104, and find out if a show favorite has swine flu, or not - as Joel makes his diagnosis. He's not a doctor, but he plays one on this podcast....

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Who would've thought this guy could help you at the bar?

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October 15, 2009

Joel Radio #18: Up, Up And Away

Joel Radio is now your source for LIVE news. Of course, that's only live when the show is being recorded - for all of you listening, it's way in the past! Still, it was a very good time following the story of a 6-year-old boy who magically took to the air in a home made helium balloon. Never mind that a human could not survive in a helium-rich environment, or that a craft of that size could not possibly have the lifting power required, but it was fun watching America's newscasters lose their shit over a silly story like this. For the record, they found the little bastard in the attic hiding after the show wrapped. Speaking of kid's adventures, Corey Hall phones in his review of Where The Wild Things Are, a magical, beautiful and potentially divisive film that opens this week. Short version: take your girlfriend or pretentiously artistic friends, but leave the kids at home. Plus, America shrugs as Pam and Jim get married, The Amazing Race is anything but, and new video games reviewed without ever being played!

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Our hopes of this being a great story are as deflated as the baloon in this shot (from Reuters)

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October 08, 2009

Joel Radio #17: Extorted and Reported

Never mind the birth of a son back in 2004, this week confirmed to the world that yes, David Letterman actually has sex with women. And women from his show, no less, who for some strange reason, are attracted to the charming, multimillion dollar, showbiz legend, funnyman. So some jealous douchebag tries to extort Dave for $2 million and the press goes crazy. Joel explains why this is no big deal, how even assholes like Leno get laid off their fame, and why politicians and clergyman should be held to a higher standard than a TV comic. Also, Joel can recommend two films this week, the new comedy Zombieland and the months old District 9, both screened at a recent trip to the drive-in. Find out what makes District 9 a sci-fi classic, who should get Oscar consideration and which film has the greatest cameo of all time - a scene that Joel manages to keep spoiler-free. Plus, an Emma Stone jerkoff filmography, Detroit sports suck, Kitty sits in on the show, and an update on TV's best comedies.

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October 01, 2009

Joel Radio #16: Holy Roman

A long-time friend and collaborator, comedian Steve Brewer makes his Joel Radio debut. And it's a good week for it, too, as director Roman Polanski went and got himself arrested in Europe and may have to return to face the music in the US. Even though most of Hollywood wants to forgive him, Joel reiterates the facts of the case and how what Polaski did to a 13-year-old girl can only be described as a "rape, rape" - sorry Whoopi. Also, Steve announces his retirement from The Funhouse, why he won't work for Psychopathic Records anymore and the challenge in entertaining the Juggalos. Plus, the CBS sitcom debate heats up as a fan agrees with Joel on How I Met Your Mother, while Brewer beds with Corey on The Big Bang Theory. Who's right, and who's wrong? Listen and decide.

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Steve, in happier times, at Long John Silver's

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September 24, 2009

Joel Radio #15: Who's That Broad?

After Leno's big debut last week, it's time for the actual funny comedies to hit the air, and Joel has a rundown of this Fall's best. Is NBC's Thursday night the place to be, or does HBO have the market cornered on edgy sitcoms? Cory Hall even joins in via telephone to tell the world why The Office has slipped, Community deserves a chance and there's a CBS sitcom that's really good, and it's not How I Met Your Mother. Does Bored to Death live up to its title? Is Parks and Recreation surviving the sophmore slump? Listen to find out - you might be surprised. Plus, former show bashees chime in via email including podcaster admitting he sucks, and a mother-in-law basing comedienne that Joel's great.

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September 18, 2009

Joel Radio #14: F.U.J.

A moment we had all looked forward to (or feared) took place this week, as the the new Jay Leno Show premiered on NBC. Whether seen as a savior of NBC, or a backstabber to Conan, Jay's debut has garnered strong opinions from many, including writer and former podcasting superstar Corey Hall. Corey gets out of his rocking chair to explain why Jay's return is bad for TV, why he hates Taylor Swift, and why he still hasn't seen The Hangover. Listen as Joel plays all the "highlights" of Jay's first show, including Jerry Seinfeld scoring big, The Dan Band overexposed and Kanye West actually out-douching Jay. Plus, Steve Sabo leaves the road to predict UFC 103, Joel's Beatles acquisitions make him a happy man, and Patrick Swayze dies alongside Joel's hopes for winning the Death Pool.

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This fake ad redefines truth in advertising

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September 10, 2009

Joel Radio #13: Banging the Butter Cow

So the Michigan State Fair is gone - maybe forever - but Joel Radio has you covered and Joel and guest Harry Artin are here with all you need to know. Like Harry's crazy. Maybe you knew that, but his performance at the State Fair was nothing short of extraordinary. Feeding lemonade to the livestock? Check. Eating a disgusting amount of corn on the cob? Check. Receiving oral favors from a calf made entirely of butter? Check. You must hear this show, as Harry describes his wild behavior, discusses his future plans with a butter teat, and why he won't eat that much corn anymore. Plus, the guys see Billy Squier perform at the fair, and even five days later he's still probably playing a guitar solo. We discuss the the highs and lows of the show and pinpoint exactly when Billy's career went teats up. Also, "Beatles Day" arrives and Joel was too greedy to really enjoy it. Find out Joel's painful dilemma, get a full review of Rock Band: The Beatles, and much, much more on this crazy show.

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Sweetening the pig and the other goofy highlights of Harry's day at the fair.

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September 03, 2009

Joel Radio #12: Day Stripper

It's well know n that magazines are in trouble nowadays. And if you read the latest issue of Rolling Stone, you'll know why. With a half-hearted Beatles cover story, and lamest, most questionable review section around its no wonder why this issue is almost certainly Joel's last. Plus, another magazine gets it right on reality TV, a not terribly sad nor sorrowful goodbye to DJ AM, Joel's song parody career begins, and a recap of UFC 102 predictions - a segment that will in the future be known as Joel's magical money-making machine.

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August 27, 2009

Joel Radio #11: Ted is Dead

It's sad when famous people die. But, if you chose them in this years Death Pool, then it can really soften the blow! Actually, Joel takes a few moments to remember all the highlights of Sen. Ted Kennedy's life - driving a girl off a bridge, getting drunk on an overseas flight, banging a chick in a restaurant, etc, etc. Who's gonna take up the slack when it comes to drinking and carousing? It's a sad, scotch stinking tribute that only an Irishman could love. Then, Joel turns his sights to a world of comedy, where a comedienne is being sued for telling jokes about her in-laws. Seriously. But does she deserve it? Al Roker has an interview, but listen close, as the case may not be all it's cracked up to be. What's with the math jokes, Al? WTF? Plus, Steve Sabo's thoughts on UFC 102, Joel meets Ken Shamrock, and Swedish + Black = comedy.

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Even from the grave, Sen. Kennedy checks out Sunda Croonquist

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August 20, 2009

Joel Radio #10: Dog Eats

As the summer movie season winds down, a few questions have to be asked. Like how much does the third act of Funny People suck?; and how much Joel and former co-host Corey would like to jump on Aubrey Plaza. Via telephone, Corey actually offers up a different nerd-jerkoff fantasy, in web video vixen Felicia Day. Who's hotter and what's the verdict on Inglorious Basterds and District 9? Corey has the scoop. Also, Harry stops by with his super-pug Sheshy, and the comedy that ensues when the dog gets near snack food must be heard to be believed. Plus, Big Brother gets wild and dirty, the Death Pool gets exciting, and meet your new favorite rapper, The Doughmaster.

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Aubrey Plaza vs Felica Day vs Sheshy - Who's the cutest?

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August 13, 2009

Joel Radio #9: Pauly Touched Me

Back and less that 100%, Joel gives his thoughts on the 2009 Gathering of the Juggalos. It will always be remembered as the weekend Joel was felt up by Pauly Shore. Was it a gay pass or just Pauly being funny? Was it funnier than his actual, abbreviated set? Listen and find out. Also, the Gathering has no-shows, GWAR is goofing, Vanilla Ice is a thief, MC Chris is fresh, and hipster journos can't even goof on the Juggalos correctly. Plus, a Death Pool update: Corey makes a deal with the devil and actually decides who lives and dies - scary!

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A brief, and not terribly insightful trip to the Gathering by Derek Erdman, is captured in the video below. Whether he liked it or not, at least he went to see for himself

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July 30, 2009

Joel Radio #8: F, Marry, Kill

Q. What could possibly bring Corey Hall back to the world of podcasting? A. FOX TV's new fat girl dating show "More to Love". Corey and Joel rundown the twenty female contestants on the new, fatter version of "The Bachelor", rating each girl on the "F, marry, kill" scale - that being who's good enough for the one-night stand, who you'd consider making your wife, and who you'd rather do their tax return rather than actually make out with. It's a surprising survey, done in the most hilarious, mean-spirited way. Find out how many of these chubbies the guys would actually take out for a pizza - the number might surprise you! It's classic Corey and Joel, back for this week only. Also, Anthony Bourdain visits Detroit (it's better than Baltimore!), Professor Gates is a noodnik, and the real reason Corey left the show is finally revealed.

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July 23, 2009

Joel Radio #7: Erin & The Eel Man

Returning from his previous appearances on Corey and Joel Radio and The Funhouse, Harry Artin stops by to join Joel for 60 minutes of radio fun. Harry has left New York City for good and is proud to be in Michigan - a place he loves as much for its sub shops as well as its booming economy. Harry details his appearances on Jerry Springer, The Anna Nicole Show, and MTV and unveils his plan to return to stand-up comedy, a career he previously left "like a bat out of hell". Also, somebody shot ESPN's Erin Andrews naked (and it wasn't Joel), the dumb blonde on Big Brother is just that, and Corey Hall joins in on the phone discussing Harry's managerial prowess, or lack thereof.

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July 16, 2009

Joel Radio #6: Houseful of Beige

After solving the David Carradine case back on Show #2, Detective Joel returns to put his spin on the Michael Jackson case. Actually, Joel doesn't know what the hell happened, but lays out the possible case for murder and explains why he's not setting up an appointment with Dr. Conrad Murray anytime soon. Also, Big Brother returns and it's as stupid as ever. That's good news for Joel, and even though he'd end up in the "Brains" clique, he's not smart enough to figure out the ethnicity or even the sex of some of the houseguests. Plus, UFC clairvoyance and controversy, and the best videogames of this generation - the "cheapskate Joel" Top 5.

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Can you guess which "team" these players are on? Didn't think so.

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July 09, 2009

Joel Radio #5: Everything's Strange

The whole world watched Michael Jackson's memorial service this week. And the whole world saw Magic Johnson be a mushmouth, Brooke Shields' epic comedy failure, and Rev. Al Sharpton be an asshole. There were some touching moments, too and you can re-live them all on this show. Joel plays the highlights and lowlights of the 3-hour event, including the performance so bad they should have thrown it in the casket with Mike. So put on one glove, paint your head like Jermaine, and get a bucket of KFC, because this is one heck of a show. Also, comedian Steve Sabo calls in from the edge of civilization to pick the UFC 100 winners, talk about his recent trip to Iraq, and why old ladies might soon be loving his comedy.

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July 02, 2009

Joel Radio #4: He Had a Stroke

Like everywhere else, the death of Michael Jackson is a big story at JoelRadio. Especially here, since MJ was a big score in the Death Pool! So checking in this week, is the man who had the foresight to draft the once-black pop star, Corey Hall. Taking time out from his semi-retirement, Corey understandably boasts about his accomplishments - he also had Farrah Fawcett! - and how this really is his year to win. The former partners also mourn the untimely death of commercial king Billy Mays, and one of show business's biggest puchlines meets his end as well. Plus, remembering the King of Pop's molestation legacy, how the press got the coverage of his death wrong, and the history of Michael Jackson humor, fresh and updated for 2009.

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June 25, 2009

Joel Radio #3: Shrek Heads

You'd like to think that whatever hobby you spent your time and money on, that it might eventually pay some dividends down the road. We're not talking about podcasting here, instead we're talking about Joel's 1990s crack-like addiction to Laserdiscs. But does a large collection of classic films and cartoons on the now-defunct format equal a big eBay payday in 2009? Comedian and eBay expert, Steve Bills stops by to evaluate Joel's collection, and let him know if there's a trip to the bank, or a trip to the dumpster in his future. Also, Playboy hits an all-time low, Perez Hilton is an asshole, and Ed McMahon is laughing all the way to his grave.

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June 18, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #222: Hello Goodbye

Finally! After five weeks, Corey Hall returns to the show. And it's pretty much old times - he still hates Leno, still experiments with wacky soft drinks, and still fights with Joel. Corey explains his absence, the future of the Corey and Joel Radio show and why Land of the Lost was really THAT bad. Plus, Joel gets a PS3 and loves it, how to pick up girls in 2009, and World of Warcraft flavored Mountain Dew might taste good in Azeroth, but not here.

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June 11, 2009

Joel Radio #2: Hands Free

Another solo shot from Joel, but a good one. Joel believes he's cracked the sad case of the death of David Carradine and he's here to tell all. Was it suicide, murder or something else? Joel's got insight no one else has published publicly, and it just might change your mind about what happened - or it might just change your mind about Joel. Also, it's a battle of the comedies at the box office and Joel checks in with his opinion on The Hangover, Land of the Lost and why re-hashing old franchises isn't all it's cracked up to be. Plus, comedian and "MMA Expert", Steve Sabo, gives his picks for UFC 99. All that, and Joel sets out his new fitness goal - and it's something he's already accomplished!

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June 04, 2009

Joel Radio #1: Why Not?

After having two week's on no Corey and Joel Radio Show, Joel has taken it upon himself to do a solo show this week, so enjoy! It was a big week in late-night TV as Jay Leno leaves, Conan debuts and Jimmy Fallon - well, we'd tell you what Jimmy Fallon did if we actually watched. Find out who got the bigger ratings, why Andy Richter can't sit on the couch and why Leno's choice of final guest was almost two decades in the making. Also, the big E3 video game conference took place this past week. Hear Joel's picks of the best and the worst from the show; where the Beatles appeared, Sony kicked Nintendo in the nuts, and why Joel now thinks he's buying a PS3. Plus, Bruno & Eminem's stunt was staged and still not funny.

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May 14, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #221: Another Reboot

So Joel followed the rest of America to the movie theater to see Star Trek. While he disagrees somewhat with old-time Trekker Corey, his biggest question is what the heck is Tyler Perry doing in Starfleet? The guys discuss the merits of the film, the questionable casting of some of its stars and where it ranks amongst recent franchise re-boot films. Also, black people are still eating at the movie theater, karma hits the Amazing Race, free food causes chaos, and the absolute heights (and depths) of Joel's Beatles dorkery is revealed in full.

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May 07, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #220: Ass Crack Pepsi

Knowing their affinity for all junk food, it should be no surprise that the guys ran right out and picked up the new Pepsi Throwback. Corey was especially excited, but Joel was skeptical that the "real" sugar would make any difference at all. Listen for the double-blind taste test and how one host knows his sugary all too well. Also, Joel goes on the road and discovers a new species of hillbilly racist he never knew existed. If you thought the Chill show was hostile, small-town Ohio steps up to the plate and raises bigotry to a whole new level. Plus, Corey boldly reviews the new Star Trek movie, Joel spends quality time with Springsteen's guitar, and politics, sadly, keep a family apart.

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Can you see the hidden picture after Joel's addition?

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April 30, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #219: She Made Me a Radio

Corey and Joel are great guys. See, it's not even Black History Month, and Chill is back in the studio. Actually, they love Chill anytime, and America's favorite actor/comic/museum tour guide is in rare form on this show. He might might be upset about the guys replaying his hilarious flop at the Corey and Joel Roast, or maybe Joel's questioning of the exhibits at the African-American History Museum, but before it's over there's insults, accusations and hurt feelings all around. Before all of that, Chill tells us who's hot in hip-hop, why Michael Jackson is still the king, and why eating chicken is somehow racist - and Corey and Joel love chicken. Also, Chill finally gets Joel's joke, Corey on the biggest flicks of the summer, the mayor gets robbed and why white people love tribute bands.

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Chill and Joel are about to fight over JJ's hat

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April 23, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #218: Five Good Songs

This week, it's a show of musical memories. Spurned on by announcer Rob Rose's recent wedding and the disappointing DJ, the guys reminisce about some of the worst concerts they've ever seen, some cheesy acts that get popular for some reason, and exactly how many good songs The Cure actually have. Joel reveals the shame of his first real concert, and why he's still mad he had to miss half of it. Also, the guys handicap this year's Lollapalooza line-up - one that makes them long for the line-ups of yesteryear. Plus, Alaska looks like fun, a ShamWow test, jokes that don't work anymore, and Andre the Giant takes dump - and Corey has never laughed harder.

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April 16, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #217: Live From The Mudhouse

It's catch-up time on the show and this week as the guys, through the power of telephony, re-connect with some past guest. First up is comedian Russ Brown who's mid-way through a 1-year civilian contract job in Iraq. Russ tells his wacky stories from the base, his history of preforming for foreigners and how he's only had to dodge two rockets. Also, Jodi and Jamie check in live from LA, where they made their Comedy Store debut. Predictably, some male comics want to "take them on the road". Bring some earplugs, guys. Plus, Joel's unexpected family reunion in the U.P., Hulk Hogan is crazy (or stupid or both), the Amazing Race gets good again, and big weekend of comedy coming up for Corey and Joel.

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April 08, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #216: Breaking The Sound Wave

If you listened to the live show from the Comedy Castle two weeks ago, you heard an an unplanned invasion by two girls named Jodi and Jamie. Well now they've invaded the actual Corey and Joel studio, and the show may never be the same. Amongst their yelling, screaming, and singing, the guys try to get to get the girls' back story, their plans for future Hollywood stardom, and their measurements. Turns out Jamie is less than five foot tall, is in psychotherapy and is totally afraid to fly. Jodi has a gold tooth, wears men's athletic socks and and is a cup size "L". Whatever that means. Listen as the girls swig champagne, sing their sexy student-teacher song/skit, and plug the heck out of their YouTube videos. It's 99 minutes of noise, chaos and confusion. Try to have as much fun as those two, but that just might be impossible.

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Jamie and Jodi are completely exhausted from talking, yet they continue

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April 02, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #215: Sing Like Bing

The guys are back in the studio after the last two weeks of remotes. And what shows they were, as Corey and Joel recap what went down on the shows, play an entertaining off-air fight and ponder the possibility of booking the wacky J&J girls for a future appearance. Also on the comedy tip, it's a battle of the real Sam Kinison vs the actor playing him in a new biopic. Hear them both perform one of Sam's classic bits and decide if "Jack Black Lite" has the chops to pull it off. Plus, the possibility of a future live show in one of the most remote places on earth - if the money's right, Rob Rose's last night as a "warrior", and all roads lead to The Beatles - according to Joel.

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March 25, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #214: DICF 2009 - Best of Detroit

It's the second night of coverage from The Detroit International Comedy Festival at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle in Royal Oak, MI. It's a night of old friends and some new ones, like comedy legend Geechy Guy. Geechy is best known for his amazing string of victories on the original Star Search and multiple appearances with Jay Leno. And, while Corey and Joel didn't know it, he's also a Detroit native. Listen as Geechy recounts his start in comedy, his celebrity run-ins on The Tonight Show, and his current project a two-man show with another C&J friend. Also, Dave Bell must have sense humor with his current day job; Keith Lenart gets bumped for a bigger star, but at least he's big in Beloit; Mike Bobbitt makes up with Joel; Bob Phillips makes bombs, but not on stage; Brian Kalackie is still not rich despite Joel's bead endorsement; and comic Dave Dyer and festival co-organizer Kevin Wheeler get invaded by the two-headed monster known as Jodi and Jamie. Plus, show fave Bill Hildebrandt is back on dry land, and Mike Bonner makes an appearance, too.

