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January 31, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #158: The Essence of Our Elders

After a very long time, good friend and great comic Steve Brewer returns to the show. Steve performed at last week's Comedy Fest as well as sharing an entire weekend of work with Joel, so he's full of good stories. Like what comic nearly ruined the weekend by going over his time? And how did a kindly 90-year-old man help Joel have one of his best shows ever? And how did the old fart prevent Joel from getting laid? Also, Brewer's road comic piss dilemma, more Cloverfield discussion, and Corey & Joel have one of the most intense fights ever - but it's not over women, money or power - it's over candy.

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January 21, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #157: Live from the Fest

Corey and Joel are live from the 1st annual Detroit International Comedy Festival at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle on this special show. The guys sit down with all the stars of the show, like headliner Mike Green. Mike details his 22-year rise to stardom and the four wives it took to get him there. He describes being the subject of a new documentary, the genesis of his material and how he tries not to sound like Dane Cook. Then you'll meet relative newcomer Dave Landau, who's made appearances on Comedy Central and Last Comic Standing. Even with his success, Dave still has to take 3AM flight to his Carribean honeymoon. What's the itenerary Detroit to Nassau via Stockholm? Dave's a good sport and a good comic. We also catch up with performers and old friends Keith Ruff, Bill Hildebrandt and Bill Bushart. Find who got banned from a club and why, who hated their Festival set and who won't allow Joel back at his house for a party. Also, club owner and comedy legend Mark Ridley stops by, a check bounces (not Mark's!) and the best Jay Leno and Kevin Eubanks impressions - ever.

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Hanging with Mike Green (above) and Bill Bushart (below)

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January 17, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #156: The Fest and the Rest

It's a special show this week, as Corey and Joel preview the first annual Detroit International Comedy Festival. They're joined in this by festival organizer/comedian/Corey and Joel Roaster, Kevin Wheeler. Kevin runs down the line-up which features Corey, Joel, tons of past guest comics from the show and even Full House-alumnus Dave Coulier. Kevin describes the challenges of bringing the festival to fruition as the guys detail their plans of covering the festival for the show. But that's not all, as Joel recommends his favorite new reality show, Parking Wars, which sends Corey into a tizzy. Seems he hates parking enforcement officers more than Al Queda. Is it just white-liberal rage, or is there some justification? Also, find out if the new sci-fi dorkfest flick Cloverfield is worth your time and hard earned pesos. Corey's suggestion - sit far, far away.

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Fest postersmall.jpg
Click here for a larger version of the festival flyer

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January 10, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #155: The Songs of the 70s

In their first "real" show show of 2008 (after the Death Pool) the guys recap their respective New Years Eves. While both did gigs and both got caught in the snow, only Joel rang in the new year miserable, cold, alone, and scared - the same way he spent most of 2007. Also, the fan Death Pool draft went down with increased participation and just a little bit of controversy. Who chose obscure BBC actors? Who hates old baseball coaches? Who tried to draft all four Golden Girls? Plus, Joel recounts the heyday of 70s pop and hear one of the most amazing stories of showbiz fame (or lack thereof) ever. To top it off, Corey learns about dagos, American Gladiators returns, and is there such a thing as a fat Jew?

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January 03, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #154: Death Pool 2008

Everyone's favorite feature is back, it's the Death Pool draft for 2008! And this year, Joel didn't mess up the recording. There's a new panel too, with announcer Rob Rose, comic Tim Walsh and Corey's goomah, Amy. Hear them pick which celebrities are going to die in 2008. Hear the hilarity as Tim picks someone already dead - or is she? How many pro wrestlers get picked? Does Corey hold on to Dick Clark for another year? Does Soupy Sales' vim and vigor taunt Joel in the middle of the night? Are there any other old First Ladies for Amy to pick? It's sixteen rounds of mean-spirited strategy, fun and laughter. Also, sign up for the mailing list to get an additional thirty minutes of show with the last five rounds of draft and lots of funny analysis - a must listen.

Right click here to download - 75 minutes, 35 megs

Spoilers ahead! - Download the complete printable PDF list of this years draft by clicking right here

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