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March 11, 2010

Joel Radio #34: Drugs, Alcohol, Death, Kitties

To the surprise of almost no one, another child star is dead at a young age. This time it's Corey Haim, who was one of 103 child stars named Corey in the 1980s. Joel examines the phenomenon of why child stars go bad, and how drug-related deaths of celebrities are treated by the media. Follow the long history of excuses and cover-ups to discover the only few "true" drug ODs in history. Its actually sad to hear the same excuses over and over, and not understand why these deaths are actually happening. Later, Joel reviews the 2009 Oscar ceremony. It was boring and, in hindsight, predictable. Joel thinks The Hurt Locker is overrated, and he's got his stats to prove it! Find out the history of War movies at the Oscars, and hear why the "Hurt Locker Ass Kiss Spectacular" will likely go down as a black mark in showbiz history. Plus, the Oscar prognosticators' results are in, and can Joel's cat sleep through an entire show?

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Posted by joel at March 11, 2010 05:02 PM