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April 26, 2011

Joel Radio #60: Steampunk Convention

It was recently Record Store Day. No, keep reading, I promise it won't be THAT boring. Anyway, Corey recently shopped one of the last remaining indie record shops in Detroit and came away both satisfied and sad about that industry's decline. That leads Joel to ponder the future of technology, get nostalgic about the beginnings of podcasting, and actually be optimistic about where everything is going. For example, Joel recently checked out online music service MOG, and found it, with a few reservations, to be compelling. Listen for a LIVE Android demo! Also, a big TV rundown with Joel taking in AMC's The Killing and HBO's Game of Thrones, while Corey revels his hopes and fears for the end of Steve Carrell's run on The Office. Plus, Corey gives the history of comic books, Joel takes a trip through Portal 2, and BioWare rules - Bethesda sucks.

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April 08, 2011

Joel Radio #59: Charlie & Arthur

More bombing in Detroit, and this time it's not from Joel or Corey, as Charlie Sheen decided to launch a US "comedy" tour and found the Motor City less than welcoming. Actually, it was so bad Charlie probably wished he was "The Situation" at the Trump Roast. This week, Joel & Corey break down how and why Charlie cooked up a mega-bomb, the lack of planning and preparation, and why the opening act comic is not to blame. Also, the guys break down the state of morning television, Corey defends The Celebrity Apprentice and Joel is thisclose to being in a major comedy film. Plus, A movie round-up as Joel likes Hanna and Source Code, Corey is freaked out by Your Highness, and all people, animals and most houseplants absolutely hate the new Arthur.

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