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June 25, 2009

Joel Radio #3: Shrek Heads

You'd like to think that whatever hobby you spent your time and money on, that it might eventually pay some dividends down the road. We're not talking about podcasting here, instead we're talking about Joel's 1990s crack-like addiction to Laserdiscs. But does a large collection of classic films and cartoons on the now-defunct format equal a big eBay payday in 2009? Comedian and eBay expert, Steve Bills stops by to evaluate Joel's collection, and let him know if there's a trip to the bank, or a trip to the dumpster in his future. Also, Playboy hits an all-time low, Perez Hilton is an asshole, and Ed McMahon is laughing all the way to his grave.

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June 18, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #222: Hello Goodbye

Finally! After five weeks, Corey Hall returns to the show. And it's pretty much old times - he still hates Leno, still experiments with wacky soft drinks, and still fights with Joel. Corey explains his absence, the future of the Corey and Joel Radio show and why Land of the Lost was really THAT bad. Plus, Joel gets a PS3 and loves it, how to pick up girls in 2009, and World of Warcraft flavored Mountain Dew might taste good in Azeroth, but not here.

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June 11, 2009

Joel Radio #2: Hands Free

Another solo shot from Joel, but a good one. Joel believes he's cracked the sad case of the death of David Carradine and he's here to tell all. Was it suicide, murder or something else? Joel's got insight no one else has published publicly, and it just might change your mind about what happened - or it might just change your mind about Joel. Also, it's a battle of the comedies at the box office and Joel checks in with his opinion on The Hangover, Land of the Lost and why re-hashing old franchises isn't all it's cracked up to be. Plus, comedian and "MMA Expert", Steve Sabo, gives his picks for UFC 99. All that, and Joel sets out his new fitness goal - and it's something he's already accomplished!

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June 04, 2009

Joel Radio #1: Why Not?

After having two week's on no Corey and Joel Radio Show, Joel has taken it upon himself to do a solo show this week, so enjoy! It was a big week in late-night TV as Jay Leno leaves, Conan debuts and Jimmy Fallon - well, we'd tell you what Jimmy Fallon did if we actually watched. Find out who got the bigger ratings, why Andy Richter can't sit on the couch and why Leno's choice of final guest was almost two decades in the making. Also, the big E3 video game conference took place this past week. Hear Joel's picks of the best and the worst from the show; where the Beatles appeared, Sony kicked Nintendo in the nuts, and why Joel now thinks he's buying a PS3. Plus, Bruno & Eminem's stunt was staged and still not funny.

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