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January 31, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #53: Eating's Not Cheating

Corey's old friend and show superfan Nadia stops by for the wildest 80 minutes in the history of podcasting. Nothing is off-limits as Nadia describes her swinging, bi-sexual lifestyle and her theories of what's cheating and what isn't. It's Jagermeister-fueled sex stories galore. She even describes a position so crazy that Joel must actually sketch it out on paper to understand. She's promptly disciplined for her bad behavior by taskmaster Corey - unfortunately, she loves it! Also a big new announcement, Sal's Superbowl pick and more. A must-listen show!

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 33 megs

The drinking and laughing leads to spanking.........
And Joel's awful sketch of Nadia's fantasy

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