Right click here to download - 114 minutes, 54 megs

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Geechy Guy stops by and Sharon Stone is nowhere to be seen

Mike Bobbitt seems happier about burying the hatchet than Joel

Jodi and Jamie almost stopped talking long enough to take this picture

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March 18, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #213: DICF 2009 - Best of the East Coast

It's Corey and Joel live (almost) from The Detroit International Comedy Festival 2009 at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle in Royal Oak, MI. This being the "Best of the East Coast" night the guys have lots of new comedians and friends to chat with, and some old friends, too. Actor Matt Servitto, a Detroit native and Sopranos co-star stops by to chat about his time on "the show", reminisce about the old neighborhood and tells Joel to never, ever wear Mardi Gras beads again. A real Italian should know better, right? There's lots of laughs with the comics, too, as DC's Clay Miles talks fast-food with Corey; Jason Marcus exposes rental car rip-offs and web-porn gross-outs; Peter Bowers brings an English flair, but says the Beatles weren't funny; Selena Coppock hates improv (yea!); Steve Macone may or may not have a website; The Showoff Show juggles headbands, chainsaws and early-morning flights; and NYC's JL Cauvin justs wants you to come see him at Caroline's. There's some Detroit flavor, too, as Martin Butler triumphs at a recent show, Ben Konstantin prepares to rock the festival again and Steve Bills refuses to let stand-up cut into his eBay time.

Right click here to download - 124 minutes, 56 megs

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Matt Servitto with the guys - notice no beads on Joel

Selena Coppack in a Joel & Corey sandwich

One more porn story and Jason Marcus gets it

The Showoff Show guys rock the juicebox

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March 12, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #212: Funny For Free

Most comedians aren't rich. They work for little money most of the time, and sometimes even perform for free. Then there's Jay Leno, who's actually a rich comedian - and he's performing for free, in Detroit anyway. It seems Leno wants to do a free show in Detroit to pay back the unemployed auto workers for their hard work assembling the vehicles that now sit in Jay's massive car collection in L.A. It's a nice gesture, but Detroit's long history of racial politics is getting in the way and Corey breaks down the whole ridiculous history of the Detroit city council, the suburbs vs the city feud and how it's amazing that black people are now claiming to be Jay Leno fans. Later, comedian Mike Green calls in. Mike's attempting to get comedians (who aren't Leno) to stick together to get better treatment from club owners and bookers, only to have some guys roll over and accept the peanuts they're thrown. Should Joel join the cause? Listen and make up your own mind. Also, Dancing With the Stars vs American Idol - what's more gay?, Corey's movie roundup and much more in this jam-packed show.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 38 megs

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March 05, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #211: Fallon Flops

As he says on show #211, Joel has 36 years of television experience - well, watching TV anyway. So who better to judge the late night debut of Jimmy Fallon's new talk show on NBC. Joel gives his prediction of when the show will end its run on NBC, while Corey isn't offended as as he has been by 17 years of Jay Leno. Hear the guys ultimate predictions for the latest round of late night wars, why Corey loves Craig Ferguson, and why no one believes Jimmy Kimmel's Uncle Frank is really that stupid. Also, Corey reviews the latest comic book would-be blockbuster, Watchmen, and show legend Nadia calls in with her newest drunken, rock & roll, lesbian story and explains why Corey is coughing through the entire show. NSFW, but it never is!

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February 26, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #210: Scientific & Testicle

The show takes a giant leap forward on show #210 as the guys welcome their first live phone calls ever on the show. First up is show fave Steve Brewer, discussing a recent potential career breakthrough and congratulating Joel on purchasing a new phone. Later, it's a full Oscar recap with Corey and Joel's pick-the-winner contest revealed, the full suckdom of Hugh Jackman discussed, and why foreigners always make for good comedy. Plus, a secret second caller is pissed about the Oscars, high school crime gets ridiculous, and Jocks vs Geeks - it never ends - even when you're 96.

Right click here to download - 88 minutes, 40 megs

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February 19, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #209: You Still Suck

After a truncated show #208, the guys return with the longest show ever. You could call it the longest winded show ever, too, as Corey and Joel pick every Oscar winner for 2009. That's right, you get to hear some "Best Sound Mixing" prognostication on this show. Aren't you glad podcasts are free? Speaking of podcasts, it's trip back to 2005, as the guys revisit some of their favorite (and least favorite) podcasters to see how they're doing in 2009. Seems some are still hanging around, some have done well, and others have vanished into the ether. Hear why Corey and Joel's predictions of podcasting's future were pretty much dead-on, why podcasting has both succeeded and failed and why Air Ferg still isn't funny. Actually, there's no answer for the last one - sorry, Ferg. And wrap the whole thing up with another pointless political discussion and you get the longest show ever. Enjoy if you can.

Right click here to download - 112 minutes, 51 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

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February 14, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #208: The Guido Shirt

There was a plan for this week's show, but that will have to wait. Pressed for time, the guys delve into some of the weeks big news items, like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Joel feels cover model Bar Rafaeli is overrated and offers his own suggestion for the cover. Has the modern media landscape give the ever-horny Joel a callous to hot chicks? Were the past cover girls that hot, or is there just too many of these mags around now. Will Corey stop reading the McRib article to care? Listen and find out. Also, Joel get insulted on Comedy Central and loves it, Corey takes in Friday the 13th and hates it, and play along with our new game "What Looks Italian?". Joel = no, Corey's shirt = yes.

Right click here to download - 62 minutes, 28 megs

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February 05, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #207: The Third Dimension

Every few years Hollywood decides 3-D is poised for a comeback, and touts a "new, better" version of the technology, which has been seen by most as a gimmick. After viewing this years Super Bowl commercials, and a 3-D episode of Chuck on NBC, Corey and Joel are here to say that the technology is back and as bad as ever. Not that there hasn't been fun 3-D stuff lately (like Beowulf), but from the "where to get the glasses" snafu to an inability to properly ogle the hot blonde from Chuck with the glasses on, this experience was pretty painful. Just as painful were the results of one hosts Super Bowl Bets. While not a complete blowout, one host is swearing off the betting line in the future and you'll hear why. Also, the full Super Sunday commercial rundown, someone hates Springsteen, Nils sings Mickey Avalon and Superman Returns still sucks.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 38 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

This image is actually better than how Chuck looked in 3-D on NBC

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January 29, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #206: Six Bucks a Day

Radio programmers take note - if you're looking for cheap talent, try The Corey and Joel Radio Show. While the other half drives a hard bargain, Joel will gladly render his comedic services on the cheap. And with the recent rash of radio talent cuts and firings, why not hire the guys who've been giving it away for almost four years? In addition to discussing the sorry state of commercial radio, the guys do their annual Super Bowl betting. There's a total of $20 up for grabs as one host likes Pittsburgh and the other Arizona, while neither likes Jesus as much as Kurt Warner. Also, the Obamas get kinky, Jessica Simpson gets fat, Playboy magazine sucks, and Corey's embarrassing yet lucrative local TV past.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 38 megs

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January 22, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #205: Barack Sings Brooks

This week that a new president was sworn in. The airwaves were saturated with the sights and sounds of Washington D.C., yet all Corey wants to do is talk about American Idol. Joel hates the show and reminds him that there was plenty of bad music to celebrate Obama's triumph in the form of a concert from the Lincoln Memorial. The highlights: watching the Prez sing along with Garth Brooks, watching a bored VIP child sleep, and seeing if U2 are really as old as Pete Seeger. Also, the Fan Death Pool is now official, and hear how one one fan screwed it up while another hilariously challenges a ruling via the Douchebag Hotline. Plus, West Virginia sucks, why Robert Byrd collapsed, and gay sex - not just for the gays anymore.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 38 megs

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January 15, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #204: A Little Tom Arnold

So how was year New Year's Eve? The guys return to talk about the ringing in of 2009, and other such nonsense this week. Joel rung in 2009 in the most unusual of ways, but ultimately can't satisfy Corey with his story. Kind of like that Benjamin Button movie, which both guys saw and gets reviewed, along with a year-end movie recap. Plus, Corey and Joel and the ugly celebrities they resemble, good geekdom vs bad geekdom, an early Death Pool score, and a show guest gets pregnant - and you won't believe who.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 38 megs

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January 06, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #203: Death Pool 2009

After a refreshing holiday break, the guys return with the first new show for 2009. It is of course, Joel's favorite day, the Death Pool draft! It's Joel's favorite because he is now a four-year returning champion, a fact he frequents reminds his annoyed cohorts. This years panel includes the hosts, announcer Rob Rose (who had a good 2008 run), comic Steve Brewer (playing for the first time) and Corey's girlfriend Amy, who had no one die on her 2008 list but is back as a goodwill gesture to Corey's sex life. It's an extra-long show too, as the players re-think their keeper strategies, debate why women live longer than men, marvel at Rob's affection for old codgers and wonder what the average lifespan is for a midget. Also, Brewer and the one young celebrity he just really hates, Corey steals Joel's picks, Amy can't remember names and why last year's fan death pool winner is MIA.

Right click here to download - 111 minutes, 51 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

See the full official list of 2009 Death Pool draftees by clicking RIGHT HERE

You can play, too! Send your entries in for the 2009 Fan Death Pool now! Click here for the full rules and info. Deadline is Jan 14th, so hurry!

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December 18, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #202: What About Rob?

It's the final show of 2008, and to go out with a bang, the guys have announcer Rob Rose returning as a guest. There's a lot to talk about, as the Death Pool gets into it's final leg with only a few days left. There's hints about who's picking who for '09 and a last-minute rules clarification, too. Also, Rob tells us about his voice-over career and why he still can't get a new car stereo even though he's the pitchman. If only Corey could find voice work as the Middle Eastern gas station guy, as he's back and ruder than ever - possibly because he can't sell pagers anymore. Plus, Drew Carey sucks on Price is Right, AMC just sucks, Joel's web infamy, and Bush + shoes = comedy.

Right click here to download - 90 minutes, 43 megs

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December 11, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #201: Winners and Losers

Back to Studio 1 after the 200th show celebration, the guys get back down to what they do best. Actually, there's almost big reasons to continue celebrating as Joel has some special news that comes thisclose to changing his world forever. While not world-changing, there's a Death Pool update which sees a familiar face back out front, the guys flame out at fantasy football, and the what you didn't hear on the 200th show. Also, Rosie O'Donnell sucks as expected, a battle of The Beatles tribute bands, Corey gets 80s wrestling nostalgia, and the employment of Lenny and Squiggy - finally revealed.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 36 megs

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December 04, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #200 Part 1

To celebrate the 200th show, the guys have moved into the larger Studio Two at the HQ and invited back some of their greatest guests from the past. Like a newly 21-year-old Cass who no longer gets picked up by the side of the road, but instead gets hit on by infamous would-be criminals at biker bars. Someone who's a lot easier to pick up now is a newly-thin Bill Hildebrandt, who now apparently swims out to his cruise-ship comedy gigs. Bill's really in a great mood, but not because it's the 200th show, but rather because he saw Yes in concert last week. Speaking of Yes, someone who never says no is Nadia - who's two previous appearances are the stuff of podcasting legend. She's now busy dating strippers between watching episodes of Six Feet Under, and is generally happy and sees a future love match with young Cass, if she'd only be willing. Also, comic Steve Bills returns and while he still sells DVDs, he's actually thinking adult merchandise would sell better, at least to the cast of this show. Plus, roommate Steffanie and her mouse-eaten candy, listeners call-in, and Guess the Underwear returns! The party continues on part 2 below.

Right click here to download - 90 minutes, 42 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

Bill Hildebrandt and Cass stopped fighting long enough to pose

Steve Bills and Hildebrandt - make your own caption

Cass, Nadia and Steffanie together at last

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Corey and Joel Radio Show #200 Part 2

The party continues as comedian Steve Brewer joins the mix sharing his disdain for the comedy business and love of drunken party girls. Like Penny, who you might remember from show #69, who joins the show late, trades her sexual statistics with Nadia, drinks Brazilian booze and offends pretty much everybody. Except the Arabs, as Corey has a dead-on impression that might make you think you're in a Mobil gas station right now. Also, Nadia gets "turned out", Bills sells more DVDs, and the many voices talents of Harry Berberian via the telephone.

Right click here to download - 63 minutes, 30 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

Corey, Joel and Steve Brewer give Nadia what she wants

Penny makes friends with the bottle

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November 27, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #199: A Trip and Fall Down Memory Lane

Corey and Joel have always wanted to do a retrospective of past shows. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to cut all the clips. That problem is remedied on this show, as the guys devise a system to listen to truly random clips from the past 198 episodes. As that system makes for some dull clips - Corey actually lobbies for a real retrospective, while Joel holds hard and fast by the rules. Listen as a compromise is worked out, and the show's history of comedy anecdotes, drunken girls and lousy microphones is recapped in full. Also, a website re-do, last week's show dissected, and all Chuck Berry sounds the same.

Right click here to download - 81 minutes, 38 megs

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November 20, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #198: The Life of Brian

After an unplanned week off, Corey and Joel welcome sometime comic and inventor of the patented Condom Beads, Brian Kalakie to the show. Brian tells us the genesis of his idea (he was drunk at Michigan State), the list of C-Level celebrities his business allowed him to meet, the future of customized printing, and, most importantly, details how to get laid from Match.com. Plus, Joel makes TMZ, Corey roasts Darth Vader, outrage over cleaned-up porn shops, Craigslist is for weirdos, and why you can't get laid at a wedding. Listen first, and order your beads later.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 37 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

Brian poses with the product that has made him hundreds

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November 06, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #197: A Dark Cloud

So the 2008 election is over and Barack Obama will be our next President. To celebrate, Corey and Joel's official 'hood correspondent and great comedian, Mike Lundy sits in to give his views on Obama, why Jesse Jackson and Spike Lee are idiots and the mood down at the barber shop. Of course, Corey is happy about the win, while Joel's election day strategy left him with little latitude in whom to vote for, and his ultimate decision was really disappointing. Also, rumors about Mike Lundy's comedy career, Olbermann vs the conservative media, Joaquim Phoenix retires (now with audio!), and James Bond - better or worse than the old days?

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 37 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

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October 30, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #196: The Solid Runs

Halloween time is usually fun and while there's nothing special planned on this show, Joel enjoys the dopey morning shows and their costumed traditions. He'll explain the joy he takes in all this and why his DVR will be full this Halloween - just in case the worst happens. Also, Corey doesn't understand the new Pepsi logo, Rob Rose does a commercial, Joel takes a bad fantasy football beat, and Jeff Conaway is addicted to reality shows. Plus, Zach and Miri Make a Porno gets reviewed as director Kevin Smith is fatter than ever.

Right click here to download - 77 minutes, 35 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

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October 23, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #195: BBQ and Cutty Sark

Sometimes titles don't wean anything. Hence this week's show. Actually, the title is referenced during the show, but sometimes just having weird stuff listed on your website leasds to some funny stuff. Like the list of search queries that lead to this site. It's not just that someone has searched for "slutty librarians, or "funny banana", but that someone actually clicked on The Corey and Joel Radio Show in the search results. Hear the list and find out if Corey is secretly married, if Refrigerator Perry is secretly dead, and what the heck is the "Joel Button"? Also, Rudy Ray Moore remembered, Joel meets a Last Comic Standing star, cable bills suck, and Corey's puts Pizza Hut behind him, literally.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 38 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

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October 16, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #194: The Eskimo Comedian

Being successful in comedy sometimes a gimmick. Corey and Joel have largely steered clear of such shtick - until this week, as Corey unveils his new creation, The Eskimo Comedian. Corey takes his years of preparation for the role and makes it seem like it's something he just came up with on the spot. Brilliant. Funny? Decide for yourself. Corey makes comedy look easy, though as demonstrated by the recent effort of Today Show newscaster, Ann Curry, who gave stand-up a shot for an on-air bit. Does she sink or swim? Is it truly painful or just mildly embarrassing? Hear the tape with commentary in full. Also, the hottest older showbiz babes, Ringo's weird request, TV chefs get ranked and Family Guy (kinda) sucks.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 37 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

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October 09, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #193: Sinbad's Marathon

Comedian Bill Bushart sits in this week, for the first time in a while. The guys swap comedy road stories, with Bill and Corey working with big name acts recently, and Joel doing time in an Indian casino in Northern Michigan. It could be worse though, they could be at the 2-1/2 hour Sinbad show, and as Corey says, "Who knew men and women were that different?". The guys also describe why female comics have it easier than guys, although sometimes the sleeping arrangements aren't perfect. Also, listener email riles up Corey, the state of open mike comedy in Detroit and another political debate divides the hosts - again.

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 36 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

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October 02, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #192: Fixing The View

The Fall TV season has kicked off and the guys have given some, but not many of the returning shows a spin. The guys are split on The Office, with Joel calling it a return to form and Corey finding some new annoyances. At least it's not as bad as the return of The Amazing Race, which was the most generic, cookie-cuttter season premiere ever, and Joel argues that even Survivor has changed enough to warrant watching, but that other reality shows are very tired. Also, Corey is wound up by the political discussions on The View, and it's a problem Joel has a simple but brilliant answer for. Plus, Joel gets some Taco Bell info from the source, Sarah Palin looks stupid, and the Bill Hildebrandt cruise update you've all been waiting for.

Right click here to download - 76 minutes, 36 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

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September 25, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #191: Gimme the Emmy

Please be in a good mood as you listen to this show. Corey and Joel are, because they recorded this just hours after the Detroit Lions fired Matt Millen. As long-suffering Lions' fans the guys can't help but feel something between relief and absolute joy over the news, only tempered somewhat by the still-employed status of quarterback Jon Kitna and coach Rod Marinelli. Also, Corey returns from L.A. with this verdict: fast food = good, strip clubs = bad. He goes into detail about the joys of In-n-Out Burger and his buddy's bachelor party, where Los Angeles is way too conservative to allow nudity and alcohol to coexist. Plus, the Emmys sucked aside from one great highlight, courtesy of the stars of The Office from both sides of the Atlantic.

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 37 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

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September 18, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #190: Erotic Cakes

Not that he ever do it, but Corey has seemingly come up with a way to get rich. Generously, he gave the idea to somebody else and that person couldn't care less. That discussion and a mess load of other topics on this week's show. Included, Genesis vs. Pink Floyd vs. Rush in a prog rock battle, a former show treat gets banned, an update on John Tenney, and why comedy (or podcasting) won't get you laid. Also, an update on Corey and Joel's other projects, including Corey's endeavor that's (arguably) every bit as silly as Joel's work with the Juggalos.

Right click here to download - 77 minutes, 37 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

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September 11, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #189: Father of the Year

Corey and Joel are proud to have comedian Russ Brown back as a guest. Russ' latest endeavor, however, has left the guys amused, confused and doubting his sanity. Turns out married father of three, Russ, took a civilian contractor job - in Iraq! So for 1-year, it's no more Midwest one-nighter gigs and instead hot, sandy days changing carburetors in the middle of 100+ degree Bagdad heat. How did he pull this one over on his wife? Listen to find out. Also, Joel gets Fantasy Football revenge, Googling our namesakes, and another comic's legend grows large. Plus, while Russ shoveled dog crap and Joel got hit with golf balls for a living, Corey had the worst job ever (according to him) - coffee barista - let the ball-busting begin!

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Russ looks on as Corey eyeballs, but cannot eat, the brownie

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September 04, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #188: Better Than John Tesh

Corey and Joel recap the big Labor Day holiday, and while he didn't go, Corey claims going to the State Fair will get you laid. Something to do with livestock. He did go to the Hamtramck Festival, and while usually a good time, Corey found it kinda sad. Not as sad as the John Tesh radio show, or for that matter, Paul Harvey. While it's true that usually radio guys like that use prep services, be aware that with Corey and Joel - there's no prep! Also, a football preview with fantasy season predictions, goodbye to two minor celebs (but woulda been big Death Pool scores), and Corey and girlfriend sneak into a pool - and Joel thinks they've committed a crime!

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August 28, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #187: What's Facebook?

After completing the 2008 Fantasy Football draft, the guys whip together a show from a variety of recent observances and incidents. Among them how internet technology has changed and why old farts like chris Matthews can't follow it. Corey reminisces about the bad 'ol days of AOL and why attempting to cancel was a Herculean feat. Also, Joel gives an update on his injured cat, Ed Begley is absolutely insane, the de-evolution of Radiohead, and shockingly - blacks and whites like different stuff on TV. Plus, Joel gets an unplanned, amusing look behind the scenes at Nightmare Sinema, much to the dismay of Corey.

