August 02, 2011


As of August 2, 2011, new episodes of Joel Radio will not show up on this website. Instead head over to to see the new site and all updated content.

If you are using iTunes or any podcatching program, it is also very important to update the RSS feed for the show so that you can get the new shows automatically. The new feed for the show is:

iTunes is supposed to automatically find the new RSS feed, but it may take up to two weeks, and you may miss a show in the meantime.

While will not be updated, the full archive of past shows and all content from this site is also now available at The new site features the ability to leave comments in the blog entry for each show, which is a feature many of you have asked for. I hope to read and respond to your comments and criticisms there.

So update your bookmarks and let's keep the douchey fun going on!!!

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May 07, 2011

Osama's TV!


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January 23, 2011

Joel Radio According to Wordle


Yeah, they pretty much got it right. Generate your own at

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June 18, 2010

Joel Radio Returns next week

Sorry for taking a few weeks away. I was busy working on some other projects. Really!

The plan is to do a new show the week of June 21st with Corey Hall guesting and featuring a full rundown of the E3 conference, a World Cup update, and we might even see what assholes are currently on Chat Roulette - I know a lot of you liked that segment last time.

Catch you all next week!

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January 07, 2010

No show, but..............

Sadly, Joel is sick, so there won't be a new show this week. The good news is that what Joel got and how he got it is pretty funny and will make for a good story, so tune in next week for that.

Thanks and happy 2010.

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December 17, 2009

Laugh-A-Palooza starring Joel this weekend!

It's a big weekend for comedy, as Joel hosts Laugh-A-Palooza at the Palace of Auburn Hills in suburban Detroit, Saturday December 19th at 7:30 PM. The show also features comedians Dan Grueter, Bill Squire, Dwayne Gill and Ben Konstantin. You can click here to download a discount coupon that will get you in for cheap, buy tickets directly here, and more info is available at the the Palacenet site right here.

Joel takes the stage at 7:30 PM sharp, so don't be late!

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November 05, 2009

No show this week, but listen to this

Due to stand-up related travels, there won't be a new Joel Radio posted this week. However, there is something cool you can listen to, and that is John Tenney's podcast The Oddist. John's got an interview with myself and Harry Artin Berbarian on his most recent show. It's really funny too, with talk of conspiracies, UFOs, online dating and toothless squirrels. Here's a direct link, with Harry and I coming in at the 42:00 minute mark. John was always a great guest on Corey and Joel Radio, so give him the ol' reacharound and listen to The Oddist - you won't regret it.

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August 03, 2009

No show this week, here's why.......

This week, I'm off once again to perform at the Gathering of the Juggalos in southern Illinois. Because I'm leaving early in the week there's no time to produce a show, but if you haven't listened to last week's show with the return of Corey, it's a must-listen, so check that out. That also means no UFC 101 picks with Steve Sabo, but we'll be back at it for UFC 102.

Also, watch the Gathering "infomercial" below. You'll get a feel for what this crazy event is (I'm in the video for a second), and you'll see that I'll have some great stories for next week's show. It's a bit of a viral hit on the web already, too. It's worth the 14 minutes, trust me!

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April 16, 2009

Corey and Joel Live Comedy Shows this weekend

Corey and Joel are co-headlining this weekend at the All Star Comedy Club in Allen Park, MI. Here's the details:

-Friday April 17th & Saturday April 18th at 9PM each night
- All Star Comedy Club is located at the Thunderbowl Lanes 2400 Allen Road, Allen Park, MI.
- Call 313.583.3137 for reservations or email us at the regular address above for more details

Hope to see you there!

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December 05, 2007

Kwaanzakkah - A Festival of Lights and Blacks

Yes, it's the next Corey and Joel live event and it's just a few days away. It's a stand-up show live from the legendary Club Bart in Ferndale, MI. This time it features all new comics to the show, and not just average comics - it's the best Jewish and African-American comics we know. We'll have some special guests on there, too. So join us live on the 13th if you can, or listen in for the podcast a week later. Peep the poster below:


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August 25, 2007

Corey and Joel on WKRK 97.1 FM this weekend

Just the final details on the shows this weekend on the actual radio, 97.1 Free FM in Detroit. Tonight, Saturday Aug.25th, we follow the Lions game coverage, from around 11:00pm to 1:00am. Tomorrow, Sunday, we're on from 11pm to 1am. The call in number is 248.559.9797 if you want to chat with us.

While we're told the shows will NOT stream live, we will attempt to get podcast versions for later, though we can't guarantee that.

If you would like to hear us on the station more often, you should tell the station directly by filling out the form on this page:

Thanks to all!

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January 06, 2007

Official 2009 Fan Death Pool Draft Rules

Rules for The Corey and Joel Radio Show Fan Death Pool 2009

- This may seem complicated, but it's really not. We're just trying to make it as close to the Death Pool we do on the show. Here's a link to the Official Fans’ Death Pool list from 2008:

And the 2009 studio draft results:

And to listen to this year’s in-studio draft show here:

- Choose AT LEAST 30 celebrities (a celebrity will be defined below). Rank them in order from 1 - 30 (or however many you choose) based on the order that you feel they are most likely to die, with #1 being the most likely. You should choose at least 30 but can include more if you want, but please no more than 1 full typed page. You MUST assign everyone a rank to every celebrity that is on your list. The number of players on your final official list (as determined by the draft) will be 20 or possibly lower depending on how many people enter. You need not list the ages of the celebrities, we will look that up for you. IF YOU ENTERED IN 2008 YOU MAY KEEP UP TO THREE NAMES FROM LAST YEAR’S LIST. Just list them in the top 3 spots on your list and put an asterisk (*) next to their name to indicate a keeper pick. You can keep only 1 or 2 names if you want as well. You will forgo an opening round of the draft for every keeper you keep. Therefore if you keep 3 names your first “new” pick will be in round four.

