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July 30, 2009

Joel Radio #8: F, Marry, Kill

Q. What could possibly bring Corey Hall back to the world of podcasting? A. FOX TV's new fat girl dating show "More to Love". Corey and Joel rundown the twenty female contestants on the new, fatter version of "The Bachelor", rating each girl on the "F, marry, kill" scale - that being who's good enough for the one-night stand, who you'd consider making your wife, and who you'd rather do their tax return rather than actually make out with. It's a surprising survey, done in the most hilarious, mean-spirited way. Find out how many of these chubbies the guys would actually take out for a pizza - the number might surprise you! It's classic Corey and Joel, back for this week only. Also, Anthony Bourdain visits Detroit (it's better than Baltimore!), Professor Gates is a noodnik, and the real reason Corey left the show is finally revealed.

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July 23, 2009

Joel Radio #7: Erin & The Eel Man

Returning from his previous appearances on Corey and Joel Radio and The Funhouse, Harry Artin stops by to join Joel for 60 minutes of radio fun. Harry has left New York City for good and is proud to be in Michigan - a place he loves as much for its sub shops as well as its booming economy. Harry details his appearances on Jerry Springer, The Anna Nicole Show, and MTV and unveils his plan to return to stand-up comedy, a career he previously left "like a bat out of hell". Also, somebody shot ESPN's Erin Andrews naked (and it wasn't Joel), the dumb blonde on Big Brother is just that, and Corey Hall joins in on the phone discussing Harry's managerial prowess, or lack thereof.

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July 16, 2009

Joel Radio #6: Houseful of Beige

After solving the David Carradine case back on Show #2, Detective Joel returns to put his spin on the Michael Jackson case. Actually, Joel doesn't know what the hell happened, but lays out the possible case for murder and explains why he's not setting up an appointment with Dr. Conrad Murray anytime soon. Also, Big Brother returns and it's as stupid as ever. That's good news for Joel, and even though he'd end up in the "Brains" clique, he's not smart enough to figure out the ethnicity or even the sex of some of the houseguests. Plus, UFC clairvoyance and controversy, and the best videogames of this generation - the "cheapskate Joel" Top 5.

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Can you guess which "team" these players are on? Didn't think so.

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July 09, 2009

Joel Radio #5: Everything's Strange

The whole world watched Michael Jackson's memorial service this week. And the whole world saw Magic Johnson be a mushmouth, Brooke Shields' epic comedy failure, and Rev. Al Sharpton be an asshole. There were some touching moments, too and you can re-live them all on this show. Joel plays the highlights and lowlights of the 3-hour event, including the performance so bad they should have thrown it in the casket with Mike. So put on one glove, paint your head like Jermaine, and get a bucket of KFC, because this is one heck of a show. Also, comedian Steve Sabo calls in from the edge of civilization to pick the UFC 100 winners, talk about his recent trip to Iraq, and why old ladies might soon be loving his comedy.

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July 02, 2009

Joel Radio #4: He Had a Stroke

Like everywhere else, the death of Michael Jackson is a big story at JoelRadio. Especially here, since MJ was a big score in the Death Pool! So checking in this week, is the man who had the foresight to draft the once-black pop star, Corey Hall. Taking time out from his semi-retirement, Corey understandably boasts about his accomplishments - he also had Farrah Fawcett! - and how this really is his year to win. The former partners also mourn the untimely death of commercial king Billy Mays, and one of show business's biggest puchlines meets his end as well. Plus, remembering the King of Pop's molestation legacy, how the press got the coverage of his death wrong, and the history of Michael Jackson humor, fresh and updated for 2009.

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