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August 21, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #186: The Solo Olympics

While both admit to watching their fair share, the guys are pretty bored with the Olympics. With team handball, field hockey and water polo as events, why can't there be events Corey and Joel could excel at? You'll have to listen for the examples, but Joel has some alleged sure-fire training techniques that only years of online depravity could develop. Also, the guys speculate on the status of their (non)favorite podcasters from the past, as an audio gaffe shares the horror with the audience. Also, Bigfoot is a fake, the Cupacabra is a dog, and the Montauk Monster is really gross. Plus, another year of Dream Cruise goes by, Mark Twain is a racist, and Joel's cat suffers a horrible injury - much to Corey's delight.

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August 14, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #185: Meet the Sheik

Joel returns after a six day sabbatical to The Gathering of the Juggalos in southern Illinois. As usual, Joel's blown his voice out and feels like crap, but at least he's full of good stories. This year Joel (well Upchuck), got to work with all-time pro wrestling legend Roddy Piper, and the legendarily ridiculous Iron Sheik. Find out how Piper's appearance nearly didn't happen and why Joel was a little bit scared of the Hot Rod. Also, hear how Sheik was exactly as you'd think he would be and why he's the greatest of all-time - because he said so. Joel also hangs with Stern show star Beetlejuice, and while he loved the little guy, Steve Brewer was a little freaked out. Also, goodbye Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes, Corey takes on The Clone Wars and Tropic Thunder, YouTube controversy and the Mole lives up to its billing, mostly.

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Upchuck (Joel) meets Piper

The Sheik stopped talking long enough to take this one

Beetlejuice explains it all to Jason Benci

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August 06, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #184: Communication Breakdown

With all of our modern technology it's gotten easier to communicate. Yet why does it feel like it's harder and harder to connect? Why can't a guy send three text messages in a row? Why do women who have loved to talk for millions of years, now prefer to text? Remember when people actually answered the phone? At least Corey and Joel are talking straight, cutting through the BS and telling it like it is. But yeah, we now have 50 ways to ignore your lover. The guys also ponder Corey's ability to watch NFL football games this season given his recent domestication. Will he be at the stadium or the art fair come football Sunday? Also, Joel's guide to video editing, a John Tourttillot post-game report, and ladies, if you want to see the guys' junk, just ask - but no pictures allowed.

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July 31, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #183: According to John

Returning comic and Corey and Joel roaster, John Tourtillott returns to the show a national hero - at least in some people's eyes. See, John recently returned from a trip to Iraq and other foreign places to entertain the troops. So either racist, sexist, dirty, and yet still funny comedy raises morale in the war zone, or it just fires up our boys to fight harder. Either way, John is just back and it's "mission accomplished". John also explains the difference between Eastern Africans (they're like Philipinos) and West Africans, and describes why it's not a good idea to go fishing while the Blackhawks are circling. Also, Joel and John give man-grooming tips, how NOT to steal jokes, fat guys at the gym, and Corey's girlfriend - real or hoax?

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John calmed down enough to take this picture

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July 25, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #182: Well Made Junk

It's funny how the former dead-in-the-water summer TV season has recently become an ocean of all-new programming. This week the guys look at a dozen summer TV shows, and try to determine if summer's "junk food" TV can actually be better then the scripted highbrow drama of the rest of the year. Of the new shows, Corey watches every episode of the Mole while secretly hating it, Joel loves I Survived a Japanese Game Show and Celebrity Family Feud, while Showtime finally overtakes HBO, but still gives us the most annoying new show of this summer (or any other). Also, Comedy Central almost gets the Gong Show right, while PBS debuts an animated show for God-knows-who. Plus, X Files and Stepbrothers reviews from Corey, Joel defends his music choice, and Corey's gorilla strength costs the show money.

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July 16, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #181: The Co-Emcee

After a refreshing week off, the guys return to action with a first-time guest, comedian Steve Bills. Steve's not just a comic, he also collects comic books, DVDs, and sells stuff on eBay - a model Corey and Joel fan! Steve details his comic collecting and gives Corey advice on preserving his future riches, meanwhile Corey just wants to read the damn things. Steve also makes a ton of dough selling used DVDs. Not merely selling them, but repackaging, refurbishing and putting them into pseudo-box set collections, but don't look for the complete Ernest collection anytime soon. Also, "The Man" sticks it to Joel's comedy career, Hellboy II gets reviewed, and high school athletic glory revisited.

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Since we had no pictures of Steve Bills, please enjoy this picture of Bill Cosby

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July 03, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #180: Douche Rock

It's the 4th of July weekend, and one of the big events here in Michigan is the Rothbury Music festival. The guys would go but they don't want to sleep in a tent and listen to gay music for 4 days. But Snoop Dogg will be there, so the white liberal fans can show that they actually like black people. Not that it's the only event, as Joel will take in Cityfest, but not eat there for his own special reasons. Corey's just glad that no matter what he does, he doesn't have to hear Kanye West. The guys also get some hate mail, although the people writing it might be even bigger assholes. Also, Wipeout kills in the ratings, Hancock sucks, TMZ pisses off Corey and Ebert is gone forever.

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June 26, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #179: Bye Bye George

It's a sad occasion when we have to say goodbye to one of our own. But as you know, George Carlin, arguably the greatest comedian ever, died this week and Corey and Joel have their tribute. The guys play some of their favorite bits, talk about Carlin's influence on their careers and where he ranks amongst the all-time greats. Corey even had a personal interview with George, which would be a C&J world-exclusive interview - if he could only find the tape. Oh well. RIP, George. Also, Corey takes a difficult TV quiz and throws a fit over the answers, the guys think Wipeout sucks, the Japanese game show show rocks, Al Roker is funny (according to Joel), and the fans want pics.

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June 19, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #178: Escape Fantasies

Corey's actually really happy in his relationship. But even though he's found a good one, women can't help but piss him off. It's understandable though, as lately he's witnessed bizarre female behavior like chicks dissing millionaire suitors, girls getting out of speeding tickets, and general female ball-busting. He's really pissed and only a few gamma rays from turning green. Unlike Mr. Banner, you'll like it when he's angry! Also, Joel chases tail to gay-themed True Colors tour, Get Smart gets reviewed, and that deep voice you hear is another great appearance from announcer Rob Rose.

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June 12, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #177: It's All New to Him

It's now become tradition for the Corey and Joel Radio Show to interview the wild and the wacky at the annual Motor City Pride event in Ferndale, Michigan. So as not repeat themselves, however, they've added a new wrinkle - welcoming in third reporter, comedian and show regular, Mike Lundy. Turns out the brotha from Rosedale Park knows little about the gay lifestyle, but does his best to ingratiate himself nonetheless. Mike investigates alcohol use amongst Pride-goers, the Middle Eastern down-low community, gay campgrounds and even meets the legendary Ima Cornholer. You'll also hear about the mildly offensive "Doggy Drag Show", where canines have gender issues, and apparently, color issues. In non-gay news, a Death Pool update (yea!), The Incredible Hulk gets reviewed and the sad history of Corey and Joel's movie screenings.

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Mike makes some new fans

Yes, that's a dog in a Leatherman's outfit

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June 05, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #176: American Junk

Corey and Joel love to help out their audience. So when they got an email asking for help on the best American junk foods for a foreign visitor to try, they couldn't say no. Unfortunately, American beers might be underwhelming, American chocolates kinda suck, and liquor is probably the same everywhere. America does, however, have some great salty snacks, fast-food restaurants and weird soft drinks to sample and - according to Corey - America "leads the world in peanut butter and chocolate technology". Plus, a reality show fave, The Mole, returns and find out which nerdy host has a "Mole Journal". Also, cooking shows vs home improvement shows, Disney characters under fire, and deaf girl porn revisited.

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May 29, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #175: No Earplugs

Corey's a little tired this week after traveling from the Upper Peninsula, eating pasties and sampling cheese. Joel managed to take in a few movies. He liked Indiana Jones more (or hated it less) than Corey and watched Recount on HBO, a film that Corey won't see. Turns out even liberal Hollywood can't change the outcome of the 2000 election. Also, we say goodbye to Sydney Pollack who left us with some great movies and a bunch of Death Pool points. Plus, Joel's morality ruins his enjoyment of porno, and Last Comic Standing returns - as annoying and awful as you remember.

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May 22, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #174: Eight Ways to Be A Bitch

Friend and show announcer Rob Rose sits in this week as the guys discuss the end of the TV season, the return of Indiana Jones, and broads. Turns out the Office is slipping, The Mole is returning and and CelebraCadabra might be the greatest thing ever. As Rob struggles with his Babe Bracket, Joel reads an article about how to impress a hot TV anchor that will infuriate any human being that has a penis. Does this gold-digger really think she's getting all that? Was it a failed attempt a comedy? Business-class tickets? This will make your head spin. Also, Corey shrugs his shoulders at Indiana Jones 4 and wonders why Shia LaBeouf is suddenly a superstar - turns out the internet has the answers!

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May 15, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #173: Guess the Underwear

A few beers, a fifth of Jack Daniel's and comedian Bill Hildebrandt usually equals a good time. Bill's just back from Hawaii, and he's tan, trim (really!) and ready to shoot the shit. Bill recounts another hell gig with Joel, an idiotic death on the cruise ship, and why really old jokes go over at a roast. If that wasn't enough, they're joined by Upchuck the Clown's delightful pal Andrea the Intern, who when she's not co-hosting The Funhouse, is interviewing interviewing indie rock bands, getting unusual tattoos and drinking giant cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon. At Bill's request, Andrea even indulges the guys in a game of "Guess What Color Underwear Andrea is Wearing", where actual money changes hands and actual underwear is shown - just like the strip club! Also, Corey gets edited, more Leave It to Beaver discussion, and the pee mike (almost) returns.

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Bill gets a taste of Andrea's tats

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May 08, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #172: The Larry Mondello Show

The guys go all TV nostalgia for the first half of this week's show. Amongst the topics are kids' shows including one with religious slant, Laverne & Shirley vs Happy Days, and one of our old faves, Leave it to Beaver. Who was Beaver's best sidekick, Gilbert, Whitey, or our favorite schlub, Larry Mondello? Also, Corey's dorky past is fully revealed (thanks Roger!), a Douchebag Hotline Death Pool theory, and reviews of Iron Man and the new, less funny Harold and Kumar movie. Plus, Joel buys GTA IV, and ends up in a real-life cops and robbers incident.

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May 01, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #171: The Intervention

John E.L. Tenney was one of our best guests ever when he appeared last fall. Now the paranormal researcher/lecturer/former mayoral candidate is launching his own podcast, The Oddist, and he's here to promote it. Unfortunately, Corey and Joel don't take kindly to newbie podcasters, and break in to an impromptu edition of mailing list fave, Your Podcast Sucks. How does John take the criticism after only two shows? I there a future for The Oddist? What does it say about a show when the intro is the best part? Also, alcoholic energy drinks get sampled, technology nostalgia, tales of open mike comedy, and The Korean Joel Radio Show. Plus, a show favorite gets fooled - in the worst way possible.

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John poses as his favorite guest ever (scroll down if you don't get the joke)

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April 24, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #170: Bowling For Comedy

As the title suggests, the guys are very well familiar with performing comedy in a bowling alley. While most times it doesn't work at all, this hasn't stopped tons of people from trying. Hear how another local comedy club is trying this concept, and which comedy "superstar" is being brought in to make it work. Also, The Douchebag Hotline heats up and Corey goes to war with a caller, which HDTV provider is best, and why Joel's Dad can't seem to figure that out, living with dogs and cats sucks, and Germans - Nazis or Not? - you decide. Plus, Corey's new movie reviews, Sandra's new photoshoot, and who really shot RFK.

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April 17, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #169: What Do They Call an Ass?

On Show #169, Corey and Joel try to settle some of life's greatest mysteries. Like how sitcoms went from being 100% black to simply having a black housekeeper, to being 110% black and unwatchable by regular white folks. Speaking of unwatchable, CBS pulls Secret Talents of the Stars after one episode - who's to blame? Clint Black, that's who. Hear the country bumpkin's whole awful attempt at stand-up comedy that was so bad, it killed the entire show. Also, Joel fills in his Babe Bracket, someone hates the show so much he decided to call in, 70s & 80s TV nostalgia, and Corey's political optimism vs reality - something's go to give.

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April 10, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #168: What's a Brazier?

It seems the fans are split on last week's guest Sandra. From an angry caller, to an elated e-mailer to some nonplussed forum posters, the fans are really divided. Corey explains the drama surrounding show #167, while Joel is less concerned but misses the show's old go-to whore, a girl that Corey can't seem to find. Also, Corey gets annoyed with the road and with McDonald's sweet tea, while Joel finds fast-food superior, at least, to the food at the movie theater. Plus, play along with the "Ultimate TV Trivia Quiz" as Corey goes for 100%, Jackie Chan is an old man, and find out and who's willing to trade fortune and fame to bang some obscure actresses.

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April 03, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #167: An Experienced Virgin

For show #167, Corey and Joel proudly welcome actress & model Sandra Rosko to the show. Sandra's done all kinds of stuff from bit parts on network TV shows, independent horror movies, and fetish modeling. She tells the guys about her move to L.A., her Juggalo connection with Joel, and her sexual history with both men and women. Listen in as Corey just about loses it over her pics, while Joel thinks she pulls off a great British accent (for a stoner). Also, Corey's BIG announcement, Run Fatboy Run gets reviewed, Corey and Joel get mistaken again, and an update from Germany that could affect the show's future.

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This is probably the best pic ever on the site, no?

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March 27, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #166 Part 1: Babe Brackets 2008

To coincide the the annual NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament, the guys re-visit the concept of a tournament for hot chicks dubbed the Babe Brackets. They last did this in 2005, but this year its a whole new list (mostly) and an even taller task for Corey to complete it. See, Joel put this list of 65 female celebrities together (yes, there's a play-in game), seeded them according to Corey's known likes and dislikes and left his partner to decide the champion. Yeah, the show ran long with all the deliberation but it's worth it to hear guys debate sleeping with girls they'll never get, like two guys who bought a lottery ticket and are dreaming of how they'll spend the money. Will the 2005 champ reign again? Why is being 19-years-old a bad thing? And which UK indie pop queen wins the play-in game? The whole first round is here, with the finals on Part 2 which you can get below. Also, and totally unrelated, Joel pays tribute to the real fifth Beatle.

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 36 megs

Play along with the Babe Brackets by downloading the PDF file HERE

It's quite a mess deciding who the hottest woman in the world is

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Corey and Joel Radio Show #166 Part 2: Babe Brackets 2008

Continued from Show #166 Part 1 above, the decisions get tougher for Corey as we whittle down the remaining 32 babes to the ultimate champion. If it sounds like Corey's in pain having to make these decisions, he is! Meanwhile, he (or Joel for that matter) would be the luckiest man alive to even get one of these girls' phone numbers. Listen as an unheralded TV star makes a run, a local girl goes deep, and the difficult decision between two actresses that most people think are the same person. A champion will be crowned in the hilarious finale!

Right click here to download - 55 minutes, 26 megs

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March 20, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #165: Black Irish

Corey and Joel decided to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and they invited the only guy with an Irish name they know - comedian Mike Lundy. Mike's not the only black guy with an Irish name, there's also disgraced Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Mike breaks down the whole mayoral scandal and tell the guys why a dead hooker is the key to the whole affair. Not that white people don't screw around too, as NY Governor Elliot Spitzer got a hooker, but could've gotten so much more for his money. Also, Lundy fights with senior citizens, Lundy fights with Mo'nique, and Lundy fights with Corey and Joel over their black comedy names.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 37 megs

Mike had too much spirit(s) on St. Patrick's Day

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March 12, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #164: Hello Douchebags!

It's another all-purpose, rainy-day show as the guys cover a variety of topics. First, the mystery of who would be the first caller to the newly-minted "Douchbag Hotline" is revealed. Is it someone from the Great White North? A German uberfan? Listen to find out, it might surprise you. Plus, the pros and cons of wedding dates. Is that a good time to have a girlfriend or a recipe for disaster. Also, a video game update as Joel's Xbox 360 breaks - but it's good news, the greatest magazine deal ever (thanks CheapyD!), Corey's ghetto bill paying, and Patrick Swayze vs Dancing With the Stars.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 37 megs

There's the number. Speed dial that shit!

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March 06, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #163: Best TV Ever

It's with great pride that Corey and Joel rundown the best show on TV (at least right now), and that is the wonderful Big Brother 9. Some of you are thinking that Big Brother is the most retarded, stupid, and shallowest of the network reality shows and you'd be right. But it's also filled with drunken ex-strippers recreating a strip club in the living room, naked chicken fights, lesbian make-outs, skinny dipping and the genius-level invention of "Bikini Day". The guys discuss why this season is better than in years past, why a Showtime subscription is worth every penny and how Joel plans on using the show to help him get laid. Also, the guys unveil an new interactive feature that could change the Corey and Joel show forever - have a pen an paper handy! Plus, Corey dumps on two new movies, guys wear dresses for pay (or do they?), and Joel is really attracted to Peter Pan.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 37 megs

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February 27, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #162: The Oscarzzzzzzz

While The Academy Awards was boring and few of the chicks dressed hot, Corey and Joel return to recap the show and figure out who won last week's Oscars pool. While the chick's didn't look great, Joel thinks that might be because at least one high-profile star is a lesbian, and he's got sources to back it up - or shady sources, if you believe Corey. Find out how Regis sucked the life out of the pre-show, why Barbara Walters is as out-of-touch as Regis, and believe it or not, George Clooney has a hot girlfriend. Also, Travolta looks weird, Jennifer Hudson has won her last Oscar, and the old guy who got lifetime achievement is still talking. Finally, the Oscar pool winner is declared (sorta), a candy update from a few weeks ago, and Steven Spielberg gets really good tail.

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 36 megs

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February 21, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #161: I Dream of Katie Jean

It's Oscar time, and being movie fans the guys decided to make some Oscar predictions. To do this they've enlisted Corey's friend - movie aficionado, eBay model and style blogger, Katie Jean, to help out. Katie's not just a pretty face, she's actually seen most of the nominated films. She's particularly fond of La Vie En Rose (never heard of it either) and that's hardcore. Hear all the picks and predictions provided the guys can decide what order to do them in - a particularly loud and nearly violent process. Plus, Big Brother's undercover gay, Gene Simmons has a boring sex tape, and everything you always wanted to know about Lindsay Lohan's nipples but were afraid to ask.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 37 megs

Katie Jean lets the fur fly after the show

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February 14, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #160: The Fat Friend

Corey didn't see it, but Joel starts off the show with his Grammy review. It's hard to enjoy the Grammys when the music is just so awful. Like who? Like Carrie Underwood, Josh Groban, Kanye West, Herbie Hancock and pretty much everyone else. Taylor Swift stinks, but at least she' hot. Not hot - Aretha Franklin's fat arm. Gross. Also, Corey gets a special holiday gift, great moments in racism, February movies suck and which musical legend is ready for the Death Pool?

Right click here to download - 77 minutes, 36 megs

Corey works on his Redd Foxx look. It's getting there.

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February 07, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #159: Turn This Off at 63:00

What to do? It was a very good hour+ of show and a retarded, hard-headed obnoxious, political debate at the end. So yeah, follow the title and turn it off, you won't miss much. Actually there's no politcal talk at all in the beginning, as the guys review the Super Bowl. And the Super Bowl commercials and why can't Carlos Mencia just die? But Joel really loved the Puppy Bowl. Even cold-hearted Corey warms to it and found a favorite pup. But what of the other counter programming? Seal on Ice?!? You gotta be kidding. Also, dead, dumb Heath Ledger, French candy reviewed, and sixth-graders perform M*A*S*H. The longest, single show ever, and hardly the best.

