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March 01, 2011

Joel Radio #57: Kirk Hit That

Eschewing the normal Oscar pre-show predictions, Joel Fragomeni and Corey Hall return with a post-Oscars wrap-up. It was largely a snoozer, with first-time hosts actors James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosting and demonstrating a lack of experience, and an inability to tell a joke - who knew!?! But the night was saved, in the comedic sense, by 94-year-old Kirk Douglas, who hogged the mike, mumbled incoherently, and generally acted like drunken old Grandpa giving a Christmas toast. A highlight of 2011 that won't soon be topped. Other low lights were Melissa Leo's acceptance speech, Jennifer Hudson speaking a foreign language (English!), and Florence badly needing her Machine. Also, Corey goes nuclear - hilariously melting down during a character actor quiz & the best news anyone's ever heard - unless you're Oprah.

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Joelradio's official proposal for the 2012 Oscar hosts. Make this happen!

Posted by joel at March 1, 2011 05:11 PM