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July 29, 2010

Joel Radio #44: Free the Hostages

Joel Radio welcomes back one-time sports reporter Chill. Turns out Chillian Thomas (his real name!) has a new project, a comedy show called Comedy Held Hostage. Chill and his partners, Susan and Jared, discuss the origins of the show, plug their upcoming dates and tell the audience how to avoid getting hit by chairs. They also discuss the success (or failure) of Obama's administration, what really goes on at black barbershops and who does and doesn't tip. Plus, sex with celebrities, the pros and cons of Club Bart, and Joel recaps Juggalo Gathering memories - including the most outrageous moment of all time.

Right click here to download - 95 minutes, 44 megs

OR press the play button below and listen right now:

Susan, Jared and Chill pose in their team uniforms. Susan's face doesn't always look like that

Posted by joel at July 29, 2010 09:14 PM