Right click here to download - 96 minutes, 45 megs

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January 31, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #158: The Essence of Our Elders

After a very long time, good friend and great comic Steve Brewer returns to the show. Steve performed at last week's Comedy Fest as well as sharing an entire weekend of work with Joel, so he's full of good stories. Like what comic nearly ruined the weekend by going over his time? And how did a kindly 90-year-old man help Joel have one of his best shows ever? And how did the old fart prevent Joel from getting laid? Also, Brewer's road comic piss dilemma, more Cloverfield discussion, and Corey & Joel have one of the most intense fights ever - but it's not over women, money or power - it's over candy.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 37 megs

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January 21, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #157: Live from the Fest

Corey and Joel are live from the 1st annual Detroit International Comedy Festival at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle on this special show. The guys sit down with all the stars of the show, like headliner Mike Green. Mike details his 22-year rise to stardom and the four wives it took to get him there. He describes being the subject of a new documentary, the genesis of his material and how he tries not to sound like Dane Cook. Then you'll meet relative newcomer Dave Landau, who's made appearances on Comedy Central and Last Comic Standing. Even with his success, Dave still has to take 3AM flight to his Carribean honeymoon. What's the itenerary Detroit to Nassau via Stockholm? Dave's a good sport and a good comic. We also catch up with performers and old friends Keith Ruff, Bill Hildebrandt and Bill Bushart. Find who got banned from a club and why, who hated their Festival set and who won't allow Joel back at his house for a party. Also, club owner and comedy legend Mark Ridley stops by, a check bounces (not Mark's!) and the best Jay Leno and Kevin Eubanks impressions - ever.

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 36 megs

Hanging with Mike Green (above) and Bill Bushart (below)

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January 17, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #156: The Fest and the Rest

It's a special show this week, as Corey and Joel preview the first annual Detroit International Comedy Festival. They're joined in this by festival organizer/comedian/Corey and Joel Roaster, Kevin Wheeler. Kevin runs down the line-up which features Corey, Joel, tons of past guest comics from the show and even Full House-alumnus Dave Coulier. Kevin describes the challenges of bringing the festival to fruition as the guys detail their plans of covering the festival for the show. But that's not all, as Joel recommends his favorite new reality show, Parking Wars, which sends Corey into a tizzy. Seems he hates parking enforcement officers more than Al Queda. Is it just white-liberal rage, or is there some justification? Also, find out if the new sci-fi dorkfest flick Cloverfield is worth your time and hard earned pesos. Corey's suggestion - sit far, far away.

Right click here to download - 77 minutes, 36 megs

Fest postersmall.jpg
Click here for a larger version of the festival flyer

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January 10, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #155: The Songs of the 70s

In their first "real" show show of 2008 (after the Death Pool) the guys recap their respective New Years Eves. While both did gigs and both got caught in the snow, only Joel rang in the new year miserable, cold, alone, and scared - the same way he spent most of 2007. Also, the fan Death Pool draft went down with increased participation and just a little bit of controversy. Who chose obscure BBC actors? Who hates old baseball coaches? Who tried to draft all four Golden Girls? Plus, Joel recounts the heyday of 70s pop and hear one of the most amazing stories of showbiz fame (or lack thereof) ever. To top it off, Corey learns about dagos, American Gladiators returns, and is there such a thing as a fat Jew?

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January 03, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #154: Death Pool 2008

Everyone's favorite feature is back, it's the Death Pool draft for 2008! And this year, Joel didn't mess up the recording. There's a new panel too, with announcer Rob Rose, comic Tim Walsh and Corey's goomah, Amy. Hear them pick which celebrities are going to die in 2008. Hear the hilarity as Tim picks someone already dead - or is she? How many pro wrestlers get picked? Does Corey hold on to Dick Clark for another year? Does Soupy Sales' vim and vigor taunt Joel in the middle of the night? Are there any other old First Ladies for Amy to pick? It's sixteen rounds of mean-spirited strategy, fun and laughter. Also, sign up for the mailing list to get an additional thirty minutes of show with the last five rounds of draft and lots of funny analysis - a must listen.

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Spoilers ahead! - Download the complete printable PDF list of this years draft by clicking right here

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December 27, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #153: The Big Demilio

Back after a long absence it's a friend of ours, everybody's favorite comedy good guy Sal Demilio, with a bag of holiday cheer for the fellas. Sal offers his lock solid, bet the house, can't miss picks for the College Football Bowl season. So if you lose money, don't blame him, but keep in mind he probably knows some people who can get you a loan. Then it's on to Corey's country X-mas in the hinterlands, while Sal and Joel swap stories of their traditional Italian family seasonal traditions. Lots of yummy pasta but what's the deal with the freaking "seven fishes"? Also: Death pool pre-game, ghetto shopping malls, and the wonder of Eddie Mekka. Plus Corey reveals his list of the absolute worst movies of 2007.

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December 20, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #151: Kwaanzakkah Part 1

Your favorite podcasters have created a new holiday, Kwaanzakkah, and invited Detroit's best black, Jewish and other comedians to help celebrate. As packed house at Club Bart in Ferndale, MI listens on, the guys welcome show newcomer Nate Fridson, veteran Keith Ruff - who had played pretty much everywhere before this, top Jew and hilarious comic Ben Konstanitin, and rising star and Corey and Joel insulter Matt McClowry. It's a great line-up of comedians, so put on a ridiculous outfit and enjoy one of Corey and Joel's finest moments.

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Joel represents the motherland, while Corey makes like the chosen people

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Corey and Joel Radio Show #152: Kwaanzakkah Part 2

The second part of the Kwaanzakkah celebration features the huge talent(s) of Miss Crystal P, long-time friend Jeff Dwoskin, relative newcomer Adam Sokol and a special appearance by show fave Mike Lundy. Mike, of course, has strong words for Joel's outfit, but Corey's garb seems to get more attention overall. The guys also try to speak to German superfan Nils, who flew in unexpectedly, but Nils is left speechless by the celebration of all things black and Jewish. Also, was the show good enough for a sequel? Joel has a good title, anyway. Happy Kwaanzakkah everybody!

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Crystal P yuks it up with the hosts

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December 13, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #150: Punky Brewster Gets Pregnant

After 150 shows, Joel finally has his proudest achievement - procuring free porn in a hotel room. Yes, Joel found a way to unlock the non-stop filth at a fairly classy place over the weekend. Get the full step-by-step instructions on this show. Never spend a lonely night in a hotel room again. Also, possibly the most contentious movie review in the show's history. The film is Juno, and the guys couldn't disagree about it more. Corey found it funny, honest and moving, while Joel thought it was lame, pretentious and humorless. Should Joel like a movie just because he likes the bands on the soundtrack? What if the music isn't used well? It's a hot debate on this show. Plus, who's the presidential nominee, porn PPV ripoffs, and Lily Allen vs ELO.

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December 05, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #149: Thank You Evel

Corey gets grumpy when he loses. And there's a lot of losing going around on show #149. First, Joel takes a seemingly insurmountable lead in the Death Pool. This is courtesy of Evel Kneivel's early exit - and a three-year-old keeper pick. Can anyone possibly catch him? Corey's only a John Goodman coronary away, so this could get interesting. Joel is also dominating this year's fantasy football league, though the playoffs are close, and again Corey struggling to get in. If only he was Helio Castroneves, who can win auto races, dance compititions and bang hot young chicks all at the same time. But can he podcast? Also, TV shows for girls, Corey's candy emporium find, Joel's video game suggestions, and Jews love Florida.

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November 28, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #148: Three Guys One Cup

After an aborted attempt to take over the show, announcer Rob Rose sits in, drinks beer, and moderates an often heated dialog between the hosts. Joel wonders why illegal immigrants don't just buy a plane ticket. Corey wonders why two girls would take part in one of the most disgusting viral porn videos ever. It's called "2 Girls 1 Cup" and you'll actually thanks us for not linking to it. Somehow, Joel had never seen this piece of extreme filth until now, so listen to his live reaction. The guys then discuss some other gross and bizarre web videos, including one that make you feel differently the next time you walk into a Wal-Mart. Also, a Presidential candidate TV quiz, C&J's live plans change, rock & roll collaborations, and 2008 Death Pool plans.

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November 22, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #147: Butch is Having a Party

It's a holiday week, at least in the US, so enjoy some pre-Thanksgiving cheer with Corey and Joel. Some people get too enthused about Thanksgiving and their blood lust for a holiday ham is actually endangering us all. Corey thinks it's cultural. Read between the lines. It's also the start of the holiday movie season, and the guys give their review of Beowulf. It's 3D, digital, amazing and ridiculous all at the same time - and that's just the CG boobs. Also, Joel's TV commercial debut, small town comedy blues, Leno works through the writers strike, and Dennis Kucinich has a hot wife - really.

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November 15, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #146: Sabo Knows Comedy

It's an honor to welcome one of our favorite guests, Steve Sabo, back to the program. Not that Steve's happy to be back as the guys grill him on this show. See, Steve books a lot of comedy rooms where Corey and Joel perform, only the guys aren't necessarily happy with the treatment they're getting. The money stinks, the gigs are far away, and there's not enough of them! Steve takes the hits and rolls with them, deflecting the blame to hillbilly bar owners, and the economics of comedy. Is it enough to break-up the friendship, or can the guys find some common ground? Also, Aqua Dots are fun, a John Cusack double-feature review and a 12-year-old girl tries comedy on Kid Nation. Update: Steve just booked the 12-year-old.

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November 08, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #145: A Box of Valves

This week, Corey and Joel return to the two-man format that made them famous. No more Wolfmans or ghost hunters or wayward teenagers this week, just pure C&J goodness. Not that the guys don't recap the last few wild weeks of shows, as Joel finds the John Tenney appearance similar to a recent televised fight between two magicians - the bullshit artist vs. the bullshit artist. Also, the guys recap Halloween, including what TV shows celebrated the holiday and how The View and Regis & Kelly took Halloween to whole new douchey level. Plus, Corey reviews two new movies, I'm Not There and Fred Claus, and the guys play the new game that's sweeping the nation - "NHL Star or Convicted War Criminal?".

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November 01, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #144: Cass of 2007

It was a long time ago when Cass was first in the studio. Back then, she was a 17-year-old who Joel picked up when she ran out of gas on the freeway. Now, she's back on the eve of her 20th birthday and gives the guys an update. Cass has relocated to the East coast, but doesn't think that East Boston is the greatest place in the world. Unless you want to get picked up by Puerto Rican guys. She's also in school and her ultimate career goal is noble one, but surprising for a girl with three tongue piercings. Yes, Cass is even more tattooed and pierced then ever and thinks she might regret it some time, but not now. She also tells tales of fatal car accidents, risqué MySpace photos, underage drinking and the mom that seems to think that all of this is OK. To know her is to love her, so spend some time with Cass.

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One more year and Cass can do more than pose with the bottles

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October 24, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #143 Part 1: Paranoid or Paranormal?

As part of the Halloween celebration, Corey and Joel welcome paranormal investigator and lecturer John E.L. Tenney. John is an old friend of Corey's and speaks on the topic of UFOs, ghost-hunting, and other tales of the unknown. It's not clear how much John actually believes in these legends, but here's enthusiastic nonetheless. John tells of ghost hunting and while he think they're out there, it's usually a smudge on a negative. He's also an amateur magician, like Joel, so don't try any parlor tricks. But you don't need to try any fakery - John believes all kinds of bullshit! He believes fluoridated water is evil even though his own teeth are falling out of his head. He thinks UFOS exist even though most goobers from Iowa are making them up. One thing is certain - even if you don't believe him, he's entertaining anyway. Listen and judge for yourself.

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John contemplates the international conspiracy that is Toffifay

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Corey and Joel Radio Show #143 Part 2: Paranoid or Paranormal?

In this second and sure-to-be controversial part, John E.L. Tenney starts a major fight about the alleged conspiracy surrounding the Kennedy assassination. John is very informed on the subject and believes there was a conspiracy, Corey is less informed and feels the same, and Joel thinks they're both assholes. Joel brings up many scarcely-reported facts that point to Oswald's guilt, only to have John and Corey talk louder and say less. Is Joel being hard-headed? Is Corey really unaware of the facts? Is John more than a little drunk? It's a must-listen argument of historic proportions. Also, cryptozoology debunked, Kid Rock history, Toffifay lust, and elementary school love notes. Don't miss this show!

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October 18, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #142: Howl with the Wolfman

It's an early Halloween treat, as Corey and Joel welcome public access TV Star Wolfman Mac to the show. See, Mac Kelly is a mild-mannered former radio DJ, until the night falls and he becomes Wolfman Mac, star of Nightmare Sinema, the finest public-domain schlock cinema show we know. Turns out Mac was inspired by cult legends The Ghoul and Sir Graves Ghastly, so this unusual profession is a home-grown labor or love (and prosthetics). Mac tells his story of becoming the Wolfman, his show's unusual history and how it takes 90+ minutes in the make-up chair. If this sounds silly, remember that Mac was once a DJ named Tad Pole on K-Frog and also hosted a radio station's polka hour. Also, Halloween mania, college vs pro football, bad podcasters, and psychics - real or not?

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The Wolfman as seen on channel 176 everywhere

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October 11, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #141: Enthusiasm Curbed

While it's been covered before, there's really nothing more annoying than a text message. Especially at 5 AM, and when it's not a booty call. Welcome to Joel's life. Actually, that sounds like a plot to HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, though that would be funnier than a lot of recent episodes. Seems both Corey and Joel have issues with the Larry David show, but it's not all bad in TV land as the new fall shows continue their roll-out. Listen for reviews of ABC's newies, Pushing Daisies, Carpoolers and the inexplicable Cavemen. One of those is really good, too. Also, a Bionic Woman update, high school football nostalgia and Corey says George Clooney done made a good movie.

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October 03, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #140: Pardon Our French

This show contains a true story of how Corey and Joel were mere days from the radio big-time. That's right, the guys were flirting with terrestrial radio and had pretty-much gotten to first base - but now, in a shocking turn their would-be-lover has left (or switched formats). Hear the whole true, ironic and heartbreaking story here for the first time. Also, the guys go to another Lions game, and despite the historic victory the fight between them continues. Plus, more new TV show reviews (Kid Nation, The Office) and announcer Rob Rose, our in-studio guest, finds years of studying the French language useful for the first time as he translates the guys' awful comments for our new Parisian friend. This has to be heard to believed.

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September 26, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #139: Four Fingers

Yeah, it's the new TV season and we've got a ton of reviews of the new shows. Some are just returning faves like Curb Your Enthusiasm, which proves jack-off jokes told by guys in their 60s can still be funny (so listen to this show in 30 years). There's also Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Survivor and even Dancing with the Stars gets a look. We know it's for old ladies, but DWTS has hot chicks and flamboyant homos - two staples of this show. You'll also hear the new review system and how it relates to the backseat of your parents' car. Also, Halo 3 hype, Corey loves junk food, Oscar De la Hoya in drag and the Meg White sex tape - oh, but it can't really be Meg because she'd never do something like have sex and enjoy it or something like that, right?

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Corey's face says it all about Halo 3 (and Mountain Dew Game Fuel)

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September 20, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #138: OJ & the Gay Robots

The guys are still reeling from this week's Detroit Lions' victory. It was a triumphant moment for the team, and Corey and Joel were there to see it live. But, as lifelong Lions fan, did Corey's cynicism ruin the moment for Joel? Was he correct in thinking the "Lie-Downs" were blowing it again? Does he feel any remorse for being a killjoy? Listen in as it's a loud, angry and often funny argument - possibly C&J's best. Also from the football files is OJ Simpson's latest arrest, and why the end end result is being predicted here with 100% certainty. And finally a review of one of the summer's biggest blockbusters, Transformers, finally seen in the "glory" of IMAX. Not to spoil the review, but this will be making an end of the year list - and not the good one. Listen as 60 years of combined geekdom eviscerates Hollywood's latest nostalgia cash-in.

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September 13, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #137: Celebrity Elbow Boob

The boob isn't a reference to our guest, comedian PJ, but make sure to introduce him properly. Joel doesn't, as he's too busy telling his story of a drunken musical celebrity feel-up that happened many years ago. But would anyone feel-up current musical celebrity Britney Spears? After a limp and lethargic performance on the recent MTV Awards, she still has her fans though, in particular the biggest homo in America, who has to be heard to be believed. Also, 9/11 memories, getting stalked in World of Warcraft, a fantasy football update and The King of Kong - the best movie about Donkey Kong - ever.

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August 30, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #136: The Peanut Gallery

Back from the big weekend on WKRK in Detroit, Corey and Joel get down to business with a look at who's not hot anymore, including Lindsay Lohan, who's new film Joel had the pleasure of not simply walking out on, but instead, driving out on. It was such a bad film it was hardly worth the cheapo drive-in fee. Not that the drive-in isn't a good time, but is it also racially segregated? Plus, America's creepiest neighbor, America's stupidest woman (a tie?), reality shows go belly up, and housesitting equals banging on the living room carpet.

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August 23, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #135: Wheeled Away

As the guys prepare for their big shot on CBS Radio, it's also a big week due to the Fantasy Football draft. Who won and who got hosed? Who's internet crapped out? Also, If there was a heaven, would you really want to go there? What do you look like in heaven, you at your most young and virile or at the time of your death? How did George Lucas get this wrong? Plus, the worst most embarrassing ways to lose a girlfriend, chicks love Harry Potter, and Corey and Joel's dads prepare for radio fame.

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August 16, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #134: Legitimate Buttholes

Joel's back from the Gathering of the Juggalos, and he's got quite a story. Turns out his pro-wrestling feud was ended and not to his satisfaction. Find out how much pain he's in today. There's also more Death Pool activity this week with Corey getting both good and bad news. Speaking of good news, there's a MAJOR announcement in the 2nd half of the show and we're not just wasting caps, it's MAJOR. Also, we review Superbad (it's super-good), Joel goes for a Rubik's cube record, and who's still hot and who's not.

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August 07, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #133: TV Party

For probably the first time, there's really only one topic today - TV. Not that the show hasn't been TV heavy in the past, but now it's like Rosie O'Donnell heavy with TV. In fact, it's so morbidly obese and filled with nerdy references to shows and characters from TV's past we recommend that you open Wikipedia and try to follow along. We learn that Corey can remember intricate plot details about Colombo from 35 years ago and that Joel feels the Three's Company's writers were lazy by reinventing Dean Travers as Mr. Angelino. Also discussion of Blossom, My Two Dads, Hogan's Heroes, American Inventor, Flight of the Conchords and tons more. When should Corey delete some of this old info from his brain and make room for current stuff? You decide. Listen and laugh - this is a good one.

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August 02, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #132: PJ and the Bears

Nothing like having our first and favorite guest, PJ back in the studio. And he's just back from the Ratt/Poison concert. How have the hair metal girls of the 80s held up? PJ updates us. There's also a ton of Death Pool activity, as Joel makes a late summer surge for the title once again. Will Soupy Sales see 2008? Joel hopes not. Plus, the Simpsons Movie is out and the guys have seen it (except Corey). Does it live up to 18 years of hype? Is it more like an old Simpson or a new Simpsons? Why did "Mr. Move Critic", Corey, not even see the damn thing? Also, PJ loves The Varsity, Food Network HD, and old fogies kill baseball.

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PJ, the dog lover

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July 26, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #131: Like It's a White Woman

What to do when the entire sporting world in entrenched in scandals? Make fun of it - that's the goal of show #131. Corey and Joel peel back the curtain on baseball's steroid scandal and expose the hypocrisy of its punditry and how MLB can actually learn something from pro wrestling. Mike Vick, his dog raising ways and the gambling NBA ref also take their shots, too. With all the sporting scandal, it's no wonder people are turning their back on sports and watching reality TV, like Big Brother. The guys are fascinated by the live BB feed on Showtime and it's current nudity count - guys two, girls one, hot girls zero. Also, superhero fetishes, Eddie Vestoon, and Upchuck tha Clown thrills his fan(s).

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July 19, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #130: Impressive (For the Ghetto)

Joel's back from vacation - and having more fun now. Joel visited family in "Hotlanta" and runs down the highlights, including the "world's largest drive-in restaurant" and no cell phone coverage. The second half picks up with frequent guest Mike Lundy, recounting his past life as a caddy to the stars. Who's bags did he carry? Corey shares his childhood encounters with sports stars, too, including having to "wake up" one of the NHL's all-time toughest players. Also, Mike's new film project, celebrity golf, and Jon Lovitz fights Andy Dick.

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July 10, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #129: Donuts, Wiis, Links and Flips

It's a hot, summer day so what better to do than play golf and podcast? At least that's what Corey and announcer Rob Rose had in mind. Now they're tired and sunburned and attempting to recover with a Buzz Cola. See, The Simpsons Movie promotion has "real" Springfield products for sale at local 7-11s (and in some cases, Kwik-E-Marts). So the guys try some pink sprinkly donuts and Krusty-Os cereal. Is it "Mmmmm" or "Doh!". Also some thoughts on Holly from show #128, The Transformers invade theaters, kids' TV memories and Joel gets choked by a wrestler - for real. Rob's appearances always make for a good show, so listen!

