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October 24, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #143 Part 1: Paranoid or Paranormal?

As part of the Halloween celebration, Corey and Joel welcome paranormal investigator and lecturer John E.L. Tenney. John is an old friend of Corey's and speaks on the topic of UFOs, ghost-hunting, and other tales of the unknown. It's not clear how much John actually believes in these legends, but here's enthusiastic nonetheless. John tells of ghost hunting and while he think they're out there, it's usually a smudge on a negative. He's also an amateur magician, like Joel, so don't try any parlor tricks. But you don't need to try any fakery - John believes all kinds of bullshit! He believes fluoridated water is evil even though his own teeth are falling out of his head. He thinks UFOS exist even though most goobers from Iowa are making them up. One thing is certain - even if you don't believe him, he's entertaining anyway. Listen and judge for yourself.

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John contemplates the international conspiracy that is Toffifay

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Corey and Joel Radio Show #143 Part 2: Paranoid or Paranormal?

In this second and sure-to-be controversial part, John E.L. Tenney starts a major fight about the alleged conspiracy surrounding the Kennedy assassination. John is very informed on the subject and believes there was a conspiracy, Corey is less informed and feels the same, and Joel thinks they're both assholes. Joel brings up many scarcely-reported facts that point to Oswald's guilt, only to have John and Corey talk louder and say less. Is Joel being hard-headed? Is Corey really unaware of the facts? Is John more than a little drunk? It's a must-listen argument of historic proportions. Also, cryptozoology debunked, Kid Rock history, Toffifay lust, and elementary school love notes. Don't miss this show!

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October 18, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #142: Howl with the Wolfman

It's an early Halloween treat, as Corey and Joel welcome public access TV Star Wolfman Mac to the show. See, Mac Kelly is a mild-mannered former radio DJ, until the night falls and he becomes Wolfman Mac, star of Nightmare Sinema, the finest public-domain schlock cinema show we know. Turns out Mac was inspired by cult legends The Ghoul and Sir Graves Ghastly, so this unusual profession is a home-grown labor or love (and prosthetics). Mac tells his story of becoming the Wolfman, his show's unusual history and how it takes 90+ minutes in the make-up chair. If this sounds silly, remember that Mac was once a DJ named Tad Pole on K-Frog and also hosted a radio station's polka hour. Also, Halloween mania, college vs pro football, bad podcasters, and psychics - real or not?

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The Wolfman as seen on channel 176 everywhere

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October 11, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #141: Enthusiasm Curbed

While it's been covered before, there's really nothing more annoying than a text message. Especially at 5 AM, and when it's not a booty call. Welcome to Joel's life. Actually, that sounds like a plot to HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, though that would be funnier than a lot of recent episodes. Seems both Corey and Joel have issues with the Larry David show, but it's not all bad in TV land as the new fall shows continue their roll-out. Listen for reviews of ABC's newies, Pushing Daisies, Carpoolers and the inexplicable Cavemen. One of those is really good, too. Also, a Bionic Woman update, high school football nostalgia and Corey says George Clooney done made a good movie.

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October 03, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #140: Pardon Our French

This show contains a true story of how Corey and Joel were mere days from the radio big-time. That's right, the guys were flirting with terrestrial radio and had pretty-much gotten to first base - but now, in a shocking turn their would-be-lover has left (or switched formats). Hear the whole true, ironic and heartbreaking story here for the first time. Also, the guys go to another Lions game, and despite the historic victory the fight between them continues. Plus, more new TV show reviews (Kid Nation, The Office) and announcer Rob Rose, our in-studio guest, finds years of studying the French language useful for the first time as he translates the guys' awful comments for our new Parisian friend. This has to be heard to believed.

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