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January 27, 2011

Joel Radio #55: Hyper-Dimensional Mega Gay

Just a note, halfway through this week's show, Joel called it "the worst show ever". He doesn't feel that way now that it's over. Maybe it was because Corey was bringing politics into a non-political discussion about Keith Olbermann. Maybe it's because Joel's grumpy after his fabulous mid-winter vacation. Not even the television departures of Regis Philbin and Larry King helped out Joel's mood much. But, the mood was finally lightened by discussing the sanctimonious self-importance of the TV show Glee, including it's creator calling out one of Joel's favorite rock bands. Does Glee thinks it owns all popular music now? Is everything fodder for a gay, high-school glee club re-make? Joel thinks the show has become the Special Olympics, while Corey think it's just too damn gay! Worst show ever? Listen and decide!

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January 23, 2011

Joel Radio According to Wordle


Yeah, they pretty much got it right. Generate your own at Wordle.net

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January 13, 2011

Joel Radio #54: America's Next Top Critics

If the guys hadn't given you enough lists with the last two shows, this week's show is dedicated to the best movies of 2010. Well, it's Joel and Corey's favorite movies of 2010, a detail that will be oft repeated throughout the show. Where Corey is largely in lock step with the critical mass, Joel's list is more unusual and documentary heavy - although one film is described as being "middlebrow" by Corey, starting a furious debate. Corey also picks a curious #2 selection, a film that Joel sees as Corey's ultimate fantasy life, and Corey agrees! Will your favorites make the list? Where can I see some of these obscure pics? How many films feature naked boobs? It's a spirited 2+ hours full of fun viewing suggestions that film geeks, and even non-film geeks will enjoy.

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