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October 26, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #38: Chick Flicks and Toothless Hicks

The guys head down to the Dawg pound in Cleveland to check out some NFL action. Did they survive the onslaught of retarded Browns' fans intact? Then it's on to the nonsense that is Sweetest day, and we discuss the worst date movies of all time, as well as some sappy choices guaranteed to please the poon. Then it's a Death Pool update as Joel cheers the passing of a civil rights icon. Also, what's that mysterious girl doing in the studio?

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Corey shares the love with Browns fans

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October 18, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #37: Two Dicks and a Richards

It's comedy road stories galore with guest comic Derek Richards. You'll hear about crappy hotel rooms, unfaithful superstars and audience fist fights. There's nothing politcally correct here, as the guys' inapproprite comments about asians and the disabled put them in harm's way. Corey even finds cartoons racist. Plus there's talk of the sorry state of Florida, Ebert and Roeper, Latino comics and Corey's potential for really good Pistons tickets.

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Derek's CD and publicity photo. Remember to take an in-studio shot, Joel!

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October 11, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #36: Sick Jokes and Slick Legs

Special guest comic Steve Brewer stops in to detail the highs and lows of standup comedy, the hell that is married life, and eagerly busts Joel’s balls for getting serious with his girlfriend. Is the single life really any better? We examine Corey's sorry dating history as evidence to the contrary. Then Corey shocks everyone with his knowledge of bizarre prison slang. Later, we preview two upcoming fall movies: one that's just horrible and another that may be the gayest film of all time.

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A proud man and his Toffifay

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October 05, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #35: Killer Cuts and Lincoln Logs

It's music mania on show #35. Joel's hilarious new musical fave has him questioning his masculinity, and we examine what celebrities' musical tastes say about them with the Celebrity iTunes playlist game. Corey puts the Show #17 theory to the test on the dance floor with staggering results. Also: A special O.J. anniversary, Smokey and the Bandit, masturbation memories and our favorite Happy Days moments. We try to hetero it up by discussing football and hockey, but that goes gay too!

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