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March 21, 2011

Joel Radio #58: An Unfunny Situation

Comedy ain't easy. This show will be an example of that. That's not a reference to Joel, co-host Corey Hall or the quality of this week's show. Instead, it's a reference to Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino of MTV's Jersey Shore, who appeared at last week's Donald Trump Roast and laid a giant egg. You'll hear the clips, the guys' analysis, and decide for yourself if he's really the unfunny douche on display - or if it was just a joke played on him by the producers of the show. Joel thinks the other comics are complicit in his bombing, but YOU decide! Also, Joel's early favorites for Asshole of the Year 2011, the bully video that proves that white trash are even in Australia, a Celebrity Apprentice debate and more. Plus, it's movie madness as Corey reviews Paul and Limitless, and Joel loves Win Win and great batch of new films on DVD and Blu-ray.

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March 01, 2011

Joel Radio #57: Kirk Hit That

Eschewing the normal Oscar pre-show predictions, Joel Fragomeni and Corey Hall return with a post-Oscars wrap-up. It was largely a snoozer, with first-time hosts actors James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosting and demonstrating a lack of experience, and an inability to tell a joke - who knew!?! But the night was saved, in the comedic sense, by 94-year-old Kirk Douglas, who hogged the mike, mumbled incoherently, and generally acted like drunken old Grandpa giving a Christmas toast. A highlight of 2011 that won't soon be topped. Other low lights were Melissa Leo's acceptance speech, Jennifer Hudson speaking a foreign language (English!), and Florence badly needing her Machine. Also, Corey goes nuclear - hilariously melting down during a character actor quiz & the best news anyone's ever heard - unless you're Oprah.

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Joelradio's official proposal for the 2012 Oscar hosts. Make this happen!

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