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November 03, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #39: You Can't Do That On Radio

On a very special show, Corey confronts the plague that is crippling the soul of America: VH1's "Celebreality." How badly will faded child stars degrade themselves for our amusement? When will we stop watching this crap? Then Joel re-lives the golden age of Nickeleodeon, when we were younger and all of their shows didn't blow ass. Next, it's a tender tribute to a fallen icon that just may be the most ofensive thing we've ever done. Other burning questions: Is Halloween a night for sluts? Is Sulu gay? What does UPN really stand for? Is Mo Rocca still Talking? Is Rita Cosby a man?

Right click here to download - 75 minutes, 31 megs

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