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Corey ran off to Kwik-E-Mart

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July 04, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #128: Our Buddy, Holly

There's been some wacky chicks on the show over the years, and people wonder how they were discovered. This week's answer - craigslist! The guys answered an ad from a twenty-two year-old self-described "adorable fattie" named Holly, and now she's in the studio to tell all. Holly's got quite a life - running off with a man 30 years her senior, flirting with her psychologist and fighting with cops. She even accuses one of the hosts of trying to grab her boobs! Her round, luscious 36 DD boobs......Anyway, Holly's a good-time party girl, but would she ever do porn? Phone sex? Bang a black guy? Listen as she reveals all. The Corey and Joel Radio Show - where stars are born.

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Actually it was craigslist......
Boobs+Corey = guilty as charged

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June 27, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #127: Vince vs Karma

Corey and Joel have been on and off fans of pro-wrestling throughout the years. Franky, it's been really stupid recently, especially the WWE's recent storyline of Chairman Vince McMahon being "killed" on a recent TV show. It would have not been covered on this show until this past week, when one of Vince's biggest stars died for real - as they've been doing for the last 10 years. Not only that, but said star, Chris Benoit, killed his wife and 7-year-old son before he hung himself. Good one, Vince! Unfortunately, this is for real and the guys think Vince might be the biggest douchebag on the planet. Should WWE's TV be cancelled? Should wrestling be regulated? Why do so many wrestlers die before they're fourty-five? While we're at it, why couldn't someone have killed the makers of Evan Almighty? It's the year's worst movie, and C&J dissect exactly what went wrong. Really, it's so bad you want to put the film on an ark and sent it out to see. Steve Carrell, what happened?

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June 21, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #126: Barnacle Bill

Comedian and frequent guest Bill Hildebrandt returns this week. It's been hard getting Bill on the show as been sailing the high seas performing on cruise ships. He's been to Alaska, the Caribbean and most recently Europe (no word if he got to ride the Tram). Bill tells us what's good and what sucks in the rest the world and if jokes about Chuck E. Cheese play well in Sweden. Then there's more jokes as the summer TV tradition of Last Comic Standing returns - this time with a Corey and Joel alumnus (and his puppet). The really great summer reality competition, however, is ABC's Next Best Thing. It's American Idol for impressionists. Play along as Bill tries to win a few bucks from the guys by guessing the impersonated celebrities. No, that wasn't Redd Foxx.

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June 14, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #125: Yo David Chase, Eat Me

The Sopranos series finale has America talking and has C&J pissed off. Now, after eight years of intense drama we can reveal the Sopranos shocking final revelation - Meadow can't parallel park. Oh, and Tony likes onion rings. The abrupt, non surprise ending left many fans outraged and ready to cancel HBO, but Corey thinks critics might have missed the point. Joel thinks Corey’s just being a dick again. Meanwhile, there’s major death pool action. What celebs are clinging to life, and what death pool players are clinging to hope of a victory? Also, is David Copperfield gay? Are any magicians straight? Can you make a battery out of a potato? What's that in Mr. Wizards pants? Corey explains the trouble with stupid kids ruining World of Warcraft and there's an extra dorky discussion of the finer points of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Finally, a fan gets has his dream come tru as Corey and Joel record his answering machine message. He'll probably regret that request.

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June 06, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #124: Let's Rodeo


After last year's wonderful show, we couldn't not go back to to Motor City Pride. So we gathered up our recorder, Andrea the Intern and headed out to Ferndale's gayest day. And despite the crappy weather, the homos were out. Among the highlights were the gay rodeo rustlers including Mr. Leather Cowboy; a brash and apparently well-hung underwear salesman; pot activist and Joel's old college professor Marvin Marvin; and Detroit's funniest lesbian, Heather, who tries to convert our poor little intern. Also, we catch up with the former Edith Uranus, now known as Ima Cornholer and find out why he's always the bridesmaid and never the bride. Maybe it's because he's 6 foot tall with a beard. Still, Ima's a comedic superstar and the new Queen of the Corey and Joel Radio Show. We also have update on the status of "Mr. Leather Michigan", and why he wasn't who we thought he was. We meet the the rightful titleholder and you'll find out more about the leather scene than you ever wanted to know. Plus, a big announcement from city councilman Craig Covey! Listening will not make you gay.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 37 megs

Mr. Leather Cowboy gets stern with Joel

Corey turns on Ima Cornholer

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May 31, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #123: That Never Gets Old

After last week's Cherry Brooklyn extravaganza, it's time for the guys to reflect on what's really important, like summer movies, indie rock and record store geeks. Such is this week's show. Remember that movie that Corey and his girlfriend talked through a few weeks ago? Well that was Knocked Up, and we finally have the review. Was it a stoner-geek classic or a chick flick? Maybe both. Also, Corey goes to a gay barbecue, it's the blacks vs the whites at UFC 71, plans for Nigerian email scammers, and Joel's Twilight Zone-like Memorial Day - all in one big, stupid show.

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May 24, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #122: A Good Mix

Cherry Brooklyn has been here before. On show 69, discussing her adult personal ads, and celebrating her birthday. We hadn't heard from her since she was in a LTR, but now that's over, so let's get drunk! And how newly-single is Ms. Brooklyn? The answer is surprising, even for her. She talks about what went wrong, the joy of couples counseling, and the exact amount and frequency of sex she requires. Cherry's on the prowl for a European man, so even our listeners might be in luck. She also requires lots of oral attention, so trim those mustaches, boys. Cherry's not done there, and the last ten minutes of the show might be the most graphic stuff anyone's ever said on the show, so you've been warned.

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Cherry shows you where she wants it, and you can rest your drink, too

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May 16, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #121: Gilmore Guys

The Corey and Joel Radio Show is a lot like the Gilmore Girls, we talk and talk and talk about pop culture and make endless wise cracks, just without the hot Mother/Daughter action. This week is a lot like that show. And why does the Mom finally fall for the guy with the backward hat? Do all local greasemonkeys and short-order cooks really have a heart of gold? The Sopranos sucks, too, but at least something happened this week. Also, The Kentucky Derby winner talks funny, Kirk Cameron is gay for Jesus, Jerry Falwell is dead (thank God), Apple fans hate us and Larry the Cable isn't funny - again.

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May 10, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #120: Andrea Soup

Joel gets another year older and celebrates with one his favorite people in the world - not Corey, it's Andrea the Intern! Some of you may know Andrea from her appearances on The Funhouse, where she has given Joel a massage, performed her own rap and read erotic fiction - some of which you'll hear here. She's also a MySpace whore, a comic book junkie and a reformed liquor drinker. She also has a secret history with Corey which will be explained as well. She'll pretty much do anything, but does anything include the Marzipan dildo? Also, more Spiderman feedback, the 80s become cool, Joel takes a survey and the sex dice - yes or no?

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Andrea and Joel get comfy......
...and Corey does what he does best

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May 03, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #119: Double Date

It wasn't supposed to happen this way, but after a long, stressful day Corey invited his girlfriend Amy to sit in on the show. Unbeknownst to Corey, Joel invited his date for the night to sit in, making the first ever Corey and Joel Double Date. That's not to say there isn't arguing. Amy accuse Joel of being a homophobe, only to have the contents of Joel's DVR expose his real tendencies. Those contents: Dancing with the Stars and a Liza Minelli TV special. Can guys appreciate a 70's-era Liza? Listen and find out. Also, a movie showdown, find out which host made a "love" CD for his girl, and missing limbs = comedy.

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April 26, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #118: Injun Red

Corey and Joel have a big fight - right at the top of the show. No announcing, no nothing just fighting. Then the guys come together to hate on other stuff: Michigan's upper peninsula, the Calgary Flames, phony Indian casinos and more. Then Joel has a near-death experience on the air and Corey just points, laughs, and describes it all for the listeners. What a dick. Almost as bad as Alec Baldwin and his voice mail to his kid. Did the kid deserve it? Did Joel? Also, a Spider Man 3 review, the VT shooter and his whore, nostalgia sucks, getting older and getting laid, and a great listener email.

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April 19, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #117: We Burn in Hell

So this week's big news is the Virginia Tech shooting. While very sad, Corey believes he can avert further tragedy with a unique solution. Let's just say it involves America's sorority girls and leave it at that. Joel feels it's a solution better suited to Europe, but thinks it might have some merit. It's funny, sick and wrong all at the same time. Also, the guys bemoan America's tech illiteracy and marvel at the ability of teenage boys to view naked boobs. Plus, Corey was a jerk in public, Joel loves cheese pizza, the harsh reality of comedy on the road and the iPod still sucks.

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April 11, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #116: The I-Man Sucketh

So radio curmudgeon Don Imus got suspended for "insesitive remarks" about the Rutgers Women's basketball team. We think he should be fired for general ineptitude, as we hate the "I-Man", his show, his sidekicks, his wife, his kids, his very existince. Still, he might be getting a raw deal here - since when has Al Sharpton made sense? Hear Imus' original comments and the full analysis here. Also, Joel bombs in front of Christians but is talented enough to follow a 12-year-old; we review the highly anticipated (by geeks) Hot Fuzz. Is it more succesful at getting laughs than Imus? Plus, Harry Berberian was briefly an MTV star the 1990s and we have the proof.

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March 28, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #114: Channeling Cosby

Back in the studio for the first time in two weeks, and the guys are joined by comic Mike Lundy to sit in on the Roast breakdown and other bullshit. Firstly, a review of this show's Hindenburg footage - Chill's spot at the Roast. We dissect how the perfect disaster was formed on stage, how he could've possibly confused Corey and Joel and why refusing to give up made it the funniest moment ever. Also, why you you should never let your biggest fan get too close and why Corey and Joel's biggest fan has to be someone who doesn't know how to drive. Later, we go after accused joke thief Carlos Mencia. This time Mencia has allegedly ripped off a classic Bill Cosby bit. Hear them both and her the guys' verdict. Besides, nobody does Cosby like Mike Lundy. Plus, more bad TV, Lily Tomlin's incredible fight with her director, and Joel does Dustin Hoffman and it sounds like Jimmy Durante.

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When Mike makes that face, he becomes the Coz

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March 22, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #112: The Roast Part 1

You asked for it fans - and remember that after you've heard it - it's the Corey and Joel Roast, and it's as evil as advertised. Russ Brown, the rostmaster, kicks things off in fine style with a hilarious set, before handing over the podium to Mike Lundy who thinks Corey's movie reviews show an underlying homo tendency (he might be right). Crusty veteran Bill Hildebrandt steps up and would to tell the guys to get out of the business - if they were actually in it. Show fave Steve Sabo gets great laughs, as does plumber turned comic John Tortilott. Also, Comedy Castle manager Kevin Wheeler gets his shots in, a bizarre appearance from Hortense the Hand Puppet of Low Self-esteem, and our new weapon in the War on Terror - the comedy of Chill. Really, Chill does so bad we could drop his set on Iraq and they'd be singing "God Bless America" tomorrow. It's so unintentionally hilarious, you'd think he was trying to fail. There's nothing funnier than paying a tribute to your friends at the "Joery and Cole Show". (Note: the rest of the Roast is below in show #113)

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Russ Brown kicks things off

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Corey and Joel Radio Show #113: The Roast Part 2

The Roast continues with final Roaster, PJ, as the bald monster goes Godzilla over the attendees, roasters and especially Corey and Joel. PJ surveys the audience and finally uncovers the show's true demographic. Then Joel steps up to fight back, but it's a feeble attmept. His best lines are reserved for German Superfan Nils, whom Joel blames a for lack of preparation. Hey, you babysit a 6'2 nerd for four days and tell me how many good jokes you can write. The evening concludes with Corey and his goodtime, sushine comedy, accusing one comic of smoking crack and imploring another to kill his wife. Corey really calls the kettle black with bald jokes and fat jokes, but unlike most guys they actually go over. Like most Roasts, it's a funny, good-spirited time - only this one has less good-spirits. (Note: Part 1 of the Roast is show #112)

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PJ smash!

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March 15, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #111: Battle of the Bulges

It's a landmark day, as German Superfan Nils launches a blitzkrieg on the studio, living out his dream of trading jokes with American fat guys. Is he the first funny German in history? Announcer Rob "The Fogcutter" Rose steps up to defend America's honor, and gives the invader one right between the eyes. Nils has also brought enough German candy to rot all of America's teeth, and we sample them all. Plus, we finally read Lauren's term paper report on the show (see show #98), and its a shocker. Fortunately, a surprise guest steps up to defend Joel's honor. Also, why did comic Richard Jeni blow his brains out? Was Platypus Man really that bad? All this in a wild, 80-minute show.

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Corey pigs out
The mother lode of Deutch treats
Steff comes in to defend (wine in hand)
Nils is the coolest, isn't he?

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March 08, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #110: A Lots Sexy Gay

With just a week until the big two year anniversary roast spectacular, the boys take a nostalgic trip back to the early days of podcasting, before everyone on earth had a show, and dickheads started ripping C&J off. Other topics: Joel gets a haircut at he black barber shop. Did he get a high top fade? Will he need to start using that wave cap? Speaking of blacks, how did the star of Booty Call become black America’s most respected actor? Also, Corey makes a trip to the adult novelties store, just what turns him on? Naughty nurses? More like slutty librarians. Why does every new band want to sound like Bruce Springsteen? UFC star Chuck Liddell proves that Nyquil and morning TV don’t mix, a psuedo-celebrity death, and what crazy search engine queries do people use to find the show? Naked Latino booty?

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March 01, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #109: Return of the Uglies

Not that he's ugly, but comic Russ Brown returns to the show. It's a big week, too as the Oscars just happened but out-of-touch Russ couldn't be bothered to watch. Still, Russ gives his thoughts on Joel's "hots", "so-sos" and "uglies" from this year's telecast. Who's stock fell from the Golden Globes? Who's rose? Who could haunt a house? Not only was she ugly, but Ellen Degeneres wasn't funny on the show, either. That leads into a discussion of bad comedy and the guys found Exhibit A in the world of bad, tired, hack stand-up comedy and you'll hear it all. Also, we discuss the roast preparations and what stuff we want Nils to bring from Germany. We also finally put to rest the "wave" cap controversy from last week. Turns out Joel was right - but he's still an asshole.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 37 megs

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February 21, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #108: Blaxploitation

It's Black History Month, at least in the US, so why not catch up with the community and one of their proudest members, Chill? Last we saw Chill, he was our sports reporter but this time he's here to report on what's going on at the barbershop (apparently a lot), what happened to the WB and the reality of celebratory gunfire. Chill doesn't want to represent all black people, but his homies were so into "keepin' it real", they failed to show up! Joel tries to represent, but his choice of headgear is both offensive and incorrect. Also, find out what happens at a dogfight, we discuss the upcoming Corey and Joel Roast, and the topic where we can all agree - banging white chicks.

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Joel and his "wave" cap

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February 15, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #107: Three For The Show

What should have been a Valentine's Day "double date" was ruined by a massive snow storm, so it's just Joel, Corey and his GF Amy on this week's show. Not that there's a lot of love to go around, as the big snow brings up another global warming debate. Is Corey just a liberal paranoid or is Joel a conservative apologist? Why is Mars getting warmer? Why did the dinosaurs die? Speaking of dead, what happened to Anna Nicole Smith? And find out why you shouldn't share a meal with Howard K. Stern. Also, listener confusion as to which host is which, and who'll play the roles in the Corey and Joel movie. Plus, we still hate Lost (and Norbit), Joel narrowly avoids sex with a fat girl, and who's thinner Corey or Joel?

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Amy attempts to figure out the real Corey, is he above or below?

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February 07, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #106: Tang in Space

Comedian and longtime pal, Sal Demilio sits in to break down the Super Bowl, late-night TV, and psycho-bitch astronauts. First, find out who won the big Super Bowl bets, and why Sal had a tough day of wagering. We then dissect the fued between George Lopez and Jay Leno. Why does George consider Jay a back-stabber and does George's endorsement of Craig Ferguson weaken his argument? Hear George's own words skewer the big-chinned comic. Also, how crazy is that astronaut bitch and what would a guy need on a 900-mile drive? And what's it like to "shoot" in space?. Plus, the world's ugliest comedy club waitresses, Faygo wrestling, jobs that get you laid, and Norbit is the worst movie ever.

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February 01, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #105: No Flip Flops

It's Super Bowl time, and what better American tradition is there than gambling? Corey and Joel make a bunch of off the wall bets on the big game, like the length of field goals, player jersey numbers and other crap. They avoid the James Blunt vs Peyton Manning wagering, though. Speaking of sissies, the guys explain why no real men wear sandals. Also, Ivanka Trump's boobs make for an emergency phone call, the death of celebrity nudity, why Paul McCartney was a dick, the greatest comedy albums ever, and why Eddie Murphy is a complete embarrassment. All this while consuming tons of Taco Bell. A modern classic.

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January 24, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #104: Bang Me, Then Pay Me

Still smarting from the dead pool tragedy, Bill Bushart returns, taking a break from his kickboxing class long enough to kick ass the old fashioned way: with a microphone. He joins us in breaking down the Oscar nominees and an other show biz idiots. ESPN host and football meathead Sean Salisbury blurted out an anti-semtic quip,is that Kosher? Do any Jews even play football? Speaking of Jews, our old friend Debbie Schlussel gets voted one of the top "Hebrew Hotties" by Am I Annoying.com?. Is that really an honor? And what truly tasty babes did Deb actually rank higher than? Corey reviews a load of lousy movies; Will Tim Allen break his spirit? Also: Joel botches a magic trick, more disturbing Craigslist postings, Cristina Ricci in chains and Martin Lawrence as a biker. All that, and then a funny argument about global warming turns into a blow up that almost becomes a meltdown.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 38 megs

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January 17, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #103: ur txt msgs sck

It's Golden Globes time again, and while we love movies, we really watch to check out the chicks. So listen, as Joel gives his "who's hot", "who's not", and "who probably has a penis" awards. It's a complete and comprehensive lists of the hotties, horse-faces and old bags of Hollywood. Which host would would give the Ugly Betty girl a good schtup? It might surprise you. We also attempt to cover the universe's other big mystery - why do girls love to text message? It's unbelievable, but it might be that women have actually found something they like to do more than talk. And it sucks for guys 'cause any female friend, ex-girlfriend, or drunken whore will get your ass in trouble with a poorly-timed "What's Up?" text. Can you bitches just stop it? Also, Blockbuster shakes down Joel for Gears of War, Martin Scorcese talks fast and says nothing, Joel meets Reagan, Corey meets Clinton, and Steve Jobs can shove his $600 phone up his ass.

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 38 megs

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January 11, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #102: Gears of War Sucks

The arrival of the Xbox 360 to the studio has warmed the hearts of our hosts. The came the rental of Gears of War. Why does the years most critically-acclaimed game look like a giant pile of rubble? Why do all the characters talk like Jesse Ventura from Predator? What insecure small-penised douchebags play this crap? It's not all hate, as we love The Office, Lego Star Wars and HDTV. Except the View, a show with two stand-up comedians that's not funny at all. Speaking of not funny, what roles does Eugene Levy turn down? When can we expect from American Pie 36: The Prostate Exam? How did a super-funny guy end up doing such lame shit? Finally, Joel shows Corey his new internet pal, a super-cute girl with one leg.

Right click here to download - 76 minutes, 36 megs

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January 04, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #101: James Brown's Revenge


It should have been the greatest day in Corey and Joel Radio history. The guys and an all-star panel of comedians gathered to indulge in the annual Death Pool for 2007. For nearly 80 minutes, barbs and one-liners were exchanged. Death was predicted for America's famous senior citizens and a good time was had by all. It was so fun the show spilled into a near 30-minute bonus feature, equally funny and engaging. Then tragedy struck. Joel, the show's techie, made one click too many and the whole thing disappeared into the ether. A recovery was attempted, a file was repaired, yet the damage was too much. The Death Pool as we know it was gone. What was recovered can be heard with this link, but be warned - while it is listenable at times, it's often less comprehendable than Dick Clark.

