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April 26, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #118: Injun Red

Corey and Joel have a big fight - right at the top of the show. No announcing, no nothing just fighting. Then the guys come together to hate on other stuff: Michigan's upper peninsula, the Calgary Flames, phony Indian casinos and more. Then Joel has a near-death experience on the air and Corey just points, laughs, and describes it all for the listeners. What a dick. Almost as bad as Alec Baldwin and his voice mail to his kid. Did the kid deserve it? Did Joel? Also, a Spider Man 3 review, the VT shooter and his whore, nostalgia sucks, getting older and getting laid, and a great listener email.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 37 megs

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April 19, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #117: We Burn in Hell

So this week's big news is the Virginia Tech shooting. While very sad, Corey believes he can avert further tragedy with a unique solution. Let's just say it involves America's sorority girls and leave it at that. Joel feels it's a solution better suited to Europe, but thinks it might have some merit. It's funny, sick and wrong all at the same time. Also, the guys bemoan America's tech illiteracy and marvel at the ability of teenage boys to view naked boobs. Plus, Corey was a jerk in public, Joel loves cheese pizza, the harsh reality of comedy on the road and the iPod still sucks.

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April 11, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #116: The I-Man Sucketh

So radio curmudgeon Don Imus got suspended for "insesitive remarks" about the Rutgers Women's basketball team. We think he should be fired for general ineptitude, as we hate the "I-Man", his show, his sidekicks, his wife, his kids, his very existince. Still, he might be getting a raw deal here - since when has Al Sharpton made sense? Hear Imus' original comments and the full analysis here. Also, Joel bombs in front of Christians but is talented enough to follow a 12-year-old; we review the highly anticipated (by geeks) Hot Fuzz. Is it more succesful at getting laughs than Imus? Plus, Harry Berberian was briefly an MTV star the 1990s and we have the proof.

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 37 megs

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