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May 26, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #16: A Dog, a Bitch and a Hot Chick

The lovely Lindsay (the hot chick) is our special guest. Listen as she details Joel's gay birthday party outfit, what it's like to be hit on by an actual homosexual, and unmissable stories about the worst roommate ever (the bitch). Also, a killer Jello recipe, Lindsay and Joel put their seductive powers to the test in a Cosmo quiz, and meet our new mascot - Fergus (the dog)!

Right click here to download - 74 minutes, 30 megs

Party Pics:

Lindsay and Fergus in studio:

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May 24, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #15: Wedding Bell Blues

We're back!! After a brief hiatus the show returns to ball busting glory, with an episode about weddings, weddings and more weddings. We ask the tough questions, like: does anybody really get laid at a wedding? Should the bride wear beige? Is the stupid DJ overpaid? Other highlights include: Cheap comedy merchandise, the mess that is "Hotlanta", Comic book conventions, vintage porn, George Lucas's beard and other Star Wars crap.


Right click here to download - 77 minutes, 32 megs

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May 12, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #14: Service With a Smile

An all purpose show filled with important, life changing information. Joel vents about his hell gig at a Metal show, then Corey provides a valuable inside guide to comedy club waitresses. Literally. Other topics include: yet more Star Wars talk, why we hate Atlanta, Dots, Eva Longoria, Cosmo, and why it's good to be a Copolla.

Right click here to download - 73 minutes, 30 megs

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May 06, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #13: Siths and Giggles

We travel to a galaxy long ago and far, far away, to cash in on Star Wars mania. Corey gets a jump on the competition with his early review of Episode 3, while Joel grills him on a variety of dorky subjects. We tackle the big issues: Is Muppet Yoda superior? What is the fate of the Jedi? Why does everybody understand Chewbacca? Why are we wasting our lives on this junk? The Force is strong in this episode. SPOILER ALERT: We pretty much ruin the whole movie!

Right click here to download - 75 minutes, 30 megs

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May 04, 2005

Corey and Joel Radio Show #12: Roasted and Baked

An action packed blockbuster filled with surprises. Our friend, comedian Bill Bushart stops by to talk about his recent roast and his impending nuptials. After an agonizingly slow start, the show leaps into hyperspace when and our science/legal advisor Nigel Rosenblum provides a demonstration of exciting new “vaporizer” technology. Chaos ensues.


Right click here to download - 74 minutes, 30 megs

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May 02, 2005

The Corey and Joel FAQ arrives

Want to know more about Corey, Joel or the show? Want to to know how to listen to the show or what the hell an RSS feed is? Then you'll need the Corey and Joel FAQ.

What's with the Toffifay? Queensryche? What the hell is this show? All answers are right here.

If your Q isn't A'd, then send it to us at email@coreyandjoelradio.com.

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