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December 27, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #153: The Big Demilio

Back after a long absence it's a friend of ours, everybody's favorite comedy good guy Sal Demilio, with a bag of holiday cheer for the fellas. Sal offers his lock solid, bet the house, can't miss picks for the College Football Bowl season. So if you lose money, don't blame him, but keep in mind he probably knows some people who can get you a loan. Then it's on to Corey's country X-mas in the hinterlands, while Sal and Joel swap stories of their traditional Italian family seasonal traditions. Lots of yummy pasta but what's the deal with the freaking "seven fishes"? Also: Death pool pre-game, ghetto shopping malls, and the wonder of Eddie Mekka. Plus Corey reveals his list of the absolute worst movies of 2007.

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December 20, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #151: Kwaanzakkah Part 1

Your favorite podcasters have created a new holiday, Kwaanzakkah, and invited Detroit's best black, Jewish and other comedians to help celebrate. As packed house at Club Bart in Ferndale, MI listens on, the guys welcome show newcomer Nate Fridson, veteran Keith Ruff - who had played pretty much everywhere before this, top Jew and hilarious comic Ben Konstanitin, and rising star and Corey and Joel insulter Matt McClowry. It's a great line-up of comedians, so put on a ridiculous outfit and enjoy one of Corey and Joel's finest moments.

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Joel represents the motherland, while Corey makes like the chosen people

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Corey and Joel Radio Show #152: Kwaanzakkah Part 2

The second part of the Kwaanzakkah celebration features the huge talent(s) of Miss Crystal P, long-time friend Jeff Dwoskin, relative newcomer Adam Sokol and a special appearance by show fave Mike Lundy. Mike, of course, has strong words for Joel's outfit, but Corey's garb seems to get more attention overall. The guys also try to speak to German superfan Nils, who flew in unexpectedly, but Nils is left speechless by the celebration of all things black and Jewish. Also, was the show good enough for a sequel? Joel has a good title, anyway. Happy Kwaanzakkah everybody!

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Crystal P yuks it up with the hosts

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December 13, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #150: Punky Brewster Gets Pregnant

After 150 shows, Joel finally has his proudest achievement - procuring free porn in a hotel room. Yes, Joel found a way to unlock the non-stop filth at a fairly classy place over the weekend. Get the full step-by-step instructions on this show. Never spend a lonely night in a hotel room again. Also, possibly the most contentious movie review in the show's history. The film is Juno, and the guys couldn't disagree about it more. Corey found it funny, honest and moving, while Joel thought it was lame, pretentious and humorless. Should Joel like a movie just because he likes the bands on the soundtrack? What if the music isn't used well? It's a hot debate on this show. Plus, who's the presidential nominee, porn PPV ripoffs, and Lily Allen vs ELO.

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December 05, 2007

Kwaanzakkah - A Festival of Lights and Blacks

Yes, it's the next Corey and Joel live event and it's just a few days away. It's a stand-up show live from the legendary Club Bart in Ferndale, MI. This time it features all new comics to the show, and not just average comics - it's the best Jewish and African-American comics we know. We'll have some special guests on there, too. So join us live on the 13th if you can, or listen in for the podcast a week later. Peep the poster below:


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Corey and Joel Radio Show #149: Thank You Evel

Corey gets grumpy when he loses. And there's a lot of losing going around on show #149. First, Joel takes a seemingly insurmountable lead in the Death Pool. This is courtesy of Evel Kneivel's early exit - and a three-year-old keeper pick. Can anyone possibly catch him? Corey's only a John Goodman coronary away, so this could get interesting. Joel is also dominating this year's fantasy football league, though the playoffs are close, and again Corey struggling to get in. If only he was Helio Castroneves, who can win auto races, dance compititions and bang hot young chicks all at the same time. But can he podcast? Also, TV shows for girls, Corey's candy emporium find, Joel's video game suggestions, and Jews love Florida.

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