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April 26, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #66: Girls, Girls, Girls

The idea was to interview talented female comic Laura Lou, about show business etc. Ninety minutes and many bottles of booze later, it became an aural orgy with drinks flying and tongues touching. The highlights are Corey losing the comedy competition to Laura, how Corey also failed to bang Laura's sister, and Joel accuses Laura of killing a fellow comedian. Later the gang is joined by not one, but both of Joel's female roommates, Kristina (of muff fame) and later the debuting Steffanie. Joel gets grilled about his situation - is is it all business or just monkey business? Is he raiding the panty drawer? Did Joel downplay the roommates' hotness? What does Joel's girlfriend think? Laura makes up for the bad vibes with liberal use of the tongue - and meets with varying degrees of resistance from the hosts. Guess who's in and who ain't? Sit back and enjoy the longest, drunkest show ever.

Right click here to download - 89 minutes, 37 megs

If you want this complete show broken into two smaller parts (for CD burning purposes) then click here.

Laura tips one back...and Kristina and Steff join the party

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April 18, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #65: Rock The Mike

Returning from his star-making performance on show #44, comedian Mike Lundy gives the boys a primer on street culture. They learn that forties are passe but what's the deal with grape soda? What do you wear to a hip-hop funeral? What's the difference between the black cable channels? All these questions are answered in hilarious fashion. Also, Joel tells his tale of getting kicked off the stage at an inner city comedy club, Mike has a "problem" being hit on by teenage girls, and how whitey stole rap's greatest one-hit wonders.

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 32 megs

Mike reads up on his favorite, the White Album

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April 13, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #64: Sequels Suck

And since this show could be seen as a sequel to #63.......Anyway, the guys discuss rapper violence, say goodbye to Proof and wonder why no one will shoot Tim McGraw. The hosts discuss Corey's comedy contest failure and if it was his fault or just typical comedy bullshit. Professor Joel then gives his comedy advice to a surly Corey who doesn't care. Later, it's an in-depth discussion the worst movie sequels ever. Is it worse to be a bad sequel to good movie or a worse sequel to a bad movie? Also, Joel's live stormy weather report and the guys blow up in Sweden.

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 32 megs

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April 04, 2006

Corey and Joel Radio Show #63: Promos for Homos

This episode starts with a recap of our big Anniversary shows, with talk about all the guests, the flashing boobies and a special visitor form far away. Then it's on to a bitter discussion about lame road comics, and the merits of selling out vs. keeping it real. Is there any comedian Joel would pay to see? Corey has a face-to -face clash with big-name headliner Lisa Lampinelli, and she calls him a douche. Then we review the candy sent to us by our German super fan, including a scary, giant Marzipan dildo. Later, we cut a series of promos for other podcasts, with predictably funny results. Also: the overhyping of the Arctic Monkeys, the comedy greats of Sweden, and more.

Right click here to download - 79 minutes, 32 megs

The marzipan dildo in full

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