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October 29, 2009

Joel Radio #20: That Was It

Not to miss out on a pop culture moment, Joel made a special trip to check out one of the first screenings of Michael Jackson's new movie This Is It. Judging from Joel's past coverage of Michael's death and often ridiculous memorial service, you might think Joel went to goof on it - and you'd be right. Unfortunately, Joel's master plan was sabotaged by one thing - the movie is actually really good. And it might even make you cry. Listen as Joel explains why the movie worked, the technical challenges of a film like this, and how the press really got it wrong about Michael's condition. Want to hear Joel eat crow? This is the show for you. Plus, wherever the Wild Thigs are Joel doesn't want to be there, a death pool favorite finally dies, and UFC picks are impressive - with a catch.

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October 22, 2009

Joel Radio #19: Free Beer!

Don't say listening to this show never gets you anything, because this week you'll learn how to get free drinks at the bar! This is courtesy of longtime show friend Bill Hildebrandt, who teaches Joel a sure-fire challenge that will stump any bartender or barfly who's sure to take a bet. Bill's also here to discuss his latest adventures on the high seas, why he hates the comedy business, why he hates Facebook, and why he hates Corey Hall (it's not why you think). Plus, a Geechy Guy update, Steve Sabo and Joel pick UFC 104, and find out if a show favorite has swine flu, or not - as Joel makes his diagnosis. He's not a doctor, but he plays one on this podcast....

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Who would've thought this guy could help you at the bar?

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October 15, 2009

Joel Radio #18: Up, Up And Away

Joel Radio is now your source for LIVE news. Of course, that's only live when the show is being recorded - for all of you listening, it's way in the past! Still, it was a very good time following the story of a 6-year-old boy who magically took to the air in a home made helium balloon. Never mind that a human could not survive in a helium-rich environment, or that a craft of that size could not possibly have the lifting power required, but it was fun watching America's newscasters lose their shit over a silly story like this. For the record, they found the little bastard in the attic hiding after the show wrapped. Speaking of kid's adventures, Corey Hall phones in his review of Where The Wild Things Are, a magical, beautiful and potentially divisive film that opens this week. Short version: take your girlfriend or pretentiously artistic friends, but leave the kids at home. Plus, America shrugs as Pam and Jim get married, The Amazing Race is anything but, and new video games reviewed without ever being played!

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Our hopes of this being a great story are as deflated as the baloon in this shot (from Reuters)

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October 08, 2009

Joel Radio #17: Extorted and Reported

Never mind the birth of a son back in 2004, this week confirmed to the world that yes, David Letterman actually has sex with women. And women from his show, no less, who for some strange reason, are attracted to the charming, multimillion dollar, showbiz legend, funnyman. So some jealous douchebag tries to extort Dave for $2 million and the press goes crazy. Joel explains why this is no big deal, how even assholes like Leno get laid off their fame, and why politicians and clergyman should be held to a higher standard than a TV comic. Also, Joel can recommend two films this week, the new comedy Zombieland and the months old District 9, both screened at a recent trip to the drive-in. Find out what makes District 9 a sci-fi classic, who should get Oscar consideration and which film has the greatest cameo of all time - a scene that Joel manages to keep spoiler-free. Plus, an Emma Stone jerkoff filmography, Detroit sports suck, Kitty sits in on the show, and an update on TV's best comedies.

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October 01, 2009

Joel Radio #16: Holy Roman

A long-time friend and collaborator, comedian Steve Brewer makes his Joel Radio debut. And it's a good week for it, too, as director Roman Polanski went and got himself arrested in Europe and may have to return to face the music in the US. Even though most of Hollywood wants to forgive him, Joel reiterates the facts of the case and how what Polaski did to a 13-year-old girl can only be described as a "rape, rape" - sorry Whoopi. Also, Steve announces his retirement from The Funhouse, why he won't work for Psychopathic Records anymore and the challenge in entertaining the Juggalos. Plus, the CBS sitcom debate heats up as a fan agrees with Joel on How I Met Your Mother, while Brewer beds with Corey on The Big Bang Theory. Who's right, and who's wrong? Listen and decide.

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Steve, in happier times, at Long John Silver's

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