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April 30, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #219: She Made Me a Radio

Corey and Joel are great guys. See, it's not even Black History Month, and Chill is back in the studio. Actually, they love Chill anytime, and America's favorite actor/comic/museum tour guide is in rare form on this show. He might might be upset about the guys replaying his hilarious flop at the Corey and Joel Roast, or maybe Joel's questioning of the exhibits at the African-American History Museum, but before it's over there's insults, accusations and hurt feelings all around. Before all of that, Chill tells us who's hot in hip-hop, why Michael Jackson is still the king, and why eating chicken is somehow racist - and Corey and Joel love chicken. Also, Chill finally gets Joel's joke, Corey on the biggest flicks of the summer, the mayor gets robbed and why white people love tribute bands.

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Chill and Joel are about to fight over JJ's hat

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April 23, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #218: Five Good Songs

This week, it's a show of musical memories. Spurned on by announcer Rob Rose's recent wedding and the disappointing DJ, the guys reminisce about some of the worst concerts they've ever seen, some cheesy acts that get popular for some reason, and exactly how many good songs The Cure actually have. Joel reveals the shame of his first real concert, and why he's still mad he had to miss half of it. Also, the guys handicap this year's Lollapalooza line-up - one that makes them long for the line-ups of yesteryear. Plus, Alaska looks like fun, a ShamWow test, jokes that don't work anymore, and Andre the Giant takes dump - and Corey has never laughed harder.

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April 16, 2009

Corey and Joel Live Comedy Shows this weekend

Corey and Joel are co-headlining this weekend at the All Star Comedy Club in Allen Park, MI. Here's the details:

-Friday April 17th & Saturday April 18th at 9PM each night
- All Star Comedy Club is located at the Thunderbowl Lanes 2400 Allen Road, Allen Park, MI.
- Call 313.583.3137 for reservations or email us at the regular address above for more details

Hope to see you there!

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Corey and Joel Radio Show #217: Live From The Mudhouse

It's catch-up time on the show and this week as the guys, through the power of telephony, re-connect with some past guest. First up is comedian Russ Brown who's mid-way through a 1-year civilian contract job in Iraq. Russ tells his wacky stories from the base, his history of preforming for foreigners and how he's only had to dodge two rockets. Also, Jodi and Jamie check in live from LA, where they made their Comedy Store debut. Predictably, some male comics want to "take them on the road". Bring some earplugs, guys. Plus, Joel's unexpected family reunion in the U.P., Hulk Hogan is crazy (or stupid or both), the Amazing Race gets good again, and big weekend of comedy coming up for Corey and Joel.

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April 08, 2009

"Observe and Report" Movie Review

Is this "Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2" or something better? The guys saw it and let you know:

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Corey and Joel Radio Show #216: Breaking The Sound Wave

If you listened to the live show from the Comedy Castle two weeks ago, you heard an an unplanned invasion by two girls named Jodi and Jamie. Well now they've invaded the actual Corey and Joel studio, and the show may never be the same. Amongst their yelling, screaming, and singing, the guys try to get to get the girls' back story, their plans for future Hollywood stardom, and their measurements. Turns out Jamie is less than five foot tall, is in psychotherapy and is totally afraid to fly. Jodi has a gold tooth, wears men's athletic socks and and is a cup size "L". Whatever that means. Listen as the girls swig champagne, sing their sexy student-teacher song/skit, and plug the heck out of their YouTube videos. It's 99 minutes of noise, chaos and confusion. Try to have as much fun as those two, but that just might be impossible.

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Jamie and Jodi are completely exhausted from talking, yet they continue

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April 02, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #215: Sing Like Bing

The guys are back in the studio after the last two weeks of remotes. And what shows they were, as Corey and Joel recap what went down on the shows, play an entertaining off-air fight and ponder the possibility of booking the wacky J&J girls for a future appearance. Also on the comedy tip, it's a battle of the real Sam Kinison vs the actor playing him in a new biopic. Hear them both perform one of Sam's classic bits and decide if "Jack Black Lite" has the chops to pull it off. Plus, the possibility of a future live show in one of the most remote places on earth - if the money's right, Rob Rose's last night as a "warrior", and all roads lead to The Beatles - according to Joel.

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