As a make-up, the guys put together a replacement show using the pristine bonus feature, with the final four draft rounds, as its core and recorded new wrap-arounds describing the whole fiasco. There's even a sample of the restored show in there, too, if you want to listen before you try the original. Maybe that's what you get when you wish death upon people. Maybe Joel's just an idiot. Maybe a little of both. Get the new show and download the official list below. Also send in your fan Death Pool selections to us here. Just follow these instructions on the forum. Feel free to select Joel in your list.

We're sorry.

Right click here to download - 62 minutes, 30 megs

Click here for the official 2007 Death Pool list

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December 21, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #100: Santa's Slut

It's a real milestone, as the show reaches it's 100th show. And what could be better than a visit from our greatest guest ever - Nadia from show #53! While she's as horny as ever, life has not been all roses and threesomes. Nadia chronicles her recent health scare, months of hospitalization, and the various machines that had to keep her alive. There was the joy of the vaginal swabbings, but what America's horniest woman do while incapacitated? Bang some interns? Make out with candy stripers? Listen and find out. Now recovered, Corey and Joel put her through her paces with the sex dice, as Joel's bra-removal skills are put to the test, as is Corey's fidelity. Also, Identity sucks, a generous listener, Ultraman vibrators and where to get free porn.

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 36 megs

Nadia, boobs and sex dice (Joel's hands since removed)

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December 13, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #99: Everything We Hate

This week we take on things we (mostly) hate. Like bad comics. Exhibit A: Pauly Shore got punched in the face, or did he? Was it a hoax? A hard hitting C&J investigation looks for clues. Also we try to solve the mystery of Dane Cook. Did he steal Jokes from Louis C.K.? And how can a douche who sucks that bad be so popular? We also examine who's gay in Hollywood and who's not. What female celeb is dating a woman fatter than Corey and Joel put together? Listen to find out. Also, Rachael Ray's husband in a kinky scandal, and get an update the hotness (or notness) of a 44 year-old Phoebe Cates. Is one of America's all-time pieces of ass still worth a roll in the hay? All questions answered within.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 38 megs

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December 07, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #98: Wild My Wild

So a young college student, Lauren, wanted to sit in and observe the show for a paper entitled "Something I've Never Experienced Before". Boy did she get it. See, It's our frequent guest Cherry Brooklyn's 30th birthday and we decided to celebrate with gifts, booze and spankings. Of course what would be a better gift than a trip to the adult novelty store, and that's exactly what Cherry gets. We also pick up an adult party game that gets everyone involved, including Lauren, 'til Corey loses one of the dice and the party grinds to a halt. We also hear about Cherry's white trash-themed bar bash, her lesbian mom, and more evidence that asians can't drive.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 38 megs

Cherry gives Lauren some "extra credit"

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November 30, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #97: Coochie Friendly Food

It's the debut of Corey's girlfriend, Amy, to the show and she's sure to make her boyfriend blush - at least a little bit. Amy helps the boys chat about the state of modern weddings, old skool video games and what foods make "it" taste better. How far in advance should a bridal dinner be held? Why doesn't anyone throw the garter anymore? We also investigate Amy's booby prize and new ways in which it can be won. Also, Joel makes his Wfuckoff Radio debut and find out if what entertains Juggalos is the least bit interesting to anyone else. Plus, fan email, fantasy football makes you a man, and Corey reviews this year's greatest sci-fi film - Rocky Balboa.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 33 megs

Corey drinks away his good looks with Amy

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November 22, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #96: Kramer Vs Comedy

Corey and Joel have of lot of things to be thankful for this year, one of which is that they're not Michael Richards. The washed up Seinfeld star blew a gasket on stage and committed career suicide with a racial tirade, and the guys are ready to perform the comedic autopsy. Who's to blame: the crazy comedian or the jagoff hecklers? Just how many N-Bombs does it take to start a riot? Will this hurt Seinfeld DVD sales in the hood? Then it's off to the movies with reviews of The Fountain and Stranger Than Fiction. Plus, it's an actress round-up as Meg Ryan's got damage, Cameron Diaz is dented, but yet Hollywood thinks Kate Winslet is fat. Also, banging Maggie Gyllenhaal can save your life, Letterman's losing it, and Joel exposes his bitter hatred for Regis Philbin.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 33 megs

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November 17, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #95: The Boy Who Loved Ketchup

After being maligned and talked about for the last few weeks, our friend and comedian PJ, returns to the show. It gets quite tense, as PJ and Joel recently went on the road together and an argument ensued over the comsuption of "hot mustard sauce" in a moving automobile. Joel thinks it stunk the joint up awful, and PJ thinks Joel is a pussy who can't eat anything spicy. Corey piles on, as he has been long-critical of Joel's eating habits, and the argument escalates until someone storms out of the studio. We also read one of our wildest fan letters ever. It's so outrageous we can't even say the author's name on the air but it sure is funny. Plus, PJ and his "sure thing", Joel hosts a black comedy night, the death pool goes down to the wire, and breast reduction - a crime against humanity. Our first guest makes his best appearance yet. Listen now!

Right click here to download - 75 minutes, 31 megs

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November 09, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #94: Baby Drama Mama

We're back with show #94 and it's Harry Berberian-free, sort of. Joel describes a weird, off-mike Harry story, that really clears up nothing as to who this guy really is. Stay tuned too, to find out about the alleged Scarlett Johansson blowjob audio tape. Does it really exist and what blogs will help you get to the bottom of the story? Then there's Corey's review of the Borat movie, which America loves, and find out why America won't like Tenacious D. Also, an election breakdown, MySpace stalkers, and Joel touches Corey's girlfriend's boobs - or did he? Listen to find out how you can get a chance to do the same!

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 33 megs

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November 02, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #93: The Trouble With Harry

For this show we welcome a radio legend no one's ever heard about, Mr. Harry Artin Berberian. Harry's created all kinds of wacky characters for the Howard Stern and Mancow radio shows over the years (check out the promo at his website), and makes an attempt to repeat the magic here. Harry tells us of his improv background, appearances on the Jerry Springer show and how he wants to be the new Borat. We later meet HIV Fonzerelli, MC Sampler, and Hortense the Hand Puppet of Low Self-Esteem. These are either the funniest things you've ever heard or the most obnoxious characters in the world - or both. Hear awful AIDS jokes, dated song parodies and attempts at fame so stupid you can't help but love the guy. Controversial for sure, but definitely funny, welcome Harry to the C&J family.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 33 megs

That's Harry, or is that Sampler X? Or HIV Fonzarelli?

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October 26, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #92: Steve "The Striker" Sabo

Comedian Steve Sabo returns, and this time he's not looking to make people laugh - he's looking to fight. You see, Steve has thoughts that maybe, one day, he'd be able to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He describes his anger issues, a connection to a past UFC star and shows complete disregard for his own health and safety. Who would he like to fight? Is this the birth of the Corey and Joel Fighting League? Steve's so delusional he even wants to bang Rachael Ray. Also, comedy booking 101, Corey gives an FAQ on cholos, naked girls in hotel corridors, and what are America's blacks doing in Cracker Barrel?

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 33 megs

Steve grapples with his first foe, a defenseless Joel

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October 19, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #91: We Talk About Broads

It's a special occasion when our announcer Rob Rose can actually sit in on the show, but this is it. Rob and the guys discuss the Death Pool, as Joel cashed in recently with Freddy Fender. Corey speculates on what it's going to take for him to win - a bomb at the Friars Club would do it - and what apparatus is keeping Dick Clark upright these days. We also get you caught up on Fantasy Football where Rob dominates and Joel is his greatest challenger. The second half is dominated by a fresh round of promo recordings for various other shows. Corey seems to hate every other show and lets the other hosts know. Joel prefers some tact, and just wants to be funny and promote the show. The ensuing argument, with Rob in the middle, is an all time classic. Is Corey the King of Dickville? Is Joel too soft on his competeters? Where the hell is Mulberry? All the answers are here.

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 31 megs

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October 12, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #90: Phoning It In

So the scheduled guest doesn't show up, and it's 70+ minutes of lethargy from your trusted hosts. In fact, they're so bored, they do try to do the show from another room over a cell phone. But before all that, the guys try to launch the show's MySpace page "live", and tell you the rules of MySpace etiquette - or how not to piss of your "friends". Then its a discussion about how slutty Halloween outfits make it the greatest day of the year. Also, hot tub stories, a Wikipedia challenge, Joel gets drunk with a gun, and the greatest Halloween costume for 2006 - you heard it here first!

Right click here to download - 72 minutes, 30 megs

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October 05, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #89: Cruising for a Bruising

Comic and cruise ship entertainer Bill Hildebrandt returns to the show to tell tales of entertaining on the high seas. Find out what it's like to spend five weeks cruising Alaska. Learn the best ports of call in the Caribbean, and why he'd really like to hit an iceberg someday. The guys also discuss the drama over the now-delayed Corey and Joel roast. Bill's wife wanted to perform, only to be told the the guest list was too long. That message was poorly translated as "You're not invited", and now she's pissed at Bill, Corey, Joel and the whole world. Also, the return of the celebrity iTunes playlist challenge, and meet our new announcer - Joel's computer.

Right click here to download - 77 minutes, 31 megs

Bill on the cruise ship (not his body or his wife)

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September 28, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #88: The Mayor of P-Town

The summer-long mystery of what happened to Joel's girlfriend is answered on this show. It's a tale of heartbreak and reconciliation, both sad and sweet. Joel comes clean about being single for the first time in a long time, and why you never ever date a girl in college. This emotional moment is completely ruined by Corey's insults, heckles and audio clips, making a mockery of the moment. Corey also owns up to juggling girlfriends, whose identities are as closely guarded as Fort Knox. Also, a fall TV review (so far), listener emails, celebrity porn tapes we'd like to see, and a musical showdown between indie rock and underground rap that's sure to divide the audience. Plus, the question the world's waiting to have answered - what's a macaca? Note: any audio interference or strange noises you may hear on this show are our fault and not the fault of your player.

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 32 megs

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September 20, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #87: Rachael's Death Ray

This week's show opens with a bitter argument between the hosts. Joel appeared at Detroit's biggest comedy show over the weekend and would like to discuss it. Corey, who wasn't at the show, hates the rest of the bill and accuses Joel of being a phony for not piling on. Soon it's referendum on Joel being a fake or not (and Corey being an asshole or not). But everybody hates Rachael Ray. The uber-perky TV cook, got her own daytime talk show, and Corey and Joel find it as appealing as a dental appointment. Listen in as she tells inane stories, kisses Oprah's ass, and basically offends anyone who's ever loved good television. Did you know Rachael has a foosball table on her set? That the artwork on the walls was sent in by children and changes everyday? That her stove was found on eBay (even thought it was provided by a sponsor)? Stop vomiting and listen.

Right click here to download - 76 minutes, 30 megs


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September 14, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #86: The Prettiest Parts

What makes for attractive private parts? That question, so impossible to answer, and more on this week's show. Also, Joel gives an indie rock history, new fall TV shows and which ones are bound to suck, football season (and fantasy football season) begins, and why hip-hop causes teachers to bang their students. Also, which celebrities we "look" like, why men hate weddings, the history of fat rappers and why Corey and Joel are willing to sell anything.

Right click here to download - 76 minutes, 30 megs

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September 06, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #85: Backpalmed Compliments

Comedian/magician/all-around entertainer Gary Thison drops by with loads of stories from the road. That road includes gigs at retirement homes, high school all-night parties and a class of 1951 high school reunion. That last show was opened by none other than Joel, whose set went down like the Hindenberg. Find out what the kids were listening to in 1951 and listen as Corey re-mixes them with contemporary booty-shaking tunes. Also, Soupy Sales stories, why magic sucks, Gary's battle with HBO over the name Comic Relief, and how he became the number one comedian on Google India. Who even know there was a Google India?

Right click here to download - 76 minutes, 30 megs

Rock out with your pick out

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August 30, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #84: Breaking the Cherry

Returning from her star-making appearance on Show #69, Cherry Brookyln returns to tell her tale of a road trip gone bad. Seems Ms. Brooklyn went down South with a "friend" who, shockingly, tried to sleep with her. Cherry then, in a completley out-of-character move, said "no", and found herself on the next plane home from Atlanta. Corey and Joel interrogate the witness as to why she she decided to hold back rather than "ho up". Doesn't this guy deserve some action for taking her on the trip, or was Cherry in the right for denying sex because she wasn't romanced? The full trial and verdict await. Also, hear about Cherry's wild adult personal ad odyssey which includes spanking, dom/sub role play, and meeting guys at McDonald's in a schoolgirl outfit. Plus, Joel's homo hot tub story and more. It's a MUST listen show.

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 33 megs

Cherry takes her punishment for not putting out

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August 24, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #83: Defending Gallagher

Show #83, incorrectly identified as Show #84 by Joel, carrying on the tradition of incorrectly identifying the show's number, and not like anyone cares. Anyway, on today's show the guys announce their next big remote show wihich will feature lots of comedians and lots of clam chowder. Speaking of comics, Corey and Joel debate Maxim Online's list of the worst comedians of all-time. Thankfully we're not on it, but it may surprise you who gets trashed and who gets defended. Someone thinks Gallagher is unfairly hated and someone thought Sinbad was really funny (when he was 14). Someone even still carries a torch for Andrew Dice Clay. Also, we play "Cancelled or Not Cancelled" with the new TV season, discuss why the new Survivor could be the best yet, and understand the special comedy dynamic between Jay Leno and Kevin Eubanks. All this and no drumrolls.

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 33 megs

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August 17, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #82: J. Chris Superstar

Direct from L.A., old pal & comedian J. Chris Newberg arrives to discuss the Last Comic Standing experience and his new Hollywood lifestyle. Actually, his voice his so blown out from doing shows, you have to listen close. Chris tries to defend the coronation of Josh Blue on LCS, while the hosts challenge Josh to an arm-wrestling match. Find out the stupid stuff struggling actors will do for a Carl's Jr. commercial (and $30K). Plus, the behind the scenes wrangling to get John Heffron to appear on show #81. Also, Corey and Joel review World Trade Center, Joel loves pizza (documentaries), Cristina Ricci gets naked, and Flavor Flav is a "tool". Note: we had technical difficulties in the last half of the show, which led to some noisy interference and other parts having to be edited out. We are sorry.

Right click here to download - 74 minutes, 31 megs

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August 09, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #81: F*** Corey and Joel

In this special episode, recorded live from Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle in Royal Oak, MI, Corey and Joel finally get a face-to-face meeting with Last Comic Standing winner John Heffron. The guys had been critical of John's act in the past (or downright mean, depending on your perspective), so it's a potentially volatile interview. It's actually quite cordial as Mark Ridley plays peacemaker, but eventually John recounts every insult the hosts had ever said about him and the feathers fly. Will they kiss and make-up or agree to disagree. Also, comic Jesse Popp recounts being a contestant on "Who Wants to Be a Millionare?". Is he mega-rich or still broke? Is Regis a douche bag? Listen to find out. Plus a chat with Connie Ettinger, a patron passes out and comedy's history through headshots.

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 33 megs

John shows his love for the show (above), Corey and Connie get friendly, and Jesse and Joel (below)

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August 02, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #80: Hos Before Bros

This episode features the return of the great Mike Lundy to share with us some secret hood wisdom. Enjoy as he explains important stuff like what it means when you're "riding dirty" and the proper pronunciation of "Chamillionaire". We introduce Mike to that cracker classic "Hee Haw", with it's dumb blondes, old yokels and a cast of thousands. Just how many how many hillbillies does it take to make a TV show? Later, Mike accuses Joel of "cake baking" when he leaves the studio to take a call; quick to sell out his friends for a piece of ass. Also, Corey reviews Talladega Nights, find out what the difference is between a porn "feature" and a "gonzo", and why black people love Styx.

Right click here to download - 76 minutes, 32 megs

Mike gets down with Buck Owens and Roy Clark on Hee Haw

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July 27, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #79: Play (With Yourself) Mania

It's your favorite comedy podcast's favorite subject on show #79 - TV, and lots of it. The guys look back on the golden era of 80's detective shows and try to figure out who had the better mustache, Magnum P.I. or Matt Houston. Then, the summer reality shows are dissected including the Oksana Baiul-starred (and possibly cancelled) Master of Champions and everybody's favorite to goof on, Big Brother. Joel give his favorite shows to watch "solo", including old favorite Three's Company, but why the hell is it on at such weird times? Also, sure signs for boyfriends to know that their girl is leaving and goodbye to TV's late-night hatchet-face, Tina Fey.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 33 megs

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July 19, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #78: No Love For a Ninja

It's that time of year again, and Joel is broken, sore and worn out from working as Upchuck the Clown at the Gathering of the Juggalos. Did this year live up to the usual psycho debauchery or was it a wash out? Why do grown ass men run around in clown makeup? As Joel explains why he's still down with the clowns, Corey demonstrates that he's the biggest ICP hater around. One thing they can agree on is that the new Superman movie is weak, even in IMAX 3D. In a weak summer for the movies, can Clerks 2 survive, and what is that old fossil Woody Allen doing chasing after Scarlett Johannsen? As the difference between Geeks and Juggalos is debated, Joel breaks out a lengthy shout out list to thank all his swell new homies like "Pickle" and "Schitzo". Plus, Joel's pro wrestling announcing debut and why comics can't hang with the juggalos.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 33 megs


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July 10, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #77: Slice The Banana

The dog days of summer leads to a a relaxed, old school funny show. We break down a checklist of dating protocol, as Joel lays out the surefire tail getting secrets. Corey's suggestion? Don't get in a fistfight on a first date. Then we share our undying love of Russian floozy Oksana Baiul and her mind blowing work on the instant classic summer "Master of Champions". Oh how we love that little drunken angel. After the break we dive into the unbelievable world of Craigslist postings. Anyone had a "missed connection" with a lady sporting a Harley tattoo lately? Also, botched bocce, World Cup boredom and a Juggalo Gathering preview.

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 31 megs

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July 05, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #76: I Need a Donkey Show

Celebrate the short, post 4th of July week, with Corey, Joel and old pal and comic PJ. Find out who can ruin a day out at the movies (you probably know already), and why Joel won't go on a Friday. Then, it's World Cup mania as Joel's Italian family celebrates with the old country; and panic in Detroit as Steve Yzerman retires and Ben Wallace takes his 'Fro elsewhere. Also, find out which member of the cast really isn't into masturbation anymore and who beats off to HGTV. Plus, picking up chicks on planes, people who ruin parties, and dozens of beautiful newswomen - and one ugly one.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 32 megs

PJ researches for the show

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June 29, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #75: Che Cazzo Vuoi

Top show goomba and football prognosticator Sal DeMilio returns for the show's diamond anniversary. With no football games to pick, Sal opines about the mess on The View, World Cup drunkenness, and saving Screech's house. Then get a lesson in Italian curse words that will serve you well. Ever wanted to know how to say "a thousand dicks in your ass" to a dago? Listen in to find out. We also review Superman Returns and the new Pirates of the Carribean movie, we meet Sal's hot girlfriend, and Corey says goodbye to a special friend with the douchiest singing ever.

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 31 megs

Sal and prize pose for a pic

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June 22, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #74: Where's Fred Travalena?

Everbody's favorite, Bill Bushart returns to spar with the guys on show 74. First, Bill pimps his sister-in-law to Corey, and proposes a completely nude show. Will the guys agree? Then learn about Bill's upcoming gigs and find out why moving up the comedy ladder pays little or no money. Ponder the pure suck of Last Comic Standing and find out how to help one of our own advance. Also answered are other comedy questions like does being a badass mean Joe Rogan's not funny anymore? How awful will the Rosie O'Donnell View be? How bad was the Facts of Life? Also, America's World Cup failure, Bill's Death Pool failure, Joel's "big announcement", movie studios snub Corey, gay showtunes and the juggalo lifestyle.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 33 megs

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June 14, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #73: Some Time to Kill

On this show, Nigel Rosenblum makes a brief appearance to gloat about his success in the Death Pool, but the death of dickbag terrorist al-Zarqawi puts Joel back in the race. Find out why Nacho Libre sucks, Family Circus sucks and why Yogi Bear never ate the park ranger. Then take a box-office quiz with Corey and find out which Hollywood no-talents actually hosted the Oscars. Also, meet the gayest man at Pridefest - a fan of a rival podcast - and listen in as the bickering begins. As a special bonus, Corey reveals which Hollywood ex-fatso is his new crush.

