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March 25, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #214: DICF 2009 - Best of Detroit

It's the second night of coverage from The Detroit International Comedy Festival at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle in Royal Oak, MI. It's a night of old friends and some new ones, like comedy legend Geechy Guy. Geechy is best known for his amazing string of victories on the original Star Search and multiple appearances with Jay Leno. And, while Corey and Joel didn't know it, he's also a Detroit native. Listen as Geechy recounts his start in comedy, his celebrity run-ins on The Tonight Show, and his current project a two-man show with another C&J friend. Also, Dave Bell must have sense humor with his current day job; Keith Lenart gets bumped for a bigger star, but at least he's big in Beloit; Mike Bobbitt makes up with Joel; Bob Phillips makes bombs, but not on stage; Brian Kalackie is still not rich despite Joel's bead endorsement; and comic Dave Dyer and festival co-organizer Kevin Wheeler get invaded by the two-headed monster known as Jodi and Jamie. Plus, show fave Bill Hildebrandt is back on dry land, and Mike Bonner makes an appearance, too.

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Geechy Guy stops by and Sharon Stone is nowhere to be seen

Mike Bobbitt seems happier about burying the hatchet than Joel

Jodi and Jamie almost stopped talking long enough to take this picture

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March 18, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #213: DICF 2009 - Best of the East Coast

It's Corey and Joel live (almost) from The Detroit International Comedy Festival 2009 at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle in Royal Oak, MI. This being the "Best of the East Coast" night the guys have lots of new comedians and friends to chat with, and some old friends, too. Actor Matt Servitto, a Detroit native and Sopranos co-star stops by to chat about his time on "the show", reminisce about the old neighborhood and tells Joel to never, ever wear Mardi Gras beads again. A real Italian should know better, right? There's lots of laughs with the comics, too, as DC's Clay Miles talks fast-food with Corey; Jason Marcus exposes rental car rip-offs and web-porn gross-outs; Peter Bowers brings an English flair, but says the Beatles weren't funny; Selena Coppock hates improv (yea!); Steve Macone may or may not have a website; The Showoff Show juggles headbands, chainsaws and early-morning flights; and NYC's JL Cauvin justs wants you to come see him at Caroline's. There's some Detroit flavor, too, as Martin Butler triumphs at a recent show, Ben Konstantin prepares to rock the festival again and Steve Bills refuses to let stand-up cut into his eBay time.

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Matt Servitto with the guys - notice no beads on Joel

Selena Coppack in a Joel & Corey sandwich

One more porn story and Jason Marcus gets it

The Showoff Show guys rock the juicebox

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March 12, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #212: Funny For Free

Most comedians aren't rich. They work for little money most of the time, and sometimes even perform for free. Then there's Jay Leno, who's actually a rich comedian - and he's performing for free, in Detroit anyway. It seems Leno wants to do a free show in Detroit to pay back the unemployed auto workers for their hard work assembling the vehicles that now sit in Jay's massive car collection in L.A. It's a nice gesture, but Detroit's long history of racial politics is getting in the way and Corey breaks down the whole ridiculous history of the Detroit city council, the suburbs vs the city feud and how it's amazing that black people are now claiming to be Jay Leno fans. Later, comedian Mike Green calls in. Mike's attempting to get comedians (who aren't Leno) to stick together to get better treatment from club owners and bookers, only to have some guys roll over and accept the peanuts they're thrown. Should Joel join the cause? Listen and make up your own mind. Also, Dancing With the Stars vs American Idol - what's more gay?, Corey's movie roundup and much more in this jam-packed show.

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March 05, 2009

Corey and Joel Radio Show #211: Fallon Flops

As he says on show #211, Joel has 36 years of television experience - well, watching TV anyway. So who better to judge the late night debut of Jimmy Fallon's new talk show on NBC. Joel gives his prediction of when the show will end its run on NBC, while Corey isn't offended as as he has been by 17 years of Jay Leno. Hear the guys ultimate predictions for the latest round of late night wars, why Corey loves Craig Ferguson, and why no one believes Jimmy Kimmel's Uncle Frank is really that stupid. Also, Corey reviews the latest comic book would-be blockbuster, Watchmen, and show legend Nadia calls in with her newest drunken, rock & roll, lesbian story and explains why Corey is coughing through the entire show. NSFW, but it never is!

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