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May 20, 2010

Joel Radio #40: Lawnmower Girl

Movie critic Corey Hall returns for a summer movie preview, as this is a really good summer for movies if you're a female or eight-years-old (or both). The guys discuss the box office future of The A-Team, if Scott Pilgrim can save the world, and how Inception might be the only intelligent, adult movie of the summer. They also wonder if the Sex and the City girls are older than the Golden Girls, why all assassins are hot chicks, and when P Diddy became our nation's greatest comedic actor. Plus, Law and Order is for scared dummies, the current whereabouts of Gene Shalit, and if anyone will ever get their fill of Kevin James getting hit in the nuts. Plus, Joel can't go to Hawaii, skipping Star Wars for thew Appalachian Trail, and, she's no Chloe - but Joel's neighbor is an upgrade.

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May 06, 2010

Joel Radio #39: The No-Dough Show

This is a "No-Dough" show in that it's free! Just like all the other shows on this site! What a deal! Show #39 features the return of Harry Artin, who's busy invading Sign of the Beefcarver, making rap songs, and tying in to the fame of Freddy Krueger. Harry gives his opinion on gas prices, the Gulf oil spill, and attempted NYC terrorism. He's also mentoring the incredible Doughmaster, a 40-something cab driver who, as you'll hear, has some of the most offensive, funniest, raps - ever. Also, Club Bart soldiers on as Joel finds himself a subject in some of the worst-looking YouTube videos ever.

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