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 33 megs

Get the updated 2006 Death Pool list by clicking here

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June 08, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #72: Pride and Prejudice

This week, Corey and Joel go undercover at Pridefest 2006, Michigan's largest gay event. Listen as the guys interview drag queens, rough-riding leathermen, and gay Republicans. They even get hit on by "bears" and giant trannies. Will Corey and Joel join the Gay Games? Will they bust out a show tune with the gay choir? Meet local celebrities like the Mayor of Ferndale and Edith Uranus. Yes, Edith Uranus. Maybe Edith can join the Star Trek Starfleet. Yes, Star Trek goes gay. You must hear this to believe it. It's fun, erm, gay time on this show.

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 33 megs

Corey with Mr. Leather (above), and Joel meets Edith Uranus (below)

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May 31, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #71: Smart Alecs and Cleft Palettes

This week starts with quick movie review of the Break-Up. Why is Jennifer Aniston's ass blurry? How did Vince Vaughn get that fat? Then, a huge TV recap, as show veterans Jimmy Pardo and J. Chris Newberg turn up on NBC's Last Comic Standing. Who makes the cut and who hits the skids? The boys hammer the show for the annoying producers, sappy stories, lousy stunt casting and overall phoniness. Of course they’d both cut off a leg to get on. We also update the past winners whereabouts, how John Heffron is a HUGE fan and why Dat Phan is probably riding a bicycle. Then it's a story of Corey and Russ Brown's trip to the Comic Book convention where they encountered, dorks with lightsabers, teenage girls in skin tight anime outfits and a mass of z-list celebrities begging for attention. Laugh as they get aroused by a Princess Leia look-a-like and Russ tries to introduce his son to aging porn stars.

Right click here to download - 74 minutes, 30 megs

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May 25, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #70: James Taylor Means Bathroom Break

This week, it's a return to sanity after the boozed up hi-jinx of show 69. The boys are a little tired of having drunken chicks falling all over the studio and they need a breather. So it's back to basics with a funny talk about the politics of American Idol. Who's voting for this crap? Why is that bag Paula Abdul still on TV? What year did Tiffany do Playboy? Then Joel recaps a boatload of sweeps week reality TV finales, from Survivor and American Inventor to The Amazing Race. The summer blockbuster season is the next target, with Corey's reviews of Da Vinci Code, Cars and X-Men 3, Can he answer such burning questions as: How do cars fuck? Are albinos evil? Why can't Halle Berry act? Listen and find out.

Right click here to download - 69 minutes, 29 megs

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May 18, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #69: When Cherry Met Penny

It's the first ever Corey and Joel ho-off, on the aptly named show 69. Four virgins, three gay men and an amputee - that's the sexual resume of our first contestant, Cherry Brooklyn. Cherry's an old friend of Corey, and apparantly banged most of his immediate family in their 15 year history. In the other corner we have Penny. This Jersey girl turned Detroiter has banged comics, dabbled in bi-sexuality and details the downside of anal sex (hemorrhoids!). They’re both talented, too. Listen as Cherry bounces her D-cup jugs while Penny flaps her ass cheeks to obnoxious hip-hop music. The returning Steffanie mainly observes and is much more innocent - just keep her away from Grandma's blanket. It's 77 minutes of shots, sex stories, and sin on this show.

Right click here to download - 77 minutes, 31 megs

Cherry Brooklyn creatively holds a shot (left), Penny on right and Steffanie below

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Corey and Joel Radio Show #69 And a Half

More bullshit like show 69 above. Lots more lesbian stories and drinking. Almost no Corey or Joel either - these girls won't shut up! Enjoy if you dare!

Right click here to download - 55 minutes, 23 megs

Penny, charming as ever

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May 11, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #68: Fishbowls and Cornholes

Show legend Bill Bushart is back and better than ever, and this time Bill's got the munchies, how did that happen? Some talk about Bill's hot sister in-law leads to an in depth discussion of Corey's seduction style and lovemaking techniques, guaranteed to make you wince. Then it's on to David Blaine stuck in a fishbowl. Is this really a magic or just attention getting bulls#$t? Not to be outdone Joel demonstrates his amazing skill with a Rubik's Cube. Can he set a new personal best time while getting heckled? Also: Backdoor love, old farts in comedy and why you should always perform magic for minority audiences.

Right click here to download - 76 minutes, 31 megs

Horribly framed photo with Joel (the cubemaster), Bill Bushart and Corey

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May 04, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #67: Russ Hour

Guest Russ Brown returns from show #44. He brings all the perspective of a father of three who owns a dune buggy. Russ details vasectomy nightmares, the sudafed crackdown, and why girl kids suck. Joel tries to tell his story of a date to the movie United 93, but is interrupted with tasteless 9/11 jokes. Ultimately, Corey is shocked and amused with the casting of a TV dork legend cast as a 9/11 victim. Also, show #66 feedback, two-headed babies on TV, ponzi schemes and the hottest kids show host ever.

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 32 megs


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April 26, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #66: Girls, Girls, Girls

The idea was to interview talented female comic Laura Lou, about show business etc. Ninety minutes and many bottles of booze later, it became an aural orgy with drinks flying and tongues touching. The highlights are Corey losing the comedy competition to Laura, how Corey also failed to bang Laura's sister, and Joel accuses Laura of killing a fellow comedian. Later the gang is joined by not one, but both of Joel's female roommates, Kristina (of muff fame) and later the debuting Steffanie. Joel gets grilled about his situation - is is it all business or just monkey business? Is he raiding the panty drawer? Did Joel downplay the roommates' hotness? What does Joel's girlfriend think? Laura makes up for the bad vibes with liberal use of the tongue - and meets with varying degrees of resistance from the hosts. Guess who's in and who ain't? Sit back and enjoy the longest, drunkest show ever.

Right click here to download - 89 minutes, 37 megs

If you want this complete show broken into two smaller parts (for CD burning purposes) then click here.

Laura tips one back...and Kristina and Steff join the party

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April 18, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #65: Rock The Mike

Returning from his star-making performance on show #44, comedian Mike Lundy gives the boys a primer on street culture. They learn that forties are passe but what's the deal with grape soda? What do you wear to a hip-hop funeral? What's the difference between the black cable channels? All these questions are answered in hilarious fashion. Also, Joel tells his tale of getting kicked off the stage at an inner city comedy club, Mike has a "problem" being hit on by teenage girls, and how whitey stole rap's greatest one-hit wonders.

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 32 megs

Mike reads up on his favorite, the White Album

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April 13, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #64: Sequels Suck

And since this show could be seen as a sequel to #63.......Anyway, the guys discuss rapper violence, say goodbye to Proof and wonder why no one will shoot Tim McGraw. The hosts discuss Corey's comedy contest failure and if it was his fault or just typical comedy bullshit. Professor Joel then gives his comedy advice to a surly Corey who doesn't care. Later, it's an in-depth discussion the worst movie sequels ever. Is it worse to be a bad sequel to good movie or a worse sequel to a bad movie? Also, Joel's live stormy weather report and the guys blow up in Sweden.

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 32 megs

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April 04, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #63: Promos for Homos

This episode starts with a recap of our big Anniversary shows, with talk about all the guests, the flashing boobies and a special visitor form far away. Then it's on to a bitter discussion about lame road comics, and the merits of selling out vs. keeping it real. Is there any comedian Joel would pay to see? Corey has a face-to -face clash with big-name headliner Lisa Lampinelli, and she calls him a douche. Then we review the candy sent to us by our German super fan, including a scary, giant Marzipan dildo. Later, we cut a series of promos for other podcasts, with predictably funny results. Also: the overhyping of the Arctic Monkeys, the comedy greats of Sweden, and more.

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 32 megs

The marzipan dildo in full

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March 29, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #61: Anniversary Extravaganza Part 1

It's our one year anniversary super show - live from Club Bart in Ferndale, MI. Corey and Joel entertain a packed house with a full roster of great comedians. Dan Decapua, leads the way, then Joel and Dan bury the hatchet over a "stolen" joke. Then it's Tonight Show-veteran, Jimmy Pardo, performing a side-splitting "greatest hits" set. Jimmy kills and then discusses his unique Star Trek connection, appearing on the Surreal Life and (rightfully) swipes at Larry the Cable Guy and Dane Cook. Then we've got talented impressionist, comedienne and Comcast commercial star, Amy Phillips. She's more than a pretty face, as Amy does dead-on impressions of Ellen Degeneres and Robin Quivers, and then suffers through Joel's convoluted story of finding true love at Amy's play. An hour of podcasting excellence, bar none.

Right click here to download - 60 minutes, 23 megs

The guys pose outside, the Jimmy Pardo interview, and some troll poses with Amy Phillips

Join the mailing list for more pictures!

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Corey and Joel Radio Show #62: Anniversary Extravaganza Part 2

It's part 2 of the anniversary show and there's more mayhem. J. Chris Newberg plugs in and rocks out his musical comedy. We do more shots and the whole thing begins to unravel. The capper is a ferocious, hilarious roasting by PJ. Corey and Joel take it right between the eyes as the big guy spills his hatred all over the stage. PJ saves his best for German superfan, Nils; who traveled all the way across the Atlantic to hear Nazi jokes. Also, Sal Demilio entertains, we meet Bart - the owner of Club Bart, Bill Bushart sits down and girls take their tops off, or do they? It's a booty-shaking finale to the best night ever.

Right click here to download - 73 minutes, 29 megs

Sal performs (top) and PJ enjoys a brewski (below)

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March 22, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #60: All White Meat

We're one year old this week, so it's a a nostalgic trip down memory lane, as Corey and Joel spend much of the second half talking about which were the good shows and bad shows of the past year. It's a behind-the-scenes assessment of the show, and totally candid. Find out which guests we really hated! The boys are joined in this by their announcer Rob and comedian/live show producer Tim Walsh. That's nearly 13 feet of white guy in the studio (not counting your pudgy hosts). Also, why it sucks to be a Lions fan, Corey wins a comedy contest, which comedians have the hottest girlfriends, and Dane Cook sucks. Yep, we said it.

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 32 megs

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March 14, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #59: Flush With Success

Returning from Show #44 it's comedian John Tourtillott. John is one of the wildest and most offensive comics around. Hear him go off on Larry the Cable Guy, Jackie Mason, and Indians (the dots, not the feathers). John's plugging his CD taping, so show up and he won't need to be a plumber anymore! Plus, Joel discusses his injury at a recent open mike fracas, Sanford and Son trivia, and goobdye Peter Tomarken (who's he?). Also, the guys hate Bob and Tom, love Car Talk, and are disgusted with Bjork's nipples.

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 32 megs

John plugs his upcoming show

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March 08, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #58: Dana Drops Dead

No guests, but lots of laughs as the guys discuss Dana Reeve's death, the death pool implications, and why Joel's girlfriend is the happiest woman on earth (it's not from being with Joel). Then it's an Oscar recap, and why were there no hot chicks on the show? We find out who gave the best predictions on show #57 - lets just say someone was awful - and it may not be who you expect. We then update the health of show #53's Nadia, and how Corey and Joel's public tribute was ruined by idiotic musicians. Also, psychedelic kids TV shows, celebrity sex tapes and 1-year anniversary plans.

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 32 megs.

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March 02, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #57: Debbie Does Oscar

It's our 2006 Oscar spectacular as Corey, Joel guest prognosticator Debbie Schlussel predict this years winners. Nobody really cares though, as it's all gay cowboys, trannies, and self-hating Jews this year (according to Debbie). Debbie's a "conservative commentator", a regular guest on Howard Stern's show, and on the cable news channels. She has an opinion on everything, even politicizing which overpriced coffee shop supports al-Qaida. She also tells us who's going to be the next president, what it's like to appear on al-Jazeera, and why Oprah loves Gayle King. Plus, find out if Debbie would date either of the guys, and why not. Our longest (winded) show ever.

Right click here to download - 88 minutes, 37 megs. If you'd like a version of this show that will fit on a CD click here.

Debbie's stock shot, by request.

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February 22, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #56: The Chill of Victory

Our hard hitting sports reporter Chill returns, to throw down with in-depth Olympics coverage. He answers the questions you need to know, like: Why black people don’t ice dance, why they don’t ski or snowboard either, and why is curling the dullest sport ever? Corey is a fan of the lovely ladies of curling and what’s Joel's pervy fascination with women's figure skating? Then it's on to Daytona, for the whitest sport of all, NASCAR. Also: Black people's love affair with hot sauce, the best cell phone in the hood and Joel rants about comics' loyalty. A fun show for all colors. (And yes we said it's #57 on the show, but it ain't).

Right click here to download - 76 minutes, 32 megs

Corey shows his b-boy stance...and Joel helps Chill fight the power

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February 15, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #55: Steve It to Beaver

It's the long-awaited appearance of comedian, impresario, syndicated columnist and show friend, Steve Sabo. Steve and the guys share tons of comedy road stories including Joel getting punched at a benefit show, Steve's post-show conquests, racists in Ohio and the real reason Steve is banned from Wichita (it's outrageous). Find out the lenghts comics will go for a gig, or some action! Also learn Steve's scheme for becoming a millionaire. It's brilliant (for him). It's wall-to-wall laughs on this show.

Right click here to download - 77 minutes, 32 megs

Smiling Steve, with his CD

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February 08, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #54: A Toothy PJ

The first guest ever returns - it's PJ! The big gorilla helps the guys recap the wild show #53, skewers Super Bowl XL and describes banging girls with MS. Later, pro movie reviewer Corey takes the hatchet to Joel's roommate's art film. Is it thumbs up, or middle finger up for Kristina? Also, Joel invades Jimmy Kimmel Live, Super Bowl celebrity sightings, and Pittsbugh sucks (the city, not the team). Don't bang with cowboy boots on.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 33 megs

Really old PJ pic. He still looks the same!

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January 31, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #53: Eating's Not Cheating

Corey's old friend and show superfan Nadia stops by for the wildest 80 minutes in the history of podcasting. Nothing is off-limits as Nadia describes her swinging, bi-sexual lifestyle and her theories of what's cheating and what isn't. It's Jagermeister-fueled sex stories galore. She even describes a position so crazy that Joel must actually sketch it out on paper to understand. She's promptly disciplined for her bad behavior by taskmaster Corey - unfortunately, she loves it! Also a big new announcement, Sal's Superbowl pick and more. A must-listen show!

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 33 megs

The drinking and laughing leads to spanking.........
And Joel's awful sketch of Nadia's fantasy

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January 25, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #52: The Pee Mike

Another podcasting innovation as Corey and Joel introduce the Pee Mike. The guys attempt to drink as much liquid as they can and see who can make a more sonically impressive wizz. There's a condenser mike in the bathroom to facilitate this, and one host fails completely. Is this the sign of a little willy? Click to find out. Also, the big network merger, when sitcoms go bad, Corey's girlfriend grief and old Toffifay.

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 33 megs

The Pee Mike!

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January 17, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #51: Tips For The Waitress

On this week's show we try to get you laid, as Corey reveals the top five kinds of girls you must bang before you die. It's a wild, non-PC list, but the methods are proven and tested for years by your hosts. Find out who should drive on a date, the best places to hit on lonely girls and how the annoying hen at the office can can actually help you score. We also explore the nuances of roommate pantry etiquette when Joel gets hungry for some Cheez-Its, plus a gay Golden Globes wrap-up, Scarlett Johansson's tits, our new announcer and more.

Right click here to download - 75 minutes, 32 megs

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January 11, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #50: Bitchfunk Soda

This week, comedian and goodfella Sal Demilio returns with his football playoff picks, analysis of the Death Pool and relationship advice for Joel. We also explore Latino comedy and why it's so goddamn easy to write. We then share a mailing list extra that was really too funny for a limited audience: taste-testing a Jones Soda Holiday Sampler. Hear the crew from show #49, spitting and gagging on brussel sprout soda. Will Corey mix them all up on a dare? If there was a Latino working for Jones Soda he'd have have a rice and beans flavor! Wild and funny stuff for sure.

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 32 megs


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January 04, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #49: A Dip in the Death Pool

Kick off 2006 with a new edition of the Corey and Joel Death Pool. The game where we guess about which famous people will croak in the upcoming year. It's an all-star panel, too. Laugh along with comedian Bill Bushart, show attorney Nigel Rosenblum and Joel's lady, Kim, as they make their picks. Who will Joel and Corey keep from their 2005 list? Who loves old First Ladies, and who thinks Tiger Woods' dad is a celebrity? It's a sick, evil and just plan wrong show, folks, so be warned. And yes, we do have tape of Dick Clark on New Year's Eve.

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 32 megs

Download the printable list of the 2006 Death Pool (spoilers)

The master list!

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December 27, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #48: Must Love Nintendogs

Post hoilday decompression begins, with the boys worn out from too much seasonal partying. It was a good year for Joel, as his girlfriend got him a Nintendo DS and the ultimate gift from the heart: A Star Wars comforter. Corey got slacks. Then we pour a forty in honor of Tony Dungy's dead son's Myspace profile. Corey offers his Favorite movies of 2005, as well as some real stink bombs. Also: Kelly Ripa is hot, Faith Ford is a hag and Corey bakes up some cookies (homo).

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 33 megs

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December 21, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #47: HO, HO, HO, Bitches!

A Yuletide treat stuffed with season's greetings for all mankind. Even the Jews. We get started with a very special piece of listener mail, full of happy feelings and lesbian fantaises to warm the cockles. Corey wants to know what's up with that fun loving country Iran. What's the top of the pops in Tehran, and the scary similarity between Arabic and Mexican TV. Then Joel shares the touching story of a Christmas charity show that turned into a slugfest. Also Kwanza:WTF?, Joel's top 5 movies of the year and the hottest chicks in HDTV.

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 32 megs

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December 13, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #46: F Censorship And His Momma

Sad times as we honor the great Richard Pryor, who's tragic passing also killed Corey's Death Pool chances. We brave the multiplex with reviews that answer tough questions like: Just how gay is Narnia and just how scary are the natives in King Kong? Corey recalls his adolescent wet dream experiences, and a big,huge mailbag segment dominates the end of the show. Also: putting the "globes" back in the Golden Globes, what's the matter with Woody, Improv girls who like to party, and once you go gay can you really go back?

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 33 megs

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December 06, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #44: Live at Club Bart Part 1

It's the long talked-about show live from Club Bart in Ferndale, MI. The guys host a raucous crowd and welcome some of their favorite comedians to the stage for live performances. On part one, you'll hear John Tourtillott, the hilarious Mike Lundy, Russ Brown and show favorite Bill Bushart. Find out about their parenting skills (or lack of), hear funny road stories, and find out who might become Japan's next big comedy star. Also we reveal which host hates Hillary Duff, but would be willing to bang Bea Arthur, and which one has "dusky" nipples.

Right click here to download - 73 minutes, 29 megs

The Club Bart neon lures them in..and your intrepid hosts make 'em laugh

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Corey and Joel Radio Show #45: Live at Club Bart Part 2

It's Part two from Club Bart with even more great comics. First up, it's L.A.'s Danny Bevins, then we've got Mike Stanley, everyone's favorite Chill, and finally the uniquely funny Pete Weiss. The guys also interview one of their biggest fans, Scott, and you'll either be horribly depressed or feel really good about yourself afterwards. Plus tons more dick jokes, ethnic slurs and more fun with our live audience. Big thanks to Kim for the wonderful job producing the show, too!

Right click here to download - 73 minutes, 29 megs

Danny Bevins enjoys our sparsely decorated set & Pete Weiss, up close and personal

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November 30, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #43: Reheated and Warmed Over

Suffering post holiday hangover, the guys are distracted for the first ten minutes of the show by Fox news live coverage of yet another L.A car chase and shootout. Then it's back to action with a "funeral" for a crappy podcast and Corey delivers an ultimatum to the mailing list. Later, Joel shares with us his new internet crush, super hot cyber tease - Bunny Mcintosh, and then shocks the world with his attempt at a solo project spin-off. Other hot topics: The horror of the Nick and Jessica split, the splotchy tragedy of Vitiligo, and Corey gets laid!

