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July 27, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #79: Play (With Yourself) Mania

It's your favorite comedy podcast's favorite subject on show #79 - TV, and lots of it. The guys look back on the golden era of 80's detective shows and try to figure out who had the better mustache, Magnum P.I. or Matt Houston. Then, the summer reality shows are dissected including the Oksana Baiul-starred (and possibly cancelled) Master of Champions and everybody's favorite to goof on, Big Brother. Joel give his favorite shows to watch "solo", including old favorite Three's Company, but why the hell is it on at such weird times? Also, sure signs for boyfriends to know that their girl is leaving and goodbye to TV's late-night hatchet-face, Tina Fey.

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July 19, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #78: No Love For a Ninja

It's that time of year again, and Joel is broken, sore and worn out from working as Upchuck the Clown at the Gathering of the Juggalos. Did this year live up to the usual psycho debauchery or was it a wash out? Why do grown ass men run around in clown makeup? As Joel explains why he's still down with the clowns, Corey demonstrates that he's the biggest ICP hater around. One thing they can agree on is that the new Superman movie is weak, even in IMAX 3D. In a weak summer for the movies, can Clerks 2 survive, and what is that old fossil Woody Allen doing chasing after Scarlett Johannsen? As the difference between Geeks and Juggalos is debated, Joel breaks out a lengthy shout out list to thank all his swell new homies like "Pickle" and "Schitzo". Plus, Joel's pro wrestling announcing debut and why comics can't hang with the juggalos.

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July 10, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #77: Slice The Banana

The dog days of summer leads to a a relaxed, old school funny show. We break down a checklist of dating protocol, as Joel lays out the surefire tail getting secrets. Corey's suggestion? Don't get in a fistfight on a first date. Then we share our undying love of Russian floozy Oksana Baiul and her mind blowing work on the instant classic summer "Master of Champions". Oh how we love that little drunken angel. After the break we dive into the unbelievable world of Craigslist postings. Anyone had a "missed connection" with a lady sporting a Harley tattoo lately? Also, botched bocce, World Cup boredom and a Juggalo Gathering preview.

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July 05, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #76: I Need a Donkey Show

Celebrate the short, post 4th of July week, with Corey, Joel and old pal and comic PJ. Find out who can ruin a day out at the movies (you probably know already), and why Joel won't go on a Friday. Then, it's World Cup mania as Joel's Italian family celebrates with the old country; and panic in Detroit as Steve Yzerman retires and Ben Wallace takes his 'Fro elsewhere. Also, find out which member of the cast really isn't into masturbation anymore and who beats off to HGTV. Plus, picking up chicks on planes, people who ruin parties, and dozens of beautiful newswomen - and one ugly one.

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