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July 26, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #131: Like It's a White Woman

What to do when the entire sporting world in entrenched in scandals? Make fun of it - that's the goal of show #131. Corey and Joel peel back the curtain on baseball's steroid scandal and expose the hypocrisy of its punditry and how MLB can actually learn something from pro wrestling. Mike Vick, his dog raising ways and the gambling NBA ref also take their shots, too. With all the sporting scandal, it's no wonder people are turning their back on sports and watching reality TV, like Big Brother. The guys are fascinated by the live BB feed on Showtime and it's current nudity count - guys two, girls one, hot girls zero. Also, superhero fetishes, Eddie Vestoon, and Upchuck tha Clown thrills his fan(s).

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July 19, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #130: Impressive (For the Ghetto)

Joel's back from vacation - and having more fun now. Joel visited family in "Hotlanta" and runs down the highlights, including the "world's largest drive-in restaurant" and no cell phone coverage. The second half picks up with frequent guest Mike Lundy, recounting his past life as a caddy to the stars. Who's bags did he carry? Corey shares his childhood encounters with sports stars, too, including having to "wake up" one of the NHL's all-time toughest players. Also, Mike's new film project, celebrity golf, and Jon Lovitz fights Andy Dick.

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July 10, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #129: Donuts, Wiis, Links and Flips

It's a hot, summer day so what better to do than play golf and podcast? At least that's what Corey and announcer Rob Rose had in mind. Now they're tired and sunburned and attempting to recover with a Buzz Cola. See, The Simpsons Movie promotion has "real" Springfield products for sale at local 7-11s (and in some cases, Kwik-E-Marts). So the guys try some pink sprinkly donuts and Krusty-Os cereal. Is it "Mmmmm" or "Doh!". Also some thoughts on Holly from show #128, The Transformers invade theaters, kids' TV memories and Joel gets choked by a wrestler - for real. Rob's appearances always make for a good show, so listen!

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Corey ran off to Kwik-E-Mart

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July 04, 2007

Corey and Joel Radio Show #128: Our Buddy, Holly

There's been some wacky chicks on the show over the years, and people wonder how they were discovered. This week's answer - craigslist! The guys answered an ad from a twenty-two year-old self-described "adorable fattie" named Holly, and now she's in the studio to tell all. Holly's got quite a life - running off with a man 30 years her senior, flirting with her psychologist and fighting with cops. She even accuses one of the hosts of trying to grab her boobs! Her round, luscious 36 DD boobs......Anyway, Holly's a good-time party girl, but would she ever do porn? Phone sex? Bang a black guy? Listen as she reveals all. The Corey and Joel Radio Show - where stars are born.

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Actually it was craigslist......
Boobs+Corey = guilty as charged

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