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November 22, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #42: Sloppy Forty Seconds

After all these months the show finally goes A-list, as we welcome comedy legend Bill Hildebrandt to the studio. Actually our other guests cancelled, and the big guy was ready to fill the void like a pro. Bill is a fountain of great stories about hell gigs, Soupy's jock strap, what makes the Mellotron so special and why you should never, ever have a bunch of comedians over for Thanksgiving. He also tells us why Yes is the greatest band ever, which might be his funniest comment yet. Then the show really loosens up when we offer a special "three shots" toast to the memory of JFK.

Right click here to download - 77 minutes, 31 megs

The funnyman and the beverage tribute to JFK

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November 17, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #41: All The President's Mensa

Another unbelievable booking as Joel's other roommate, the delightful Julia gets equal time. She's loads of fun with her wacky theories on dieting, fast food and the history of the United States. Hear about the freaks she's dated and why she won't be passed over for Mensa. Also, a surprise guest appearance from former roommate and hottie, Lindsay, and why is there a camera crew on the front porch? Plus, brutal backstage fights between Corey and Joel lead to a touching reconciliation.

Right click here to download - 74 minutes, 31 megs

Lindsay and Julia post-show. Julia refused to get foxed up for the session.

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November 10, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #40: Kristina's Magic Muff

Spend some quality time with Joel's soft-spoken roommate and up-and-coming fashion designer, Kristina. She's plugging her "muffs" and it's double-entendres galore. Corey asks probing questions about her muff, Joel's penis, and sex noises in the middle of the night. And, she's living proof of our theory that chicks love Prince. Also, find out the perverted reason Joel owns a scanner, and the IMDB says women are different than men.

Right click here to download - 70 minutes, 30 megs

The proud designer and her muff...and the obligatory close-up

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November 03, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #39: You Can't Do That On Radio

On a very special show, Corey confronts the plague that is crippling the soul of America: VH1's "Celebreality." How badly will faded child stars degrade themselves for our amusement? When will we stop watching this crap? Then Joel re-lives the golden age of Nickeleodeon, when we were younger and all of their shows didn't blow ass. Next, it's a tender tribute to a fallen icon that just may be the most ofensive thing we've ever done. Other burning questions: Is Halloween a night for sluts? Is Sulu gay? What does UPN really stand for? Is Mo Rocca still Talking? Is Rita Cosby a man?

Right click here to download - 75 minutes, 31 megs

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October 26, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #38: Chick Flicks and Toothless Hicks

The guys head down to the Dawg pound in Cleveland to check out some NFL action. Did they survive the onslaught of retarded Browns' fans intact? Then it's on to the nonsense that is Sweetest day, and we discuss the worst date movies of all time, as well as some sappy choices guaranteed to please the poon. Then it's a Death Pool update as Joel cheers the passing of a civil rights icon. Also, what's that mysterious girl doing in the studio?

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 34 megs

Corey shares the love with Browns fans

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October 18, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #37: Two Dicks and a Richards

It's comedy road stories galore with guest comic Derek Richards. You'll hear about crappy hotel rooms, unfaithful superstars and audience fist fights. There's nothing politcally correct here, as the guys' inapproprite comments about asians and the disabled put them in harm's way. Corey even finds cartoons racist. Plus there's talk of the sorry state of Florida, Ebert and Roeper, Latino comics and Corey's potential for really good Pistons tickets.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 34 megs

Derek's CD and publicity photo. Remember to take an in-studio shot, Joel!

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October 11, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #36: Sick Jokes and Slick Legs

Special guest comic Steve Brewer stops in to detail the highs and lows of standup comedy, the hell that is married life, and eagerly busts Joel’s balls for getting serious with his girlfriend. Is the single life really any better? We examine Corey's sorry dating history as evidence to the contrary. Then Corey shocks everyone with his knowledge of bizarre prison slang. Later, we preview two upcoming fall movies: one that's just horrible and another that may be the gayest film of all time.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 34 megs

A proud man and his Toffifay

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October 05, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #35: Killer Cuts and Lincoln Logs

It's music mania on show #35. Joel's hilarious new musical fave has him questioning his masculinity, and we examine what celebrities' musical tastes say about them with the Celebrity iTunes playlist game. Corey puts the Show #17 theory to the test on the dance floor with staggering results. Also: A special O.J. anniversary, Smokey and the Bandit, masturbation memories and our favorite Happy Days moments. We try to hetero it up by discussing football and hockey, but that goes gay too!

Right click here to download - 77 minutes, 33 megs

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September 27, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #34: Of Mice and Myths

This week "Uncle” Joel goes on a nostalgic expedition to Chuck E. Cheese, and finds the skee-ball and crappy pizza, but where have all the robots gone? Joel takes Corey to task for slandering all Italian Americans. Will he apologize to the Dagos? Later: Corey reviews the strange new soda, Mountain Dew Pitch Black II. Is it a flop or an instant ghetto classic? Plus: Urban Legends gone wild, video games, sports betting, Mayoral politics, and Hello Kitty mania.

Right click here to download - 77 minutes, 30 megs

Good show, awful soda

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September 22, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #33: Our Pal Sal

A good fella, a friend of ours, comedian Sal Demilio stops by to dish it up. If you've never listened before, stick around for a blistering second half that's as good as it gets. Sal's not only funny but a quality Football handicapper and he gives us the odds on this week's NFL picks. Also: Gay bars, Refugee hookers, Dead pool action and Joel's sexy physical therapist. And, of course, lots of dago jokes.

Right click here to download - 73 minutes, 30 megs

Sal enjoys a spicy Italian!

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September 12, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #32: Nobody Likes Cheeseheads

Hey, it's football season! Corey attends the Lions' home opener and jaws with Green Bay Packers fans. Corey also discusses his new mating ritual - signing girls' butts and boobs. Also, are redheads crazy? Then it's a wild mailbag, the Hate of the Union contest winner, and the most insincere get well message ever. We're such dicks, aren't we? It's 75 minutes of naughty fun.

Right click here to download - 75 minutes, 30 megs

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September 07, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #31: The Bitterest Chill

On this episode we proudly introduce our acclaimed sports reporter, Chill, and he be all hating and shit. Chill breaks down all the quaterfinals tennis action at the U.S Open, provides insightful commentary on the world today, and then calls us honkies. Also: New Orleans sinks, Celine Dion goes nuts, Kanye West gets crazy, and Gilligan goes to the bamboo shack in the sky. It's a touching show filled with hope, laughter and race baiting.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 33 megs

Chill demonstrates his tennis forehand

And his completely predictable political t-shirt slogan

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September 01, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #30: I'm Just a Bill

Friend and comedian Bill Bushart returns to the show. When we last heard Bill he was choking on the vaporizor, but now he returns to crack wise on his recent marriage, his Laughapalooza triumph and everything else. Plus, Joel gives the result of his MRI and Corey annoys America with a bag of snacks. Also, find out how Corey and Joel pissed off the weenies in the podcasting "community", and how you can help to piss them off even further!

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 33 megs

Bill's comedy CD and wedding photo. Which one is which?

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August 24, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #29: Die Dick Clark, Die!

We discuss our week in comedy, as Joel rocks at the Meadowbrook ampitheater and Corey goes toe to toe with Star Wars geeks at a comedy benefit show. Corey's take on another comic's "bombing" shakes the duo to their chubby foundations. Is it petty jealousy or valid criticism? Then Joel accuses Corey of hitting on fat chicks, and that they both agree on. Then we get down to what really matters: the Death Pool and Fantasy Football. Who needs to die and who needs to throw for 300 yards? It's high drama on show #29.

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 33 megs

Play along with the 2005 Death Pool - click here to download the full list as a PDF

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August 18, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #28: Auto Erotica

No theme, no guests, no stunts, just pure funny. We rant about the nightmarish Woodward Dream Cruise, an orgy of classic cars and classic a-holes that plagues our hometown every summer. Other hot topics: Joel gets an MRI, our new hip hop names, buying girls drinks, homo hatred in the Big Brother house and Joel gives Corey a very special adult Birthday gift. Absolutely not a safe listen for work, school or church (unless you're Catholic).

Right click here to download - 71 minutes, 30 megs

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August 12, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #27: Last Comic Strumming

Comedian, friend and noted cocksman J.Chris Newberg stops in to play a song from his new album and talk shop. We learn all about the dirty politics of Last Comic Standing, bitter comedy rivalries, and how to pick up a ring card girl. Also: Peter Jennings drops dead, Superman's wife gets cancer and scandal rocks Extreme Makeover Home edition.


Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 31 megs

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August 02, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #26: Gift Wrapped Crap

It's a reality show rundown in the first half. Corey shows his love for the new Real World, while Joel throws his support for Big Brother 6. But hey, they both suck. Joel talks about the horror of a 2-year-old's birthday party, and why gift-wrapping is for chicks. Plus a trip to a zoo full of sleepy animals, and more wacky international mailbag. Foreigners=laughs.

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 32 megs

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July 27, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #25: Juggapalooza

This week boys try to recover from a weekend of epic stupidity, as Corey endures the blast furnace like heat of Lollapalooza in Chicago and Joel gets down with eight thousand Insane Clown Posse fans as Upchuck the Clown at the Gathering of the Juggalos outside Cleveland. Plus: The gayness of Perry Ferrell, Juggalo culture, when indie rock goes kiddie pop, ball sweat, the Hate of the Union contest, and places where lollipops shouldn't go.


Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 32 megs

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July 19, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #24: Blow Me Down Under

In response to a wave emails from the land of Koalas and Midnight Oil, we try out Austrlian rules radio. It's sort of the same as regular radio, but it smells like Kangaroo piss. Also we announce a new contest and tie up some loose ends. Plus: Hollywood's remake fetish, America's Whites love Willy Wonka, fat Roger Ebert, truly awful 80's sitcoms, rejecting terrestial radio, and a surprise guest caller. Also, the end of Toffifay?

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 32 megs

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July 13, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #23: Hot Tubs and Hot Water

The fallout from show #22 begins, as Joel's lovely girlfriend Kim stops by to get the real story. A sordid tale of vodka shots, joints and wild jacuzzi action unfolds, as the boys recount last weeks post show antics. Will love survive? And what was Kim's revenge? Also: International mailbag, doing it at the drive-in, the secrets of man sauce, and much more.

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 32 megs

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July 04, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #22: Don't Try This at Home

We always wanted to do a show after the bar at 2 AM. Now we have and the result is 80 minutes of complete nonsense. Our guests are the lovely Jacquie and Andrea. They drink, smoke, discuss ghost hunting and autopsies. They even fight with each other! Corey and Joel offer to do homo stuff to get the girls to kiss and make-up. It's a complete mess!


Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 35 megs

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June 29, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #21: Blockbusters and Cocksuckers

A show as wild and loose as a summer day. We explore the strange world of Brian Wilson, and the many cruddy incranations of the Beach Boys that play state fair pavillions. Later, Corey's War of the World's review leads to Joel reading a shocking internet rumor about Tom Cruise. Then we guess other famous Hollywood homos. Plus: Jury duty, music festivals, women's tennis and more.

Right click here to download - 77 minutes, 32 megs

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June 21, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #20: Soupy's Nuts

Veteran comedian Jim McLean stops by, to tell some tall tales and throw down some ice cold tall boys. He shares some wild road comedy stories, about bad gigs, bad comics and the sheer horror of Soupy Sales toilet habits. Jim has worked with a host of big names like Tim Allen, Drew Carey, Chris Titus and Dennis Miller, and one of them is a real dick. Also: What crazy stuff is on Joel's used MP3 player?

Jim gets ripped in the studio

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 31 megs

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June 15, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #19: JDate is Great

Corey looks for love on JDate, a Jewish singles web site. Can he meet a Jewess who speaks Japanese? Can a Goyim find true happiness online? Meanwhile, Joel struggles through severe back pain and indifference for the sake of comedy. Other topics include: Michael Jackson the boy rapist, Oasis vs. Coldplay, Wal-Mart hayseeds, and much, much more.

Right click here to download - 73 minutes, 30 megs

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June 08, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #18: Batman and the Hooky Beaks

Corey weasels into a "Batman Begins" screening and spills the beans. Will villainy be triumphed in a Bat surf contest? He also runs down the summer movie season and the raw animal humping going on between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Tom Cruise gets a mention and Joel recounts being held against his will at the Church of Scientology.The question of kinky superhero sex lives pops up, then it's mullets and gay makeouts at Pridefest 2005, all before a spirited, bigoted ending which will offend everyone.

Right click here to download - 75 minutes, 30 megs

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June 01, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #17: Love Songs And Hate Mail

A very special episode that covers all the bases. Joel offers a list of sure fire mood music to help guys get some action. What does a girl's record collection say about your chances of getting tail? And can you really love a girl who's into Tori Amos? Then we crack open the mailbag, to read some missives from our adoring public. Please enjoy, as Joel gets all steamed up and Corey unleashes a volcano of pure wrath on some podcast losers.

Right click here to download - 74 minutes, 31 megs

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May 26, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #16: A Dog, a Bitch and a Hot Chick

The lovely Lindsay (the hot chick) is our special guest. Listen as she details Joel's gay birthday party outfit, what it's like to be hit on by an actual homosexual, and unmissable stories about the worst roommate ever (the bitch). Also, a killer Jello recipe, Lindsay and Joel put their seductive powers to the test in a Cosmo quiz, and meet our new mascot - Fergus (the dog)!

Right click here to download - 74 minutes, 30 megs

Party Pics:

Lindsay and Fergus in studio:

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May 24, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #15: Wedding Bell Blues

We're back!! After a brief hiatus the show returns to ball busting glory, with an episode about weddings, weddings and more weddings. We ask the tough questions, like: does anybody really get laid at a wedding? Should the bride wear beige? Is the stupid DJ overpaid? Other highlights include: Cheap comedy merchandise, the mess that is "Hotlanta", Comic book conventions, vintage porn, George Lucas's beard and other Star Wars crap.


Right click here to download - 77 minutes, 32 megs

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May 12, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #14: Service With a Smile

An all purpose show filled with important, life changing information. Joel vents about his hell gig at a Metal show, then Corey provides a valuable inside guide to comedy club waitresses. Literally. Other topics include: yet more Star Wars talk, why we hate Atlanta, Dots, Eva Longoria, Cosmo, and why it's good to be a Copolla.

Right click here to download - 73 minutes, 30 megs

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May 06, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #13: Siths and Giggles

We travel to a galaxy long ago and far, far away, to cash in on Star Wars mania. Corey gets a jump on the competition with his early review of Episode 3, while Joel grills him on a variety of dorky subjects. We tackle the big issues: Is Muppet Yoda superior? What is the fate of the Jedi? Why does everybody understand Chewbacca? Why are we wasting our lives on this junk? The Force is strong in this episode. SPOILER ALERT: We pretty much ruin the whole movie!

Right click here to download - 75 minutes, 30 megs

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May 04, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #12: Roasted and Baked

An action packed blockbuster filled with surprises. Our friend, comedian Bill Bushart stops by to talk about his recent roast and his impending nuptials. After an agonizingly slow start, the show leaps into hyperspace when and our science/legal advisor Nigel Rosenblum provides a demonstration of exciting new “vaporizer” technology. Chaos ensues.


Right click here to download - 74 minutes, 30 megs

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April 29, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #11: Imaginary Worlds and Girlfriends

A back to basics return-to-ball-breaking hilarity. The boys do a little "housekeeping" on subjects they've been meaning to get to, and Joel dedicates an indie rock karaoke performance to his fantasy internet girlfriend. Hot topics include: Star Wars Fan films, blacks in space, a very special "Extreme Makeover", the Hitchhikers Guide movie, jailbait and much, much more.

Right click here to download - 73 minutes, 30 megs

Extra Links:
Picture of Mark the Cobrasnake from Extreme Makeover
The girl that Mark wants on the show
Joel's cobrasnake "girlfriend"
Another shot of her (on the right)
And the shot that horrified Joel (bad choppers?)

Be sure to visit thecobrasnake.com it rocks!

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April 26, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #10: A Touch of Cass

By popular demand, Joel's dream date from show #9, Cass, stops in. Yes, that's the teenage girl from the side of the road. She's actually a hot chick and Corey is stunned. Why did she did get into his car? What's with the tattoos? Can she name the Beatles? Will she ever "ride" with Joel again? Get to know our adorable new friend.

Cass Loves ToffifayJoel and Cass strike a pose

Right click here to download - 74 minutes, 30 megs

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April 20, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #9: Just Awful

We're sorry about this one folks. A suprise guest drops out and sends the show into a spiral of malaise. Then Joel reveals that the guest was going to be a crazy teenage chick he picked up in a traffic jam, and all hell breaks loose. Also included: bickering, obscure refrences, assaults on internet losers, Morning Zoos, the Nazi Pope and Toffifay consumption. Not our finest hour, but hey it's still free.

Right click here to download - 74 minutes, 30 megs

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April 18, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #8: PJ and CJ and JP

Our good friend and fellow comic PJ B. sits in, for a rowdy session of ball breaking hijinx. Corey and Joel deliver a "heartfelt" message to the podcasting community. We also discuss the ethnicity of Hanna Barbera characters, hell gigs, why dorks love us, TV jingles, the possiblity of a black Pope and we dish about famous comedy pricks we've met on the road.

PJ in studio !

Right click here to download - 75 minutes, 30 megs

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April 11, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #7: Flapjacks and Blackjack

This show is dominated by Bachelor party play by play, with breakdowns of stripper etiqutte, gambling tips, exotic dancer interns, stretch marks, how to be a stripper driver and more. And we reveal the weekend's biggest a--hole.

Right click here to download - 74 minutes, 30 megs

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April 08, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #6: Camilla Parker's Bones

On this episode, we bash Star Wars fandom, rant about Mitch Albom, dump on the royal wedding, Joel enjoys a Flav-or-ice,we list guys with girl's names,and pay tribute to Benny Hill.

Right click here to download - 75 minutes, 30 megs

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April 06, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #5: One Shining Bimbo

The funniest show yet by far! Corey gets a semi-famous girl's email address, is this the set-up for a hot date? We also finish up the Hot 65 Babe Bracket from show #4. Listen as Corey destroys Ashlee Simpson, and what upstart redhead actress makes a shock appearance in the final four? This show is hardcore funny.

Right click here to download - 72 minutes, 30 megs

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April 04, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #4: Racks and Brackets

The guys discuss bad radio formats, Joel's guilt about the Pope dying, Corey tells a lame Johnny Cochran Joke, Joel takes EW's pop culture quiz, technical gaffes and finally Corey makes his picks in the top 65 hot babe bracket.

Right click here to download - 74 minutes, 31 megs

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March 28, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #3: 15 Points for the Pope

Topics for this week: Corey and Joel recap the weekend, Corey's interesting take on Terry Schiavo, blocking the Fox News Channel, the state of Illinois, Geraldo Rivera, white trash in Florida, Toffifay, and the boys' 2005 Death Pool.

Here's a PDF of the 2005 Death Pool so you can play along

And here's the show! Right click here to download - 71 minutes, 28 megs

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March 23, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #2: The "Eat Betsy" show

Another day another goddamn podcast.

After receiving mixed reviews for the first, Corey Hall and I quickly whipped up the 2nd installment of the "Corey and Joel Radio Show".

This one's at more of a relaxed pace, but we still get some quality jabs in all the while. It's also named the "Eat Betsy Show". Why? Listen to the last 10 minutes, but be warned that it contains some major dirty words. I'd apologize, but it ain't even us saying them!

Topics include reactions to our first show, when news anchors marry, why I'm named Joel, when movie screenings go bad, and Pat O'Brien's rehab.

Right Click here to download - 75 minutes, 29 megs

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March 22, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #1: Is This Thing On?

Hey everyone, Corey Hall and I are debuting our new show, "The Corey and Joel Radio Show" right here on Joelthecomic.com. You can call it a podcast, if you want (because it is), but so many podcasts suck we're not proud of calling it one. Our first show has us carrying on about putting the show together, my ex-girlfriend, Don Imus looking like Frankenstein, Mexican TV, black comedians, Woody Allen, 60 Minutes, MTV and lots more.

Right Click here to download - 73 minutes, 33.4 megs

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