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December 31, 2009

Joel Radio #27: Making His List

In the spirit of the season, Joel Radio proudly welcomes back it's resident Grinch in the form of movie critic and comedian Corey Hall. Corey was inspired by Joel's list of "Biggest Assholes of 2009" from a few weeks back, and has come to announce his own list. It's quite a list, too, as Corey's got plenty of venom for crooked politicians, sleazy bankers, and humorless comics. And Corey's GF can be happy, as there's more than one philanderer on the list - family values are alive in 2009! Also, Joel and Corey's list of best and worst films of 2009, including discussions of Avatar, Up In The Air, the glut of animated fare, and much more. Plus, find out why Joel's list of a-holes almost got amended to include last year's YouTube phenomenon, and it's not Susan Boyle (or her mustache).

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December 17, 2009

Laugh-A-Palooza starring Joel this weekend!

It's a big weekend for comedy, as Joel hosts Laugh-A-Palooza at the Palace of Auburn Hills in suburban Detroit, Saturday December 19th at 7:30 PM. The show also features comedians Dan Grueter, Bill Squire, Dwayne Gill and Ben Konstantin. You can click here to download a discount coupon that will get you in for cheap, buy tickets directly here, and more info is available at the the Palacenet site right here.

Joel takes the stage at 7:30 PM sharp, so don't be late!

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Joel Radio #26: Jugglers Suck

In advance of Laugh-A-Palooza at the Palace this weekend, Joel welcomes comedian Ben Konstantin to the show. With 10+ years in the comedy biz, Ben brings a wealth of funny stories from the road. Whether appearing at an all-teen comedy show in L.A., or opening for the Pink Floyd Laser Lightshow, Ben's always funny - whether the audience gets it or not. The guys discuss their hopes and fears about the big show, their unlikely comedy influences, and tell you what NOT to do as a comedian. There's tales of arrogant headliners, insecure club owners and horrible intros. Plus, Joel's comedy rocks Amish country, Kimbo Slice's beard sets a fashion trend, and Lewis Black is a genius. It's 77 minutes of inside comedy fun. Listen and enjoy.

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December 10, 2009

Joel Radio #25: The Year's Biggest

It's always fun to hear peoples' end of the year lists. So, not unlike Barbara Walters' "Most Fascinating People", JoelRadio.net proudly presents 2009's "Biggest Assholes of the Year". It's not an easy decision, considering the amount of assholery that's happened this year, but Joel picks out the best of the liars, fakes, wannabes, and pretentious jerks to compile a truly epic list. From sports stars to scientists and everybody in-between, Joel takes on all comers. Disagree? Then make your own list and let the debate begin! Plus, Jersey Shore's "guidos" upset Italian-Americans, UFC 107 broken down, and another push for Laugh-A-Palooza at the Palace.

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December 03, 2009

Joel Radio #24: Calling The K-Dog

Tiger Woods should have listened to this show. If he did, he might not have been caught with the various bimbos who have found their way to the press. He also might not have crashed his car into three different things, or end up paying his wife millions of dollars in a divorce. In this week's guide to cheating successfully, Joel is aided by comedian Harry Artin, whose current break-up involves Facebook pages, cell phone aliases, and the mysterious K-Dog. Hear Tiger's desperate voice mail for his booty call, and find out Joel's fool-proof plan of how not to get caught (not that he'd ever do such a thing). Also, White House gate-crashers make Joel sick, Harry meets Ron Jeremy but brings a puppet, and all the details on Joel's big comedy show. Plus, it's YouTube-mania with a flu-shot victim, a horrible air guitarist, a snake eating a chick, and Tha Jacker!

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