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June 24, 2010

Joel Radio #42: Blowing the Vuvuzela

Joel Radio has World Cup fever. OK - now it passed. Actually, the USA Soccer win to claim the group title was really exciting and former associate Corey Hall was there to watch it unfold. The guys give a full post-game recap, including the revelation that Corey wanted to turn the game off in the final minutes! Then there are the more obvious things, like Algeria's faux-hawked homo players, the weirdness of the North Korean team, and the fact that most Americans still hate soccer. Also, the guys have a full rundown of last week's E3 video game conference, including thoughts on Microsoft & Sony's new motion controllers, the "new" XBox 360 and the complete awfulness that was the new Zelda. Plus, the summer movie season still sucks - even with Toy Story 3, Last Comic Standing returns, and what the world was waiting for - pretzel M&Ms.

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Posted by joel at June 24, 2010 08:00 PM