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January 24, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #104: Bang Me, Then Pay Me

Still smarting from the dead pool tragedy, Bill Bushart returns, taking a break from his kickboxing class long enough to kick ass the old fashioned way: with a microphone. He joins us in breaking down the Oscar nominees and an other show biz idiots. ESPN host and football meathead Sean Salisbury blurted out an anti-semtic quip,is that Kosher? Do any Jews even play football? Speaking of Jews, our old friend Debbie Schlussel gets voted one of the top "Hebrew Hotties" by Am I Annoying.com?. Is that really an honor? And what truly tasty babes did Deb actually rank higher than? Corey reviews a load of lousy movies; Will Tim Allen break his spirit? Also: Joel botches a magic trick, more disturbing Craigslist postings, Cristina Ricci in chains and Martin Lawrence as a biker. All that, and then a funny argument about global warming turns into a blow up that almost becomes a meltdown.

Right click here to download - 80 minutes, 38 megs

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January 17, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #103: ur txt msgs sck

It's Golden Globes time again, and while we love movies, we really watch to check out the chicks. So listen, as Joel gives his "who's hot", "who's not", and "who probably has a penis" awards. It's a complete and comprehensive lists of the hotties, horse-faces and old bags of Hollywood. Which host would would give the Ugly Betty girl a good schtup? It might surprise you. We also attempt to cover the universe's other big mystery - why do girls love to text message? It's unbelievable, but it might be that women have actually found something they like to do more than talk. And it sucks for guys 'cause any female friend, ex-girlfriend, or drunken whore will get your ass in trouble with a poorly-timed "What's Up?" text. Can you bitches just stop it? Also, Blockbuster shakes down Joel for Gears of War, Martin Scorcese talks fast and says nothing, Joel meets Reagan, Corey meets Clinton, and Steve Jobs can shove his $600 phone up his ass.

Right click here to download - 78 minutes, 38 megs

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January 11, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #102: Gears of War Sucks

The arrival of the Xbox 360 to the studio has warmed the hearts of our hosts. The came the rental of Gears of War. Why does the years most critically-acclaimed game look like a giant pile of rubble? Why do all the characters talk like Jesse Ventura from Predator? What insecure small-penised douchebags play this crap? It's not all hate, as we love The Office, Lego Star Wars and HDTV. Except the View, a show with two stand-up comedians that's not funny at all. Speaking of not funny, what roles does Eugene Levy turn down? When can we expect from American Pie 36: The Prostate Exam? How did a super-funny guy end up doing such lame shit? Finally, Joel shows Corey his new internet pal, a super-cute girl with one leg.

Right click here to download - 76 minutes, 36 megs

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January 06, 2007

Official 2009 Fan Death Pool Draft Rules

Rules for The Corey and Joel Radio Show Fan Death Pool 2009

- This may seem complicated, but it's really not. We're just trying to make it as close to the Death Pool we do on the show. Here's a link to the Official Fans’ Death Pool list from 2008:

And the 2009 studio draft results:

And to listen to this year’s in-studio draft show here:

- Choose AT LEAST 30 celebrities (a celebrity will be defined below). Rank them in order from 1 - 30 (or however many you choose) based on the order that you feel they are most likely to die, with #1 being the most likely. You should choose at least 30 but can include more if you want, but please no more than 1 full typed page. You MUST assign everyone a rank to every celebrity that is on your list. The number of players on your final official list (as determined by the draft) will be 20 or possibly lower depending on how many people enter. You need not list the ages of the celebrities, we will look that up for you. IF YOU ENTERED IN 2008 YOU MAY KEEP UP TO THREE NAMES FROM LAST YEAR’S LIST. Just list them in the top 3 spots on your list and put an asterisk (*) next to their name to indicate a keeper pick. You can keep only 1 or 2 names if you want as well. You will forgo an opening round of the draft for every keeper you keep. Therefore if you keep 3 names your first “new” pick will be in round four.

- A celebrity, for our purposes, will be someone who's death will be reported as news on a national level in the United States. This disqualifies anyone famous elsewhere, like foreign heads of state,
unless they're famous worldwide like Tony Blair, Putin, etc. This would also disqualify most foreign sports stars, actors, singers, and TV personalities who are not famous in the US. You MAY NOT choose anyone who is sentenced to or awaiting execution. You may choose those who are wanted dead, but not captured like Osama bin Laden. Prisoners sentenced to life in prison are acceptable picks such as Charles Manson or Scott Peterson. Celebrities' spouses, parents and children are generally not acceptable as celebs, unless they're famous on their own like Dana Reeve or Earl Woods.

- We will randomly draw names to select the draft order. If you are first, then you guarantee that you get the 1st name on your list. If, for example, 2 people pick Dick Clark as their #1 choice, the person
drafting first gets Dick Clark and the second person would get their #2 pick (or whomever is the next available). No two players will have the same celebrity on their final list (as determined by the draft), so this why ranking is very important!

- The points system is subtracting the celebrity's age at their death from 100. For example, Gerald Ford was 93 at hit his death (in 2006), 100-93=7, so Ford netted Corey 7 points. The highest point total at the end of the year wins. In the event of a tie, there will be co-winners. It is too hard to agree on a tie-breaker - youngest death? Number of deaths? Highest draft picks?

- Send you entries in to us at the regular email address of email@coreyandjoelradio.com. If you want to send in your list as an attachment, that is OK but please use a .txt format.

- Send your entries in NO LATER than noon EST on January 14, 2009. No celebrity death will be counted in the fan Death Pool unless it occurs after January 14th 2009. We know some people may die before January 14th, but that's the only fair way to do it.

- You may pick celebrity on any of our lists on the show from any year we've done it, or even after you hear the 09 show.

- The contest is open to anyone in the world that wants to play, not necessarily our fans or mailing list subscribers. So yeah, your mom can play or friends at the office or whatever.

- The prize for first place is fuck all except bragging rights, tons of mentions on the show, and who knows what else.

- Make sure to include your name and email addy on the list itself, too! Here's brief sample list:

Joel Fragomeni's (joel@joelthecomic.com)
Death Pool list:

1. Dick Clark
2. Osama bin Laden
3. Jerry Lewis
4. Larry King
5. Mike Tyson
6. Nancy Reagan
30. 50 Cent

- That's about it

Any other questions, let us know!

Happy morbid New Year and thanks for listening,

Corey and Joel

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January 04, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #101: James Brown's Revenge


It should have been the greatest day in Corey and Joel Radio history. The guys and an all-star panel of comedians gathered to indulge in the annual Death Pool for 2007. For nearly 80 minutes, barbs and one-liners were exchanged. Death was predicted for America's famous senior citizens and a good time was had by all. It was so fun the show spilled into a near 30-minute bonus feature, equally funny and engaging. Then tragedy struck. Joel, the show's techie, made one click too many and the whole thing disappeared into the ether. A recovery was attempted, a file was repaired, yet the damage was too much. The Death Pool as we know it was gone. What was recovered can be heard with this link, but be warned - while it is listenable at times, it's often less comprehendable than Dick Clark.

As a make-up, the guys put together a replacement show using the pristine bonus feature, with the final four draft rounds, as its core and recorded new wrap-arounds describing the whole fiasco. There's even a sample of the restored show in there, too, if you want to listen before you try the original. Maybe that's what you get when you wish death upon people. Maybe Joel's just an idiot. Maybe a little of both. Get the new show and download the official list below. Also send in your fan Death Pool selections to us here. Just follow these instructions on the forum. Feel free to select Joel in your list.

We're sorry.

Right click here to download - 62 minutes, 30 megs

Click here for the official 2007 Death Pool list

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