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February 18, 2010

Joel Radio #32: Right On Her Ass

It's Olympic Season again, you got the fever yet? Yeah, well go get that looked at - it won't clear up on its own. Seriously though, Joel has watched some of the coverage, and found nothing more entertaining than this. Except this - a ski run so completely inept, that Joel is moved enough to fly to Vancouver just to show a trained Olympian how to stay upright for more than six seconds. It's really incredibly sad, yet entertaining, to see such an epic failure on such a big stage. Thank you Marion Rolland, thank you France. Thank you, thank you. Also, Kevin Smith is too fat to fly, but not honest enough tell you the whole story - thankfully Joel is here for that. Plus, Amazing Race and Survivor return, and Steve Sabo picks UFC 110, and there's some tough fights to call. One fight will decide the overall lead!

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February 04, 2010

Joel Radio #31: The Guest From Hell

Secretly, Joel recently became a reluctant rap music producer, taking a shot at recording MC Sampler's new single, "Change That's Loose". Of course, MC Sampler (aka Harry) has since moved on from his services as producer, but you can hear the results of the collaboration on this show. Turns out Joel was no Disco D, but is the end result a hit or a miss on the comedy/rap chart? Listen and decide. Also, more great YouTube stuff, like The Shming, 60s cartoon themes and the "S From Hell"! Plus, MyDeathSpace, Oscar and UFC predictions and much more.

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This cover should make the single fly off the (virtual) shelves

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