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June 29, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #75: Che Cazzo Vuoi

Top show goomba and football prognosticator Sal DeMilio returns for the show's diamond anniversary. With no football games to pick, Sal opines about the mess on The View, World Cup drunkenness, and saving Screech's house. Then get a lesson in Italian curse words that will serve you well. Ever wanted to know how to say "a thousand dicks in your ass" to a dago? Listen in to find out. We also review Superman Returns and the new Pirates of the Carribean movie, we meet Sal's hot girlfriend, and Corey says goodbye to a special friend with the douchiest singing ever.

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 31 megs

Sal and prize pose for a pic

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June 22, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #74: Where's Fred Travalena?

Everbody's favorite, Bill Bushart returns to spar with the guys on show 74. First, Bill pimps his sister-in-law to Corey, and proposes a completely nude show. Will the guys agree? Then learn about Bill's upcoming gigs and find out why moving up the comedy ladder pays little or no money. Ponder the pure suck of Last Comic Standing and find out how to help one of our own advance. Also answered are other comedy questions like does being a badass mean Joe Rogan's not funny anymore? How awful will the Rosie O'Donnell View be? How bad was the Facts of Life? Also, America's World Cup failure, Bill's Death Pool failure, Joel's "big announcement", movie studios snub Corey, gay showtunes and the juggalo lifestyle.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 33 megs

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June 14, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #73: Some Time to Kill

On this show, Nigel Rosenblum makes a brief appearance to gloat about his success in the Death Pool, but the death of dickbag terrorist al-Zarqawi puts Joel back in the race. Find out why Nacho Libre sucks, Family Circus sucks and why Yogi Bear never ate the park ranger. Then take a box-office quiz with Corey and find out which Hollywood no-talents actually hosted the Oscars. Also, meet the gayest man at Pridefest - a fan of a rival podcast - and listen in as the bickering begins. As a special bonus, Corey reveals which Hollywood ex-fatso is his new crush.

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 33 megs

Get the updated 2006 Death Pool list by clicking here

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June 08, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #72: Pride and Prejudice

This week, Corey and Joel go undercover at Pridefest 2006, Michigan's largest gay event. Listen as the guys interview drag queens, rough-riding leathermen, and gay Republicans. They even get hit on by "bears" and giant trannies. Will Corey and Joel join the Gay Games? Will they bust out a show tune with the gay choir? Meet local celebrities like the Mayor of Ferndale and Edith Uranus. Yes, Edith Uranus. Maybe Edith can join the Star Trek Starfleet. Yes, Star Trek goes gay. You must hear this to believe it. It's fun, erm, gay time on this show.

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 33 megs

Corey with Mr. Leather (above), and Joel meets Edith Uranus (below)

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