- A celebrity, for our purposes, will be someone who's death will be reported as news on a national level in the United States. This disqualifies anyone famous elsewhere, like foreign heads of state,
unless they're famous worldwide like Tony Blair, Putin, etc. This would also disqualify most foreign sports stars, actors, singers, and TV personalities who are not famous in the US. You MAY NOT choose anyone who is sentenced to or awaiting execution. You may choose those who are wanted dead, but not captured like Osama bin Laden. Prisoners sentenced to life in prison are acceptable picks such as Charles Manson or Scott Peterson. Celebrities' spouses, parents and children are generally not acceptable as celebs, unless they're famous on their own like Dana Reeve or Earl Woods.

- We will randomly draw names to select the draft order. If you are first, then you guarantee that you get the 1st name on your list. If, for example, 2 people pick Dick Clark as their #1 choice, the person
drafting first gets Dick Clark and the second person would get their #2 pick (or whomever is the next available). No two players will have the same celebrity on their final list (as determined by the draft), so this why ranking is very important!

- The points system is subtracting the celebrity's age at their death from 100. For example, Gerald Ford was 93 at hit his death (in 2006), 100-93=7, so Ford netted Corey 7 points. The highest point total at the end of the year wins. In the event of a tie, there will be co-winners. It is too hard to agree on a tie-breaker - youngest death? Number of deaths? Highest draft picks?

- Send you entries in to us at the regular email address of If you want to send in your list as an attachment, that is OK but please use a .txt format.

- Send your entries in NO LATER than noon EST on January 14, 2009. No celebrity death will be counted in the fan Death Pool unless it occurs after January 14th 2009. We know some people may die before January 14th, but that's the only fair way to do it.

- You may pick celebrity on any of our lists on the show from any year we've done it, or even after you hear the 09 show.

- The contest is open to anyone in the world that wants to play, not necessarily our fans or mailing list subscribers. So yeah, your mom can play or friends at the office or whatever.

- The prize for first place is fuck all except bragging rights, tons of mentions on the show, and who knows what else.

- Make sure to include your name and email addy on the list itself, too! Here's brief sample list:

Joel Fragomeni's (
Death Pool list:

1. Dick Clark
2. Osama bin Laden
3. Jerry Lewis
4. Larry King
5. Mike Tyson
6. Nancy Reagan
30. 50 Cent

- That's about it

Any other questions, let us know!

Happy morbid New Year and thanks for listening,

Corey and Joel

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August 10, 2005

The short version of show #57

While we try to make each show so that it will fit onto a CD we couldn't stop talking this time. Therefore, we created a special "Short" version of the show. We cut it from 88 minutes to 79 minutes by removing the break song, and then changing the "tempo" of the file in Audacity. Basically, it's playing back 6% faster, but it is pitched down so the voices sound "normal". You don't lose any of the converasation this way. It's not perfect, but if you MUST make a CD, then click here to download.

If you're not making a CD and just playing on the computer or on an iPod then just use the regular file here. Thanks.

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August 09, 2005

The mailing list is here!

Finally, I know we've been going on about it, but the Corey and Joel Radio Show Mailing List is here!

Just click on this link and follow the instructions to get on the list.

With every show we post you'll get an email notification as well as links to exclusive content like pictures, members-only shows and other good stuff. And we won't send you spam either.

If you're a hardcore fan, you MUST be on the list. You don't want to miss out on what we have planned for our fans.

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May 02, 2005

The Corey and Joel FAQ arrives

Want to know more about Corey, Joel or the show? Want to to know how to listen to the show or what the hell an RSS feed is? Then you'll need the Corey and Joel FAQ.

What's with the Toffifay? Queensryche? What the hell is this show? All answers are right here.

If your Q isn't A'd, then send it to us at

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April 26, 2005

The two part Show #66

Here's links to the two part show #66. If you're not burning CDs, then there's really no reason to use this version.

Here's part 1 - 29 minutes - Up to the break with just Corey, Joel and Laura.


Here's part 2 - 58 minutes - From after the break when Kristina joins and later Steffanie. This is when it gets crazy.


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April 04, 2005

Hot 65 Babe Brackets

Hey here's a PDF if the "Hot 65 Babe Bracket" I came up with for the Corey and Joel Radio Show. This is a take on the NCAA Basketball tournament, with hot actresses and celebrities instead of basketball teams. You can listen to Corey make his selections on show 4 and on future podcasts.

Download file

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March 09, 2005

Join the Corey and Joel Mailing List

Put your email in the box below to get notified everytime a new show is posted. You'll also gain access to exclusive content like pictures, special shows and whatever the hell else we can think of to keep you entertained. Your email will not be sold or transmitted in any way to spammers. You'll simply get an email notifying you of a new show and receive links to all our "special" content.

Remember to follow the directions in the email that you'll be automatically sent to complete your subscription.

Thanks for being a fan.

Corey and Joel


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January 04, 2005

The original Death Pool show for 2007

Here's the link for the attempted-to-be-restored Death Pool show. It's probably worse in the beginning than the middle or near the end, so skip around and you might just enjoy it. There's no way we could release it like this, hence the replacement show, but we know some of you want to give it a shot so here it is:

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