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January 11, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #102: Gears of War Sucks

The arrival of the Xbox 360 to the studio has warmed the hearts of our hosts. The came the rental of Gears of War. Why does the years most critically-acclaimed game look like a giant pile of rubble? Why do all the characters talk like Jesse Ventura from Predator? What insecure small-penised douchebags play this crap? It's not all hate, as we love The Office, Lego Star Wars and HDTV. Except the View, a show with two stand-up comedians that's not funny at all. Speaking of not funny, what roles does Eugene Levy turn down? When can we expect from American Pie 36: The Prostate Exam? How did a super-funny guy end up doing such lame shit? Finally, Joel shows Corey his new internet pal, a super-cute girl with one leg.

Right click here to download - 76 minutes, 36 megs

Posted by joel at January 11, 2007 01:17 PM