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March 28, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #114: Channeling Cosby

Back in the studio for the first time in two weeks, and the guys are joined by comic Mike Lundy to sit in on the Roast breakdown and other bullshit. Firstly, a review of this show's Hindenburg footage - Chill's spot at the Roast. We dissect how the perfect disaster was formed on stage, how he could've possibly confused Corey and Joel and why refusing to give up made it the funniest moment ever. Also, why you you should never let your biggest fan get too close and why Corey and Joel's biggest fan has to be someone who doesn't know how to drive. Later, we go after accused joke thief Carlos Mencia. This time Mencia has allegedly ripped off a classic Bill Cosby bit. Hear them both and her the guys' verdict. Besides, nobody does Cosby like Mike Lundy. Plus, more bad TV, Lily Tomlin's incredible fight with her director, and Joel does Dustin Hoffman and it sounds like Jimmy Durante.

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When Mike makes that face, he becomes the Coz

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March 22, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #112: The Roast Part 1

You asked for it fans - and remember that after you've heard it - it's the Corey and Joel Roast, and it's as evil as advertised. Russ Brown, the rostmaster, kicks things off in fine style with a hilarious set, before handing over the podium to Mike Lundy who thinks Corey's movie reviews show an underlying homo tendency (he might be right). Crusty veteran Bill Hildebrandt steps up and would to tell the guys to get out of the business - if they were actually in it. Show fave Steve Sabo gets great laughs, as does plumber turned comic John Tortilott. Also, Comedy Castle manager Kevin Wheeler gets his shots in, a bizarre appearance from Hortense the Hand Puppet of Low Self-esteem, and our new weapon in the War on Terror - the comedy of Chill. Really, Chill does so bad we could drop his set on Iraq and they'd be singing "God Bless America" tomorrow. It's so unintentionally hilarious, you'd think he was trying to fail. There's nothing funnier than paying a tribute to your friends at the "Joery and Cole Show". (Note: the rest of the Roast is below in show #113)

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Russ Brown kicks things off

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Corey and Joel Radio Show #113: The Roast Part 2

The Roast continues with final Roaster, PJ, as the bald monster goes Godzilla over the attendees, roasters and especially Corey and Joel. PJ surveys the audience and finally uncovers the show's true demographic. Then Joel steps up to fight back, but it's a feeble attmept. His best lines are reserved for German Superfan Nils, whom Joel blames a for lack of preparation. Hey, you babysit a 6'2 nerd for four days and tell me how many good jokes you can write. The evening concludes with Corey and his goodtime, sushine comedy, accusing one comic of smoking crack and imploring another to kill his wife. Corey really calls the kettle black with bald jokes and fat jokes, but unlike most guys they actually go over. Like most Roasts, it's a funny, good-spirited time - only this one has less good-spirits. (Note: Part 1 of the Roast is show #112)

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PJ smash!

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March 15, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #111: Battle of the Bulges

It's a landmark day, as German Superfan Nils launches a blitzkrieg on the studio, living out his dream of trading jokes with American fat guys. Is he the first funny German in history? Announcer Rob "The Fogcutter" Rose steps up to defend America's honor, and gives the invader one right between the eyes. Nils has also brought enough German candy to rot all of America's teeth, and we sample them all. Plus, we finally read Lauren's term paper report on the show (see show #98), and its a shocker. Fortunately, a surprise guest steps up to defend Joel's honor. Also, why did comic Richard Jeni blow his brains out? Was Platypus Man really that bad? All this in a wild, 80-minute show.

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Corey pigs out
The mother lode of Deutch treats
Steff comes in to defend (wine in hand)
Nils is the coolest, isn't he?

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March 08, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #110: A Lots Sexy Gay

With just a week until the big two year anniversary roast spectacular, the boys take a nostalgic trip back to the early days of podcasting, before everyone on earth had a show, and dickheads started ripping C&J off. Other topics: Joel gets a haircut at he black barber shop. Did he get a high top fade? Will he need to start using that wave cap? Speaking of blacks, how did the star of Booty Call become black America’s most respected actor? Also, Corey makes a trip to the adult novelties store, just what turns him on? Naughty nurses? More like slutty librarians. Why does every new band want to sound like Bruce Springsteen? UFC star Chuck Liddell proves that Nyquil and morning TV don’t mix, a psuedo-celebrity death, and what crazy search engine queries do people use to find the show? Naked Latino booty?

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 38 megs

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March 01, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #109: Return of the Uglies

Not that he's ugly, but comic Russ Brown returns to the show. It's a big week, too as the Oscars just happened but out-of-touch Russ couldn't be bothered to watch. Still, Russ gives his thoughts on Joel's "hots", "so-sos" and "uglies" from this year's telecast. Who's stock fell from the Golden Globes? Who's rose? Who could haunt a house? Not only was she ugly, but Ellen Degeneres wasn't funny on the show, either. That leads into a discussion of bad comedy and the guys found Exhibit A in the world of bad, tired, hack stand-up comedy and you'll hear it all. Also, we discuss the roast preparations and what stuff we want Nils to bring from Germany. We also finally put to rest the "wave" cap controversy from last week. Turns out Joel was right - but he's still an asshole.

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