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April 22, 2010

Joel Radio #38: I Love Dickipedia

This week, Joel weighs in on the Kick Ass movie controversy. Is it too violent to be starring an 11-year-old girl? Was Roger Ebert right, or is the new big fat film critic, Harry Knowles, correct in his assertion that gun play and children go hand-in-hand? Plus, Joel's favorite story of 2010 so far, the impeding Larry King divorce. Seems Larry was banging the sister-in-law while the wife was fielding pop-ups with the Little League coach, all adding to one scandalous, amazing, and hilarious story. Also, Larry's criminal and marraige history explained - this guy's a piece of work! Listen for all the juicy details. Plus, the NFL draft is upon us which means Mel Kiper Jr. gets to be wrong some more! Hear a re-cap of his biggest f-ups ever on this show.

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Posted by joel at April 22, 2010 03:43 PM