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December 18, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #202: What About Rob?

It's the final show of 2008, and to go out with a bang, the guys have announcer Rob Rose returning as a guest. There's a lot to talk about, as the Death Pool gets into it's final leg with only a few days left. There's hints about who's picking who for '09 and a last-minute rules clarification, too. Also, Rob tells us about his voice-over career and why he still can't get a new car stereo even though he's the pitchman. If only Corey could find voice work as the Middle Eastern gas station guy, as he's back and ruder than ever - possibly because he can't sell pagers anymore. Plus, Drew Carey sucks on Price is Right, AMC just sucks, Joel's web infamy, and Bush + shoes = comedy.

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December 11, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #201: Winners and Losers

Back to Studio 1 after the 200th show celebration, the guys get back down to what they do best. Actually, there's almost big reasons to continue celebrating as Joel has some special news that comes thisclose to changing his world forever. While not world-changing, there's a Death Pool update which sees a familiar face back out front, the guys flame out at fantasy football, and the what you didn't hear on the 200th show. Also, Rosie O'Donnell sucks as expected, a battle of The Beatles tribute bands, Corey gets 80s wrestling nostalgia, and the employment of Lenny and Squiggy - finally revealed.

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December 04, 2008

Corey and Joel Radio Show #200 Part 1

To celebrate the 200th show, the guys have moved into the larger Studio Two at the HQ and invited back some of their greatest guests from the past. Like a newly 21-year-old Cass who no longer gets picked up by the side of the road, but instead gets hit on by infamous would-be criminals at biker bars. Someone who's a lot easier to pick up now is a newly-thin Bill Hildebrandt, who now apparently swims out to his cruise-ship comedy gigs. Bill's really in a great mood, but not because it's the 200th show, but rather because he saw Yes in concert last week. Speaking of Yes, someone who never says no is Nadia - who's two previous appearances are the stuff of podcasting legend. She's now busy dating strippers between watching episodes of Six Feet Under, and is generally happy and sees a future love match with young Cass, if she'd only be willing. Also, comic Steve Bills returns and while he still sells DVDs, he's actually thinking adult merchandise would sell better, at least to the cast of this show. Plus, roommate Steffanie and her mouse-eaten candy, listeners call-in, and Guess the Underwear returns! The party continues on part 2 below.

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Bill Hildebrandt and Cass stopped fighting long enough to pose

Steve Bills and Hildebrandt - make your own caption

Cass, Nadia and Steffanie together at last

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Corey and Joel Radio Show #200 Part 2

The party continues as comedian Steve Brewer joins the mix sharing his disdain for the comedy business and love of drunken party girls. Like Penny, who you might remember from show #69, who joins the show late, trades her sexual statistics with Nadia, drinks Brazilian booze and offends pretty much everybody. Except the Arabs, as Corey has a dead-on impression that might make you think you're in a Mobil gas station right now. Also, Nadia gets "turned out", Bills sells more DVDs, and the many voices talents of Harry Berberian via the telephone.

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Corey, Joel and Steve Brewer give Nadia what she wants

Penny makes friends with the bottle

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