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January 27, 2011

Joel Radio #55: Hyper-Dimensional Mega Gay

Just a note, halfway through this week's show, Joel called it "the worst show ever". He doesn't feel that way now that it's over. Maybe it was because Corey was bringing politics into a non-political discussion about Keith Olbermann. Maybe it's because Joel's grumpy after his fabulous mid-winter vacation. Not even the television departures of Regis Philbin and Larry King helped out Joel's mood much. But, the mood was finally lightened by discussing the sanctimonious self-importance of the TV show Glee, including it's creator calling out one of Joel's favorite rock bands. Does Glee thinks it owns all popular music now? Is everything fodder for a gay, high-school glee club re-make? Joel thinks the show has become the Special Olympics, while Corey think it's just too damn gay! Worst show ever? Listen and decide!

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Posted by joel at January 27, 2011 08:21 PM